1. S

    Claim: Russian radar would have picked up MH17 missile

    Russia has "discovered" radar data from July 17, 2014 days before the official criminal report is due to be released. See below: A video presentation of the data can be seen here: Source...
  2. Mick West

    Almaz-Antey's Live BUK explosion tests

    BUK missile producer Almaz-Antey conducted live explosion tests with a BUK missile placed next to the cockpit of a plane similar in size to the MH17 777. Result RT says: Almaz-Antey carried out two experiments simulating explosions near MH17. They determined the missile was an older BUK...
  3. Herman Aven

    Confirmed Claim: disputed satelite imagery showing "changes in vegetation"

    [Edit by @Mick West] The original post here suggested that comparisons of images of vegetation vs. no vegetation might be explained by difference in the type of imaging, and could actually show little or no change. However inspection of the chronological sequence of satellite images shows beyond...
  4. william wiley

    Does Damage to MH17 indicate or exclude a Particular Buk Launch Location?

    Update Oct 13 2015 by @Mick West The Dutch Safety Board final report contains the results of three simulations of the missile launch location. These simulations all show an area to the south of Snizhne, and excludes the area of Zaroshens'kye Over the course of this thread several version of...
  5. M

    Claim: Robert Parry: Australian 60 Minutes fudged evidence to pin blame on Russia

    Australian 60 Minutes recently ran a story claiming to locate the very spot from which a Russian made missile was launched to down flight MH17. 60 minutes story here (12 minutes): Robert Parry has written an article claiming that...
  6. Bruce Lansberg

    Claim: Jeroen Akkermans: Framents prove MH17 was shot down by a Russian made BUK

    After a few months of more or less silence on the MH17 downing, today, Dutch research journalist Jeroen Akkermans published an article that proves MH17 was shot down by a Russian made BUK. On his third visit to the crash site in November 2014, he took about 20 pieces of metal found in the...
  7. Bruce Lansberg

    Dutch Government discloses 245 official documents

    Since the thread for news on MH17 is closed, I thought I might post it here. Yesterday the Dutch Government disclosed 245 internal documents related to the MH17 incident. 70 of these relate to the Ministerial Commission of Crisis Control, 175 to the Interdepartmental Commission of Crisis...
  8. M

    Debunked: this photo shows a Ukraine Mig-29 shot down MH17

    Russian TV just released a satellite photo which shows an Ukraine Air Force Mig-29 just as it launches a rocket to a plane supposed to be the Boeing 777 of Malaysia (MH17) The article is here
  9. M

    Possible Shrapnel in MH17 Wreckage?

    I found new pictures on the internet showing what looks like some sort of shrapnel. It is a small cubicle formed piece of what looks like metal. It was found at the place where the cockpit crashed. A piece was photographed in a headrest of one of the pilots. It is not shrapnel of a SA-11...
  10. Bruce Lansberg

    Main prosecuter Westerbeke says metal particles have been found in the victims bodies and luggage

    Last Monday, October 27th, 2014, German Online Newspaper "Spiegel Online" published an interview with Dutch main prosecuter Fred Westerbeke. Westerbeke states that metal partitions have been found in the bodies of the victims. Although it has not been confirmed that these particles originate...
  11. M

    Claim: Malaysian experts were shot at by Ukraine SU-25 and by GRAD

    In this video Alexander Borodai said the the team of 12 Malaysian experts were shot at by a SU-25 while enroute from Kharkiv to Donetsk. The team later was attacked by the Ukraine army with GRAD shelling. The reason according to Borodai was to prevent the team from getting to the MH17 crash...
  12. M

    Claim: MH17 was shot down by separatists using BUK stolen from Ukraine army

    German magazine Der Spiegel revealed at October 19 that German Secret service BND has evidence that separatists downed MH17 using a BUK stolen from Ukraine army. The evidence was presented to a limited group of German parliament members at October 8. Gerhard Schindler, president of the BND...
  13. M

    What part of forward fuselage is this ?

    This is a screenshot showing a part of MH17. It is a part found at the site where the cockpit was found. Very likely this part was located near the cockpit. It shows some holes and locating the part could tell us more about the position of the missile relative to the aircraft. The video of...
  14. R

    MH 370 Leroy Alexander?

    somebody read story from alexander f. leroy blackbox mh 370?
  15. M

    Solved: MH17: is this part of a missile? [Concrete Grinding Pads]

    Journalist Jeroen Akkermans made many photos on the crashsite. One of his pictures shows a round objects with smaller objects inside it. Some of the objects are missing. What is this objects? Could it be a part of the missle? For example fragments used in the warhead? The original picture is...
  16. Ezswo

    Debunked: MH17 - 10 Previous Flightpaths Different From 17-7

    A "rumor" that keeps popping up on various websites is that the flightpath of MH17 on the day of the crash is significantly different than the previous 10 flightpaths of MH17. The image seems to originate from a Twitterer called Vagelis Karmiros who placed the following tweet on the 17th of...
  17. KAT

    MH17 - developments after a month - Aug 17

    It's been nearly 2 weeks since the investigators left. There is still fighting in the region. There is almost no interest from Western media in the MH17 site, or no enough for the to risk going there. But someone is there - the site is being cleaned up. A few interesting photos of lower layers...
  18. Franckly

    Debunked: MH17 Air to air missile Assumption ? [Unrelated 35° angle]

    My question: Is it a sheer coincidence or a plausible assumption ? Tanks.
  19. Juha

    MH17 Hypotheses

    Ukraine SSU accuses that MH17 was wrong plane, they (rebels) tried to hit AFL2074.
  20. WeeBee

    MH17: Pinpointing the precise location of the missile impact point

    Hello, Like many of you I have spent some time behind my computer the last 3 weeks, in search of any information objective enough to be deemed trustworthy. My work ethos is following a line of logical thinking, provided by factual information. I hold a Master's degree in behavioural research. I...