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This month NASA released a new photo of the Earth from space, taken from the DSCOVER satellite, 930,000 miles above the Earth. Some people have claimed that this new image shows an increasingly hazy Earth, and that this is evidence of an increase in pollution, or a secret geoengineering program (using "chemtrails"). Some more extreme theorist have suggested that the image is fake because the continents (particularly North America) appear to be a different size to earlier photos.

The misconception comes from a misunderstanding about how the photos are taken. This new 2015 is noteworthy because it's the first time since 1972 that a good quality single image photograph has been taken of the Earth. The previous...
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In an article shared over 5,000 times in just two days, Robert Richardson of the preparedness/survival site Off Grid Survival claims that the city of Seattle, Washington, is attempting to outlaw land ownership for families.

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Numerous media outlets have repeated the headline that seem to say a USGS scientist, Tom Brocher, has predicted there will be a major quake in San Francisco in the next few days, as seen on the left of the above image.

However, Tom Brocher responded to this by saying "my comments have been misrepresented" and that the actual risk is "a 31% probability of a magnitude 6.7 or larger event in the next 30 years". And the USGS spokeswoman said: "the USGS is not predicting an earthquake 'any day now'"

In other words there's no prediction, just a one in three chance of a large quake some time in the next 30 years. Nothing like "any day now".

The phrase "any day now" was only spoken by the reporter Andria Borba. Brocher is simply...
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WARNING: While no actual cutting or gore will be shown in this post, some of the images and animations in this article and the comments may be disturbing.

A low resolution video appeared on the web site of pro-Russian hacking group CyberBerkut, dated July 10th, with the description:
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A recent photo proports to show a UFO over Loch Ness in Scotland, however it's almost certainly just the reflection of a light inside the room, doubled up by dual pane window.

UPDATE July 10, 2015:

I contacted the owner of the cottage, who graciously agreed to take a few photos and a short video from the same location. These prove conclusively that the "UFO" is simply the reflection of a light in the window:

IMG_0015-bunloit.JPG IMG_0014-bunloit.JPG


You can see the reflection of the curtain in the window, just like with the "UFO" photo, which demonstrates that the UFO photo was taken...
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Promoters of the "chemtrails" theory often rattle off a list of three elements, Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium. They claim that these are a "footprint" of geoengineering, supposedly being the exact three elements that geoengineering researchers have suggested using to block the sun, and also being the elements found in geoengineering patents. They test the soil, the water, the air, the rain, and they find varying amounts of these chemicals, and claim that this is evidence of a covert geoengineering scheme carried out with "chemtrails".

There are a number of problems with this theory. The biggest being that the amounts found are pretty much within the normal range of variation you'd find everywhere. Aluminum in particular makes up about 8% of the dirt and dust everywhere, and the other elements are also commonly found in the ground, and hence in the air, rain, and water in the form of mineral dust.

Secondly, even if...
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20150706-122200-jyxj5 copy.

The Mars Curiosity Rover has taken tens of thousands of photographs, and in those photographs are millions of rocks. It's inevitable that if you stare at millions of rocks for long enough, then you'll find a rock that resembles something.

In this case it's a pyramid shaped rock. "Life on Mars" fans have been quite enthusiastic about this, with some quite extreme claims:
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A photo of a bright light seemingly hovering over a counter is being presented as an unexplained apparition by the Stony River Hotel's new owners. Unfortunately a brief inspection shows that this is just the light in the fridge behind the counter, and it's quite likely that it's a deliberate publicity stunt by the owners trying to improve their business.

The fridge in question features quite prominently in the local news video about the "ghost"

Suggesting it was the light is pretty obvious, but the owners claim there was no light:
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Taken from Glacier Point ( 37.73083, -119.57278 ) at 09:44:29 PDT (16:44:29 UTC) with an iPhone 4. Center of image is azimuth 080°.

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This interview of me (Mick West) by Tristan Albrecht was conducted on September 5th 2013 in Venice, California. I made an audio recording of the interview with Tristan's permission. The interview was for the "Overcast" documentary.

Audio is of poor quality, but audible:


Mick: ... sure this is recording, yeah. I'm gonna stick it down there, alright

Tristan: Okay, so the first thing I need from you is just present yourself, say what you do, age, where you're from, things like that

Mick: alright,

Tristan: whenever you want

Mick: My name is Mick West, I'm 46 years old and I live in Venice, California, and I'm a...