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In this video a Flat Earther called "Dr. John" shares his observations of the coastline from the Southern English town of Worthing. He correctly identifies some landmarks along the way, but then it all goes wrong when he claims to be able to see the cliffs of Beachy Head, and then claim this "disproves the globe"

A clue to what he is doing wrong is that the "Beachy head" looks like a little white dot, where as Seaford head looks like giant white cliffs.
Metabunk 2019-05-16 16-59-48.

This is odd, because if the Earth was Flat, then Beachy Head would also look like giant white cliffs.
Metabunk 2019-05-16 17-32-44.

He also does some calculations, showing that 92 meters of the cliff should be hidden behind the curve, and hence he concluded that he has disproved the globe.

Metabunk 2019-05-16 17-04-59. Metabunk 2019-05-16 17-07-11.

Bold claim,...
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Tyson vs baumgartner.

Discussing Felix Baumgartner's Red Bull Stratos jump, Neil deGrasse Tyson pointed to a 20" inflatable globe and said:
Tyson is wrong here, it's quite possible to see the curve from 45,000...
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Stian Arensen has been involved in the 9/11 Truth community for a number of years, and in the last year or so has been questioning some of the underpinnings of that community. Stian has also been very interested in topics such as crop circles and UFOs.

We discuss how Stian’s thinking has evolved over time, and examine the parallels between the various communities – in particular we look at the effects of questioning the group consensus, and how it can lead to exclusion from a group unwilling to move forward.

Stian also questions me about my debunking, and some things I’ve said in the past, and I try to explain.
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Metabunk 2019-05-09 07-58-02.

The above photo comes for a MUFON report (80168) with the description:
Anyone familiar with UFOs will have heard of "orbs", but usually these refer to either transparent glowing disks that show up in flash photography (reflecting off out-of-focus dust or rain) or to lights in the night sky.

But there's a third class of orb photo, what...
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My first podcast, Tales From The Rabbit Hole goes live today! TFTRH is an interview podcast where I chat with people whose lives have been affected by conspiracy theory culture. There's believers, ex-believers, family members, debunkers, and researchers.

Episode 1 - The Ex Conspiracy Theorist, where I talk to Jon about his fascinating journey in and out of the Rabbit Hole, and how he's now using what he learned to help others escape.

Episode 2 - Mike Rothschild & QAnon. Not a member of the Rothschilds banking family, Mike is a writer, researcher, debunker, and expert on the QAnon theory. We talk about what QAnon is, the weirder aspects of the theory, real-world implications, and what it might become....
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This video by YouTuber LouB747 has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, and many people think it shows some kind of deliberate spraying, a "chemtrail".

The video looks very odd if you don't know what you are looking at. It's a Boeing 787 that's flying more or less on an opposite track to Lou's plane, but about 1,000 feet lower. It starts out looking like this:


Similar videos have shown up before when the conditions, lighting, and angles are right. This one is from 2010.


In the new video, there's a similar combination of the right angle,...
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The above statement was obtained by Bryan Bender of Politico,...
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An ISS transit is where the International Space Station passes between you and either the Sun and the Moon. You can take video of the Moon transits with just a powerful zoom. The Sun transits are basically the same, except you need a solar filter to block out the light, and will just get a silhouette.

With the ISS whizzing around the globe, there's an ISS transit somewhere pretty much all the time. But for a given location they are relatively rare to pass directly overhead. However, if you enter your location in the ISS Transit finder it will show you upcoming transits that are nearby, often just a short drive away.

The one above is happening tomorrow and is very close to my house. So I'm going to set up my camera in a suitable location and try to record it. It will be in daylight, so the ISS will actually appear quite...
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This is not new, in fact, it's probably been identified several times since the original video cropped 12 years ago, up back in 2007:


But it just popped up again on Facebook, labeled as a UFO. I recognized it, and so tried to look it up again. It took me about half an hour to track down the video! So I'm just writing this post to save people time.

The small jet is an X-45A, an unmanned aircraft. It was an early proof-of-concept vehicle, and was smaller than the later versions of the X-45. Only two were built, and both are in museums now. It's a lozenge-shaped plane with dark wings that fade into the sky.

Metabunk 2019-04-07 16-59-32.

Metabunk 2019-04-07 16-58-40.

Metabunk 2019-04-07 16-55-55.

This video...
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"Footage of spooky spinning UFO in Wales declared GENUINE by expert" says the Daily Star. They then show this shaky footage of some lights moving over some houses. They quote the expert, Jason Gleaves, talking about the footage. He did some analysis, including finding a photo taken from the same window as the sighting, which he overlaid it onto a single frame of the video.

Jason concluding various things including:
  • That it was something rotating, like the lights were rotating around a central disc.
  • That it was ABOVE the treeline, hence some kind of flying craft, a flying, rotating saucer type thing.

I thought I'd do a bit more analysis. The original video was very shaky so I took it into After Effects and ran an image stabilization using two lights as reference points. This immediately showed that it didn't really...