Trump Shot at Rally

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JUST IN: Former President Donald Trump was rushed off stage after he fell to the ground at the start of a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, Saturday night.
It was not immediately clear what caused Trump to fall. He raised a fist and yelled back to members of the crowd before he was rushed away.

Looks like he was actually shot with something. He raises up his hand to his ear before crouching/falling

Helicopter and UAP over Winnipeg

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This video was posted as a Reddit thread in the /r/Winnipeg sub


It was later posted to r/ufos

I've attached a downloaded version here

I've not had time to look into it much but it seems a fun test, the building should be easy to find, but I can't find it it says 300 something on it, there's a 300 Main street in Winnipeg but with a brief look I couldn't correlate it, and no exact time is given, but I took a few mins to look at a ADSB Exchange data for a few hours before the video was posted for helo activity over Winnipeg but couldn't find it either.

I'm sure someone else will have more time and better skills.

Claim: 13 people witness UFO at Red Rock Arena Colorado [Starlink]

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[ADMIN UPDATE: This appears to be Starlink, see: ]

External Quote:
Occurred: 2024-06-05 01:00 Local
Reported: 2024-06-05 10:43 Pacific
Duration: about 30 seconds
No of observers: 12

Location: Golden, CO, USA
Location details: North of Red Rocks about a mile or so, hovering above the treetops on the hog's back ridge.

Shape: Disk
Color: Dark metallic
Estimated Size: Several hundred feet long
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: North
Angle of Elevation: 7
Closest Distance: About a mile or so
Estimated Speed: It hovered in place and then moved 5-10mph east.
Characteristics: Lights on object

We saw a...

Captain R's Long UFO

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From a post by Ryan Graves (posted Jun 28, 2024). Since it's a paid post I'm just extracting the minimum details:
  • a routine red-eye from São Paulo to New York
  • It began with a very bright point of light appearing directly off their nose, seemingly co-altitude with their Boeing 777 at 37,000 feet.
  • It became apparent, due to the changing aspect, that they were witnessing an extremely long object traveling at speeds that far exceeded anything familiar to them.
  • They estimated the object to be over a half mile long and at an altitude of about 90,000 feet.
  • The luminous, ellipse-shaped anomaly passed directly over their aircraft on what had initially appeared to be a collision course.
  • Before it disappeared from view, Captain R managed to capture the photograph [above]
  • The entire encounter lasted 30...

Sitrec Models and Geometries, Lighting, and a new UI

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New UI first. That drop down on the left was getting way too busy, so I've changed it to a menu/widget system that I hacked together from the existing lil-gui code

The menus can be detached from the bar and then remain open. You can drag them back or double-click on the title to send it back.

Things are organized as logically as possible under traditional menus. But it's only partly done. The first menu is still the catch-all for sitch-specific items that probably belong elsewhere. It will evolve; I just need to make a couple of passes.

Time sliders now wrap at the end and increment/decrement the one above, making it much easier to adjust the time.

Lighting is now more accurate to time/date, with the sun's direction being very accurate.

Here's a new model inspector; the yellow arrow points towards the sun.


The Objects menu lets you pick or modify...

Skinwalker Ranch - Laser Beam Stops and Starts in Mid Air

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It appears we have more spooky satellites and space lasers on the menu in next week's episode.

View attachment 68817

"The beam stops ... and then starts again".
SmartSelect_20240523-094904_Samsung Internet.jpg
SmartSelect_20240523-095006_Samsung Internet.jpg
The question here is, what makes the beam visible in the first place?

Michelle Reyes, LaGuardia UFO from Plane Window

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Source: Michelle Reyes, Facebook

This video was shot on March 24th, 2024, but recently showed up on a NewsNation segment with an interview of Michelle. Ben Hansen was in the segment, persumable as a representative of Engima Labs who had done some analysis, determining it was not fake, probably outside the plane, and not that far away, but bigger than an insect.

I agree it's outside. It's much more in focus than the window

A glimpse of a "Howdy" on the wing shows it's Spirit airlines


Via Social media posts we know she was going from Myrtle Beach to LaGuardia, on March 25th. We can see they are descending near New York, and there's a distinctive bridge

Which we can find in...

Explained: Spiralling trails over Croatia (contrails from TV relay plane)

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Videos and photos of some striking spiralling contrails have been causing a stir on social media in April 2024:




The first clue is that road signs are visible in the video footage, including the name of a village, Tekačevo, which is in eastern Slovenia, near the Croatian border.

With the location, other social media posts could be found, including this


Yesterday morning above the Slovenia-Croatia...

AARO's Historical UAP Report - Volume 1

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External Quote:

SECTION II: Executive Summary

AARO found no evidence that any USG investigation, academic-sponsored research,or official review panel has confirmed that any sighting of a UAP represented extraterrestrial technology. All investigative efforts, at all levels of classification, concluded that most sightings were ordinary objects and phenomena and the result of misidentification. Although not the focus of this report, it is worthwhile to note that all official foreign UAP investigatory efforts to date have reached the same general conclusions as USG investigations.

  • Although many UAP reports remain unsolved or unidentified, AARO assesses that if more and better quality data were available, most of these cases also could bei dentified and resolved as ordinary objects or phenomena. Sensors and visual observations are imperfect; the vast majority of cases lack...


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External Quote:

On 26 Jan 23, an USAF pilot gained radar lock on four separate UAP. Upon approach, the pilot was able to make visual contact and employ sensors to obtain a screen capture of the first of these objects. The remaining three were only detected by radar.

UAP-1 likened to an "Apollo spacecraft" in size and shape, with an "orange-reddish" illuminated rounded bottom and the top section "a three-dimensional cone shape" comprising "gunmetal gray segmented panels."

UAP-1 operated at an altitude of about 16,000 above ground level (AGL). The second and third UAPs were noted at altitudes of 17,000 and 18,000. The fourth was lost from radar and no altitude was noted. Moreover, no airspeeds were noted for any of the UAP in this report.


Sitrec is Open Source on GitHub - How You Can Contribute

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I've made Sitrec (Metabunk's situation recreation tool) open source.

This means anyone can look at the source code to see how it works. You can also make you own version of the code, install it on your own server, make changes to the code, and request your changed be merged in with Metabunk's version.

The link above goes to the home page for Sitrec on Github. It will show you the top level view of the code, and a variety of menus and links.

"Readme" (or just scrolling down a bit) will give you instructions on how to build the code and install it on your own server.

"Activity" will show the most recent published changes to the code:

"Issues" will take you to the issue tracking database. Here you can report bugs, make...

The "Chandelier" UFO

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[The above is a summary video of the this thread]

Chandelier posted by Jeremy.jpg

Looks like a diffraction artifact - i.e. glare around a bright light.

The following is the subtitles of the discussion between Jeremy Corbell and an unidentified person claiming to be from the Intelligence Community. Emphasis mine.

External Quote:
00:00:43,320 Kind of shocked that a buddy of mine is gonna talk with me, but you know, it's an individual that has direct insight into what I call the Chandelier UAP.
00:00:54,579 (eerie music)
00:00:58,350 It was classified UFO UAP by our intelligence agencies.
00:01:03,198 (ominous music)
00:01:11,598 (phone ringing)
00:01:14,108 - [Intelligence Officer] Hello?
00:01:15,000 - Hey man, how's it going?
00:01:16,267 - [Intelligence Officer] Good, man.
00:01:16,267 How are...

Jellyfish UFO from TMZ's 'UFO Revolution'

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[The above is a summary video of points from this thread]

Higher quality video: 720p
Video viewer:

Full Video from Corbell:


[Updated with unredacted video]


So, any hypotheses? I'd put balloon(s) at the top for now, as it seems to just be drifting in the wind. A list of possibilities:

  • Balloon
  • Kite
  • Drone
  • Something suspended from a drone
  • Bird...

UFOs Hovering Over AIR FORCE ONE At LAX Airport

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On three separate timestamps a live stream by LA Flights YT Channel captured on camera UFOs hovering over President Joe Biden's Air Force One as it taxied to a private gate at LAX Airport on December 10, 2023.
Here is the mentioned video:

Timestamps 2:24:00, 2:27:00 and 3:14:30.

UFO Spotted over Imphal Airport, Manipur, India

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So this has been on Reddit and Twitter today. There seems to be two distinct sightings - the UFO that was seen during the day, and then the light that was seen low in the eastern sky after sunset and is captured on video. Unfortunately there is no footage of the initial incident.


Video of the UFO is here:


Attached mp4:


This is the location of the sighting. Unfortunately streetview coverage isnt very good here, but we can see from the map that they were looking East. (24.7641743,93.8986769)...

AARO UAP Report 2023

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External Quote:

This report is provided by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) in response to a requirement established in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022, Section 1683 (h), as amended by Section 6802(k) of the FY 2023 NDAA (as codified at 50 U.S.C. § 3373).

The report covers unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) reports from 31 August 2022 to 30 April 2023, and all UAP reports from any previous time periods that were not included in an earlier report. The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) received a total of 291 UAP reports during this period, consisting of 274 that occurred during this period and another 17 that occurred during previous reporting periods from 2019-2022, but had not been conveyed in previous submissions.

Reporting from this period continues to...

Solved: PVS-14 Night Vision Pilot's Footage of "Racetrack" Flares [Starlink]

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Another video was taken somewhere in the US; the person wants to remain anonymous, so the date and time are not given. The plane was said to be at 34,000 feet and filmed using a PVS-14 Gen 3 white phosphorus night vision scope through an iPhone. The constellation is in the direction of Cassiopeia, and judging by the alignment, it is probably around 2:45 a.m.


Mass UFO Sighting at Area 6, Nevada [Starlink]

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This UFO/UAP sighting was recently posted on YouTube, and looks like it shows Starlink Satellites....


Filmed by our team in Pahrump, Nevada facing north over the Nuclear Test Site and Area 6 portion of the NTTR. Also in the same general direction are the Tonopah Test Range and Area 51. Tonopah on the left (west), Area 51 on the right (east).

Date: 08-04-2023 + 08-05-2023
Time: 11:30 PM - 12:30 AM
Video Speed: +300%

The second clip seen in the video, is 11+ minutes. All videos of the objects have the speed increased +300% to show the directions of the objects. Is this satellites? Is space that crowded? Is this some sort of test? The objects seem to be moving in different directions, Starlink satellites move exactly the same. What is happening over Area 6?

100% Real. No Actors. No...

Alien Bodies at a Mexican UAP Hearing

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At public hearing in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, infamous TV ufologist Jamie Maussan presented two small mummified "alien bodies"

The hearing was orgianized by deputy Sergio Gutiérrez Luna.

In Mexico, the public hearing is organized by the Morenoist deputy Sergio Gutiérrez Luna and the communicator Jaime Maussan. According to the latter, the hearing seeks to establish a criterion to define unidentified aerial phenomena, and include it in the Airspace Protection Law.

Also speaking were Ryan Graves and Robert Sallas.

Here's the unboxing of the aliens.


UAPs seen by pilots - shared by Ryan Graves

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Ryan Graves, ex-US Navy fighter pilot and advocate for the recognition of UAPs as a flight safety issue, tweeted the following with the claim that the video and pictures recorded by an airline pilot show anomalous phenomena. They look just like the other lights seen by pilots that turned out to be flaring Starlink Satellites. Lets investigate!


External Quote:

[] = edited info for privacy

"I am a [Major US Carrier] A320/321 Captain, the following sighting occurred during one of my flights recently. Since I have shared my story, several other [Major US Carrier] pilots have reached out to me and shared their similar experiences, including sharing their video recordings of these objects from the Flight Levels. All seen at the base of the big...