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Mick West

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Metabunk.org is dedicated to the art and pastime of honest, polite, scientific investigating of unusual claims. It is primarily a discussion forum, however the focus is on providing concise useful resources, and attempting to avoid repetitive debate and arguments.

Threads should be kept on-topic, and discussion should be kept very polite. Threads should ideally be short and focussed on a particular piece of claimed evidence, with a thread title that accurately describes the content. New topics should be in new threads. See the Posting Guidelines for more details.

Metabunk.org is run by me, Mick West. It started as a spin-off from the Contrail Science site, as the regular posters needed a more flexible forum for discussing a wider range of topics. The "Contrails and Chemtrails" forum is still the most popular here. Discussion topics tend to focus around the bunk in 21st century topics such as 9/11, claims of false flags, recent claims of pseudoscience, and modern manifestations of the "New World Order" theory, like Agenda 21. The focus is not so much about the paranormal, cryptozoology or religion - unless there is some interesting new claim of evidence.

I also like to discuss skeptical investigation and debunking as a topic itself, in the Practical Debunking forum. Particularly about how debunking (i.e. communicating the results of investigations) can be as effective as possible.

I'm a retired video game programmer. I co-founded the company Neversoft Entertainment, responsible for the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series of games. I've trained as a private pilot, and flown a 400 mile trip solo. I do this purely out of personal interest, and nobody pays me in any way.

Contact me at metabunk@gmail.com

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