flat earth

  1. Rory

    Unidentified "space vehicle"

    Recent flat earth hero JTolan has uploaded a video of the moon shot using an 830nm infrared filter, and happened to catch what he says "appears to be a space vehicle in orbit": Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCNlYerxPVA From 45 seconds he shows about 20 seconds of it moving across...
  2. Mick West

    What does the Flat Earth Look Like From Space, with Perspective?

    Flat earth folk seem to have no problem in visualizing the flat earth like this, as a disk, with the sun rotating around it. But if this is what it looks like from "space" then why can't you see the sun from Europe? Perspective? It might be interesting to ask a genuine flat earth believer...
  3. Neil Obstat

    Claim: zooming in on setting sun proves flat earth

    ...I don't know how these images work yet -- I'm still learning!... The first one (above) was not taken using a solar filter so the sun appears bigger than it really is, then the second one, taken later (supposedly) appears higher in the sky after zooming in with camera. Zooming in should...
  4. Mick West

    Earth's Radius Calculator (from the amount a distant object is obscured)

    By simply observing how much of an object is hidden by the ocean (or lake) horizon we can calculate the radius of the Earth. Take the three values (h = height of camera about the water, d = distance to object, x = amount of object hidden) and get the radius of the earth (r)...
  5. Whitebeard

    Quick and easy demonstration of the shape of the Earth

    Just stumbled on this vid showing away to prove the oblate spheroid nature of the Earth using hi-rez images from the Himawari 8 satalite.
  6. Rory

    Recreating the Bedford Level Experiment

    In another thread - as well as here - we've been talking again about recreating the Bedford Levels Experiment. A lot of new and useful information has come out: both about the previous experiments, and where they took place, as well as with regard to carrying out a definitive version. This is...
  7. danno

    Using a very long water level to measure Earth's curvature

    heres an idea: let's take 53 -100ft garden hoses and hook em together. find 2 miles of relatively flat ground(the flatter the easier) from a center post, run the garden hose 1 mile in 1 direction. drive another post. attach sections of clear tubing to both ends of the hose. fill the hose with...
  8. qed

    Third of millennials NOT convinced Earth is round

    FLAT EARTH SHOCK: Third of millennials NOT convinced Earth is round Despite overwhelming evidence that Earth is a spherical globe-shape, including both pictorial and video evidence, a third of young people believe that the Earth could be flat. A survey carried out by YouGov which polled 8,215...
  9. Mick West

    Debunking Guidelines for: "Convex Earth - The Documentary"

    No doubt this video will keep coming up. I've already had to delete two threads for not following the posting guidelines. The video appears like some kind of long-term hoax. It's designed to entertain rather than being a scientific examination. However some people will take it seriously, so...
  10. Benjamin Moore

    Explained: Why Earth Has A Magnetic Core Even Though the core is Molten Metal

    Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdGH9ABB6yP/ This is a flatearth meme someone posted on Instagram that I haven't seen before. The top of the image shows the tempature of the Earths core to be 7000 degrees Celsius. The bottom claims nickel loses its magnetism at 671 degrees Ferinheit and...
  11. Mick West

    RT Promoting Flat Earth?

    This article starts out praising the usefulness of YouTube, then has a brief diversion in YouTube videos as evidence of Satanic Abuse, and then changes into something that I can't tell if it's rejecting or supporting the the Flat Earth hypothesis...
  12. Rory

    Flat Earth debunked by measuring angles to the sun

    Flat Earth debunker Sly Sparkane recently posted a video in which 23 participants in 9 separate countries measured the sun's elevation angle at solar noon on the September equinox. Naturally, when the results are viewed and compared with the two models of the earth, it should appear obvious...
  13. StarGazer

    Claim: First Image of Space Taken from V-2 Rocket Proves the Earth is Flat

    In this thread we'll be examining the very first image taken from space from a V-2 Missile and the claim related to it: It is claimed from “official sources” that a “V-2 Missle” was launched from the New Mexico desert on October 24, 1946, and that it took this black-and-white photo below...
  14. Mick West

    What Happened When Engineers Forgot The Earth Was Round

    An amusing anecdote about forgetting the curvature of the Earth. In 2 Miles the pipe would drop 32 inches, and have a "bulge" in the middle of 8 inches. It also shows the difference between "level" (following the curve of the earth), and "straight", or "flat"...
  15. Mick West

    Earth Curvature Simulation by Walter Bislins

    Walter Bislins has created a very useful tool for visualizing what things should look like from certain positions, and with certain camera settings, on the Globe Earth, or on a hypothetical Flat Earth. The Simulator includes recreations of classic and modern experiments and observations...
  16. Mick West

    Soundly Proving the Curvature of the Earth at Lake Pontchartrain

    A classic experiment to demonstrate the curvature of a body of water is to place markers (like flags) a fixed distance above the water in a straight line, and then view them along that line in a telescope. If the water surface is flat then the markers will appear also in a straight line. If the...
  17. L

    How did Tim Peake get full Earth in his helmet picture? [convex mirror illusion]

    Hi guys, a while ago I came across this photo. Which I just couldn't explain. How is it possible to capture a full Earth which is 12,000km in diameter a mere 400km up in the sky. Its not possible. Earth should encompass every https://astronomynow.com/2016/01/16/tim-peakes-principia-spacewalk/
  18. Mick West

    Curvature and Refraction in Surveying and Leveling Through History. Old Books, etc.

    Given that some people claim the curvature of the Earth is not accounted for in surveying, I thought it would be interesting to document various historical instances of this, and of accounting for refraction. Curvature comes up in two ways. Firstly it arises when determining latitude and...
  19. Rory

    How to Show the Horizon is Below Eye Level, Using Actual Eyes

    Had an idea about how to very clearly and very easily show that the horizon isn't at eye level: take some pictures of some eyes! You will need: 1. A camera 2. A high place with a level surface and a view to the horizon 3. A person pretty much the same height as you 4. The ability to hold a...
  20. Mick West

    Explained: Why a Phone Spirit Level Works Around the World [Accelerometers are Scales]

    In a video titled "*** 4,519 MILES & NO CURVE! Globe Debunked Once And For All *** RESEARCH FLAT EARTH", Youtuber Paul On The Plane uses a phone with a virtual bubble level app in two locations: Seattle, in the North West of the United States, and Dublin, Ireland. He first resets the level in...