Quick and easy demonstration of the shape of the Earth

I know, but it was such a good delivery it was crying out for a cover drive over mid wicket. :D
(Thats cricket talk for all you in the US)

I wuss wrong. I thought the UK was closer..
Off topic, but I like counterintuitive.

If Greenland’s ice sheet melted entirely, sea level would fall 20 to 50 meters at the adjacent coast. That’s counterintuitive, but the ice sheets are so massive (Greenland’s ice, one-tenth the size of the Antarctic ice sheets, weighs on the order of 3,000 trillion tons) that two immediate effects come into play. First, all that ice exerts gravitational pull on the surrounding ocean. When an ice sheet melts, that gravitational influence diminishes, and water moves away from the ice sheet, causing sea levels to drop as far as 2,000 kilometers away.
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