Debunking Guidelines for: "Convex Earth - The Documentary"

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Mick West

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No doubt this video will keep coming up. I've already had to delete two threads for not following the posting guidelines.

The video appears like some kind of long-term hoax. It's designed to entertain rather than being a scientific examination. However some people will take it seriously, so I'll allow posts that examine and explain the problems with its claims.

If you wish to post something about this video, then your opening post needs to meet the standards of the posting guidelines. It also needs to full follow the no-click policy and the politeness policy.

In particular the first post of your new thread must:
  1. Focus on one and only one claim of evidence.
  2. Contain all the information regarding that claim, in particular:
    • Timestamps and transcripts of relevant sections
    • Time coded links to the original video, not copies, or excerpts.
    • Screenshots of relevant sections
    • GPS coordinates and altitudes of all locations, with distances between them
    • The claimed evidence in numerical form
Any threads not meeting these guidelines will be deleted.

Don't post examinations in this thread.

And I'd recommend focussing only on those claims where they actually show evidence, and not those where they just say "we measured X, and the Earth was flat". If they don't give details then there's no point addressing it.
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