Explained: Why Earth Has A Magnetic Core Even Though the core is Molten Metal

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Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdGH9ABB6yP/

This is a flatearth meme someone posted on Instagram that I haven't seen before. The top of the image shows the tempature of the Earths core to be 7000 degrees Celsius. The bottom claims nickel loses its magnetism at 671 degrees Ferinheit and iron at 1,043 degrees Ferinheit. The idea here is that because these materials loose their magnetism at those tempatures it would mean the Earth wouldnt be able to create an electromagnetic feild. This is no way proves the Earth flat but since it was posted by a flatearther and since I run an account on Instagram debunking the flatearth I felt like this was the appropriate category.
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Electrical and magnetic fields are inextricable and don't actually require a magnetic material. An electric current generates a magnetic field, and a moving magnetic field will generate currents in conductors.

A practical example is dropping a cow magnet down a copper or aluminum pipe. The magnet will induce a current in the pipe, which in turn creates a magnetic field of its own, weaker but opposing the magnet. The magnet will slide slowly down the pipe rather than freefalling through like a plastic pipe or sticking like a steel pipe.