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    Alright, so I recently ran across a new extension to the Columbine conspiracy theory. I have searched the web for a debunk for this, but I have yet to see one. Any views on this? I can't find much info other than conspiracy theories and the knowledge that he was at the Columbine shooting.


    Just in case the link breaks, the statement is that the police caused the shooters to do what they did by raping the shooters months before hand and drastically covered it up. Mark Taylor supposedly discovered this and brought it to light, and therefore was detained and forced onto "psychotropic drugs". They attempt to make connections to a greater conspiracy called "The Clinton Illuminati". That part is where it really starts to sound bunk to me, but who knows right? That's why I'd like some help with this one.

    Thanks in advance,


    (P.S. Excuse any errors in form. It's 5 in the morning and I have been at work for 12 hours. I'm tired. Lol)

    ADMIN NOTE: A key piece of evidence here is the hand draw map, explained here:



    All it is is a map of the area around W Deer Creek Canyon Road, and S Wadsworth Blvd (Hwy 121)

    This is the police report of the 1998 incident.



    There's a rocky area there that's popular with people, there's a botanical garden there to the South. Cars park by the side of the road, facing North.


    The supposed "sheriff raping boy" is probably the small area of bushes around the fence, about 100 yards in from Hwy 121.


    The scene matches perfectly, the cars, the regularly spaced large rocks, the bushes, the fence:


    Of course that's not what it looked like in 1998, and the cars sem to be the wrong way (parallel, not perpendicular). But rolling back to 2002 in Google Earth shows that at that time, the parking area was larger, and cars parked perpendicular to the road, just like in the map.


    The closest image available is 1999, a year after the map was drawn, but it's pretty much the same as the 2002 image.
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  2. Mick West

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    I can't actually see what they are claiming as evidence of conspiracy there. Some off theory about how the Columbine shooters actually wanted to kill cops, not kids. That makes zero sense, based on what actually happened.

    And there seems to be no details about why Mark Taylor was arrested or detained.

    It all seems a bit vague. What's to debunk?
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    Doesn't seem much to debunk.

    Drug trafficking by police.

    Not one report in mainstream media of the Columbine shooters being raped by police prior to the shootings.

    Rape by police, (Sherriff Patrick Sullivan),resulting in forced sedation with Big Pharma mind altering drugs. Result, same drugged up kids going on a shooting spree, (Columbine).

    Survivor, (Mark Taylor), told to "keep quiet" and when he doesn't he winds up arrested with no charge or evidence and incarcerated in a mental institution and drugged into a zombie state.

    SWAT teams on roof, possibly causing some of the fatalities/injuries.

    No, obviously nothing to debunk... merely anecdotal... Mark Taylor obviously cannot be believed because he has been institutionalised... fait accomplis


  4. Mick West

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    Sure, there's a theory there. But what's the actual evidence?

    Debunking is about evidence, not theories.
  5. Oxymoron

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    If your 'evidence' only comes from 'official' sources and mockingbird media... your case is made.

    Perhaps you can discredit the allegations?

    Obviously not a problem that whistle blowers are taken off the street straight to mental institutions and drugged to zombie mode. Land of the sheep and home of the afraid?

  6. Mick West

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    I don't have any evidence. I'm just pointing out that there seems to be none.

    What evidence do you think supports the allegations?
  7. Oxymoron

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    You mean apart from Mark Taylor being pulled off the streets in 2008 and incarcerated for no reason and without charge or evidence and still being incarcerated and zombiefied now?




  8. Mick West

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    Yes, I mean apart from that.

    When an individual is incarcerated for their own protection or as a danger to the public for mental health reasons, then there is no right for the public to know about it. The patient has a right to privacy.

    So what you see as "incarcerated for no reason" is really "incarcerated for reasons unknown to the public", and in this case it's probably related to the bomb threats he made at Borders.

    Where's the actual evidence for these high powered child sex trafficking rings?
  9. Oxymoron

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    This is what Mark was like before 'forced hospitalisation' and after.

    Is it the case that people in the U.S can be dragged off the streets and this happen to them for whistle blowing.

    Perhaps Susan Lindauer would have suffered the same fate hate she not been connected enough?
  10. Oxymoron

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    Ahh... well that's ok then.Are you referring to the alleged letter that he sent to Borders, (which no one has ever seen?). Guess everybody can carry on exercising their 1st amendment and they will know if they are wrong because they will be zombiefied.

    I don't know... It's really strange...the police and politicians won't admit to it.
  11. Oxymoron

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    CBS report on Columbine... Mark Taylor survived due to 'police getting to him quickly'... They were on scene in around 2 minutes but 3.5 hours before they went in...

  12. Mick West

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    Can you explain what point you are making here?
  13. RolandD

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    So there is no chance that this is simply a young man, severely traumatized by an event, whose mental state steadily deteriorated until he became delusional and began making false accusations and bomb threats, and at some point it was determined that he possibility posed a danger to himself and others because of his mental state and was forcibly committed to a mental institution to receive the care he sorely needed? No chance of that?

    This is part of the problem that leads to a tragedy like Columbine or Sandy Hook. People aren't considered crazy anymore, they merely hold a different point of view and that viewpoint should be considered just as valid as any other.
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  14. Mick West

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    His mother, Donna Taylor, seems to be the one pushing the whole conspiracy angle.


    Classify Bill Deagle as a "government doctor" would indicate she's a bit divorced from reality. Here's some background on Deagle:

  15. Cairenn

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    "Witchcraft' tends to be shorthand for 'any religious belief that isn't MINE'. It seems that she has problems also.
  16. Oxymoron

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    It was a somewhat satirical observation. Also noting the similarity in response times to 'other' shootings
  17. Oxymoron

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    No doubt that would be the OS, if there was an OS... which there appears not to be.

    Simply a case of someone who wrote a whistle blowing book about the events leading up to and surrounding the biggest school shooting up to that date and the alleged involvement of police and politicians in rape, prostitution and drugs, (proven in the case of Sullivan), being whisked off the street and zombified by force... nothing to worry about ... it won't happen to you... unless you decide to whistle blow something.

    Certainly it does not seem to have improved the poor guys health, mental or otherwise... but obviously nothing to do with the doctors or government because 'they would never deliberately do anything like that'... would they.

    Appears fine prior to being abducted, driving, walking, talking, writing... afterwards.... Zombie. Bad luck... must have been due to Columbine ten years earlier.
  18. Mick West

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    Which do you think is more likely:

    A) He's a bit crazy, and so is his Mom.
    B) The entire Columbine event was deliberately staged, and half the parents for the school knew about it, and it was something to do with covering up a child sex trafficking ring?
  19. Mick West

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    A lot of police forces changed their active-shooter tactics after Columbine.
  20. RolandD

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    Please provide proof that the book was a whistle blower revealing anything that has been substantiated?
  21. RolandD

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    Sorry, double post.

    Where is the link between the Columbine Shooting and the illegal activities of Sullivan?
  22. RolandD

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    It would appear that mental illness runs in their family.
  23. Cairenn

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    I have to wonder if both him and his mom were badly effected by the shooting. And with time their mental health suffered. If he lay wounded for several hours, that had to have a negative effect, including some major survivor guilt and PTSD. His mom could easily have suffered from the same. It is possible that she knew her son was wounded or dead for some of that period, since he was outside. Even a view from a news copter could have shown her enough to know that was her son. It doesn't take a lot to recognize a loved one.
  24. Oxymoron

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    Well I guess she will have an accident or suicide herself or need to be forcibly detained and drugged as well then. We can then discuss how 'the signs were there', prior to it happening and how wonderfully the authorities acted in handling the situation.

    Makes me smile how one minute the guy is the fire station physician and next he is a nut job:)

  25. Oxymoron

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    Can 101 witnesses be wrong?
  26. SR1419

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    You post Deagle's claims to what end? Add credibility?

    Why not post the rest of his claims for perspective?

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  27. Mick West

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    What do you think? Did you read all the accounts there, the number of conspirators ranges from 2 to 12. Are they all right?
  28. Oxymoron

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    I don't know who is right only that there are varying reports. Unsurprisingly different people see different things in different places at different times, (it went on for 3 hours), it lists all these names and what they reported...names of people identified as shooters were redacted, I don't know where the info came from originally... i.e. police reports but it apparently ended up in the final report of the investigation.

    As an eg... this seems like pretty compelling evidence. Whoever 'redacted' was, must seriously have annoyed her for her to make it up. It is weird, no doubt about it.

  29. Oxymoron

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    I didn't want to annoy Landru by taking up bandwidth :)

    Anyway,Mick posted the link, I just picked out a bit that I thought was interesting.
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    And folks in Virgina reported seeing a lion walking up the street---it was a standard poodle with a lion cut. Several folks in Dallas called the police to report seeing a pair of tigers---they were bobcats.

    Now if folks in a non stressed situation can see a poodle and think he is a lion, or see bobcats, (they are 30-40 lb spotted wildcats) and think it is a tiger, a teenager under stress my well be inaccurate in her testimony
  31. Mick West

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    I take it you are familiar with the unreliability of eyewitness testimony, especially in high stress situations?


    Might it not be plausible that not everyone recognizes them? Or confuses them with someone else?
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  32. RolandD

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    Deagle seems to have discovered the conspiracy Grand Unification Theory. It is amazing that someone like that can function in society.
  33. Jay Reynolds

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    Where is this whistleblowing book? Have you read it?
  34. JRBids

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    "Home of the afraid" seems to describe where conspiracy theorists live to a "T".
  35. JRBids

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    I am not following/understanding the sequence of events here. Am I understanding correctly that the police raped the shooters, so the shooters shot up a school?

    Why didn't the shoot the rapists?
  36. Jay Reynolds

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    Some of the written comments from that lady are archived here:

    The above site is run by a vile racist I've heard of before, but there is audio which sounds to me like she is off.
    He seems to be leading her on.....
  37. Jay Reynolds

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    Good question! Oxymoron, how does the book handle that question?
  38. Cairenn

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    Since I can't hear the audio, I pulled out one point and chased down some info on it

    One black student, Isaiah Shoels, was killed. When a friend of the Shoels wanted to help put a video together about the killing, he was killed mysteriously, and then the Shoels moved out of the town. There were several mysterious deaths. The school was also strange; it had courses in death:

    Well, it seems that the Shoels did move out of town, but it seems that other things were the reason


    "We're surrounded by some loving people. In Colorado people acted like we pulled the trigger. Don't get me wrong, there were some loving people in Colorado, but things were just too tense." Things got exceptionally tense last May when the Shoelses filed a wrongful-death law suit against the parents of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. They hired high-profile lawyer Geoffrey Fieger to represent them.

    The Shoelses were criticized as greedy opportunists on radio talk shows and in letters to the editor. But the Shoelses insist that they're only after the truth.

    "A lot of people look at our situation and say, "Isaiah's dead, you guys should leave it alone and move on,'- " Vonda says. "But it's not that easy."

    Still, he and Vonda now concede that they were wrong about some things.

    Last year after the Columbine shootings, Michael and Vonda embarked on a local and national media tour.

    They criticized Jefferson County for being racist.

    They criticized the United Way and its Healing Fund for not buying them a house.

    They asked President Clinton for financial help, and in their letter to him included a veiled reference to Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky: "Mr. President, it was not too long ago that you asked the American people to forgive you. We forgave you. We have high expectations of you." Michael now says the letter to Clinton was an error.

    "I think we went where we weren't supposed to go with that," Michael says. "That was a mistake on my behalf, and I admit that. His personal business is his personal business." And Vonda says criticizing Coloradans as racists while she and Michael were speaking in Houston, New York, Michigan, Atlanta and elsewhere wasn't right."

    It was mentioned there that "Mike Moore did not help the Taylor family financially or in any other manner. Instead, he used them for free to twist the Columbine movie into an anti-gun message:"

    At least 2 families that seemed to have hoped to have profited from the disaster.
  39. Jay Reynolds

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    Oxymoron, I'm trying to figure out who is pushing this CT. Its always good to get a feel for the folks involved.
    So far we have Eric Hufschmid- a flaming racist, and Dr. Bill Deagle- a flaming nutcase,

    Your video above links to this site, which claims to be seeking funds for the Taylors:

    But this facebook page said two days ago:

    What is the truth? How many sites/people are soliciting donations, and what becomes of the money?

    For instance, this fellow Ron Aigner seems to be involved, and is flogging the Sandy Hook CT as well:
    So, who is running these websites, where does the money go?
  40. Jay Reynolds

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    Yes, I'd like to see this for myself.

    Yes, but there had to be a police report filed, why doesn't Donna Taylor or one of her supporters show this, it is public record, even you could get it.
    The mystery here should be why aren't the claimants showing this report, if it would exonerate Mark Taylor or show he was committed unreasonably?

    I'm just asking reasonable questions, just like the CT'ers do, except the questions lead back to the original claimants who have holes in THEIR stories.