Triangle Light Formation - Jeddah, KSA [Sensor Reflection]


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Hello MetaBunk!

So I was just in Jeddah Saudi Arabia on Feb 4, 2024 at the Park Hyatt, Jeddah (see photos below for map picture. A friend of mine was taking photos in the front of the hotel, around 9:50pm to 10:05pm, local time there. (I don’t have the exact time stamps, going to try and get these from him since they were his pictures) Anyways, he took several pictures of this front palm tree area, and when I looked at the photos later, I noticed some lights in the sky in a triangle formation. What is odd, is that the first picture from a similar angle did not show anything, and the second picture only 30 seconds or less than a minute between showed this light formation. See photos below. None of us recall seeing anything in the sky, and don’t recall seeing any spot lights or drone shows going on. Is this some type of camera artifact? What do you all think? I think it looks pretty cool and I told him he captured UFO on camera… who knows…IMG_0049.jpegIMG_0051.jpegIMG_4540.png
Although 100% camera reflection effects, the only remaining "issue" is that the first picture from OP is not showing similar camera effects. I am pretty sure it must be because of the angle(s) but cannot completely explain it (or images being cropped?)