Ryan Grave's Description of a 100-Yard Red Square over Vandenberg AFB

Football-field-sized UAPs are fairly common in the history of sightings. As well as the Twenty-Nine Palms event mentioned above,
I am reminded of the Phoenix Lights event in 1997, which seems to have consisted of two separate football-field-sized events (one at 20:00 and one at 22:00), the first one apparently caused by planes flying in formation and the second by a flare drop.

I remember William Cooper was talking about the "football field" sized UFO way back in the day, but I think his tales were often specific to the submarine UFOs:

In the Summer of 1988, Cooper made his first public comments on the ParaNet Bulletin Board System, an early UFO message board. According to Cooper's first post, in 1966 he was serving aboard the USS Tiru when he and fellow Navy personnel witnessed a metal craft "larger than a football field" repeatedly enter and exit the water.

A lot of my memory from the times has faded, but I remember hearing about the craft where you poke your head in and it's exponentially larger than it should be, too. It really makes me think it's the same couple true believers influencing this like it seems.