1. Rongram

    Rongram New Member

    How do you want this to be proved: Simple, get on the plane, fly to South Africa and see with your own eyes.

    With respect I am not sarcastic by saying this. (To make a video, well then it just get bashed like the original post)


    You are correct, in theory 100/60 seem like a miracle.. Fact is in real time how do 100/25 sound.

    Power bills. What is power bills?

    Only Elon Musk can tell you if he acquired the actual tesla inventions. Now go look at the tesla battery and compare it to the POWER WALL battery that Elon Musk has now made available for distribution.

    The electric car. When do you think the first one ever, was available. You are correct, early 1900

    Note: Look careful at the things that Elon Musk are doing, he is one reason why NASA closed its doors. Yes they sponsor him (If I am not mistaking to the tune of 5 billion), but at a fraction of their original running cost. Look at Elon Musk's solar company, the products are very closely made to Tesla's designs.


    I am not a free energy believer!! It has been done for many Years. Before the big energy companies in alliance with governments just stopped any forward movement.

    Watch this space and also keep your eye on international news. The guy that nearly spent Ten Years to actually put this into full production already had his life threatened by our energy supplier. (He will not bend his knee)

    The patents is the only thing that the world know off. (Well simple they are in the public domain) When Tesla's Lab was burned down when he did not want to bend his knees to powers at the time. Well all his designs was lost in the fire... MMMM so do people think, but yes that just about destroyed his will to start fresh.


    This from what we have has little to do with efficiency. Just plain simple out the box logic.

    If you really want to see some unbelievable efficiency, look at some stuff NASA has achieved. I suppose you never heard of a bearing-less motor. The stuff is out there. Look around you in your every day life. 60 Years ago a 8 cylinder engine gave X amount output. Today a little 1300cc 4 cylinder make those ones look like midgets. That is efficiency.

    OK now BASH me again (Just Please remember to keep this all in your minds. Remember the bashing)
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  2. Rongram

    Rongram New Member


    Nobody looks at when people die. Look at the time that Henry Ford was in his prime and that go for Nikola also. His inventions was stopped by Henry. Tesla was never after money, he was just always looking for investors. Henry was n powerhouse and would do anything to stop the electric motor from getting off the ground. All the issues with these guys happened between 1900 to around 1915 or so. It was not just Henry that did not like Tesla there were plenty other powerful wealthy people that wanted Tesla out the pitchure
  3. Spectrar Ghost

    Spectrar Ghost Senior Member

    What simple out of the box logic violates/disproves Conservation of Energy? Can you explain in general terms?

    Dropping Tesla's name everywhere doesn't help your case. There's no evidence his electric car ever existed, except for claims from a supposed nephew that the family has never heard of. Can you show me evidence of Nikolai tesla's version of powerwall? I can't find anything.

    We look for evidence here, not crazy unverifiable backstory.
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  4. Landru

    Landru Moderator Staff Member

    Prove it.
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  5. Auldy

    Auldy Senior Member

    Right.. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't investors invest money into projects? How can he have never beeen after money, whilst only after investors, who would provide money....
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  6. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    No, just make a video. Put it on a glass table, or a sheet of plastic.

    What exactly is so difficult about making a video that demonstrates that it works?

    Have you personally seen it running with no external power supply or battery for several hours?
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  7. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    If it really works then "prove it" is almost trivial - all of South Africa should now be getting free power......
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  8. Auldy

    Auldy Senior Member

    Really? Why on earth did Ford spend a vast sum of money doing the opposite?


    This is a picture of Fred Allison, an electrical engineer working for Ford, driving an electric Model T prototype in 1914. If he hated the electric engine so much, why did his wife continue to drive electric cars her whole life? A fascinating account of Fords early forarys into electric cars is summarised here. Of course, it was work alongside Thomas Edison, so you might cry foul straight away because of his rivalry with Tesla, but at the very least, this is a documented source, unlike your, so far, unverified tales of wonder.

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  9. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    Usually when someone posts something wacky on the internet, I can disprove it quickly, from the
    comfort of my own home. But you make a tempting offer: For merely 2 days time, the experience of South Africa
    & about $1,200, I could fly to South Africa, to have someone tell me, almost certainly: "Uh, it isn't tuned today."

    Saying something "has been done for many Years" means nothing, when there's zero evidence of it.

    Can you post some numbers showing which current 1300cc 4 cylinder generates much more horsepower
    than a 1955 8 cylinder?

    Lastly, if you really want to be bashed, you've come to the wrong place. There's no need to play the
    martyr, here. If you make sense, people will agree with you. If you fling around a bunch of nonsense,
    people will tell you so...politely.
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  10. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    Great, so when do you make your first billion? Can I buy shares? If so, why? :)

    You missed my point. Yes, technology means we can get better efficiency. It doesn't mean we can suddenly bin the laws of thermodynamics and declare the Nikola Tesla Free Lunch Canteen open for business.

    Hell, I could show you a heat pump with an "efficiency" of 500%. It still doesn't break the TANSTAAFL rule.
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  11. Gridlock

    Gridlock Active Member

    Current F1 engines approach 50% thermal efficiency and produce around 700bhp from the internal combustion side, from a 1600 V6. So it wouldn't be hard to find, but it's totally irrelevant. You can't say "hey, stuff gets better" as evidence for over-unity.

    Here's 1500bhp from a 1500cc engine;

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  12. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    Oh, I absolutely agree that "...it's totally irrelevant," :)

    but I was curious about the claim: Obviously engines have grown more efficient, but:

    "Today a little 1300cc 4 cylinder make those (1955 8 cal) ones look like midgets"
    just seemed like a significant exaggeration to me...but I know others
    (including gear heads like my own Dad) would be more familiar with the latest data...
  13. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    "Midgets" might be a bit strong....but the 1955 Ford Range of V8's ranged from 162 to 193hp.....the BMW Motorad 1300 inline 4 gets 175 hp.....
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  14. Rongram

    Rongram New Member

    Hi Everybody

    I actually enjoy this discussion/debate

    OK I am not going to quote everybody again and then answer.

    I would like to ask and state though to everybody participating.

    I honestly do not mean any disrespect, but I feel as is evidence in some posts that some people do not respect others.

    I have opened the offer, you want to see proof, then come to South Africa. I will personally pick you up and take you to see the proof. Again no disrespect, but frankly we do not care to really needing to proof anything. We are not in the market to make a sales pitch, then offer you full design and drawings etc. Now we send you to a sales page that well Bla,, BLA we sell you a eBook and then we repeat that to 1000 ds of people.

    We are in the market, we manufacture and are making sales. We have not even started marketing to the masses yet. ( We are in complete infancy, but in full production)

    We manufacture and deliver. We only started full blown manufacturing a Month ago. As mentioned in my first post, I was just amazed how short sighted people are and never think out the box. Looking at the posts above, well everybody is clever, but none take the offer to come witness them self. I invite anybody within this forum to come and witness first hand with your own eye balls.

    If any of you that answered to this post know somebody in South Africa and can trust their judgement, then send them to come and witness.

    Mick asked for a video, and the plant be placed on a glass table. I say again to Mick: Mate I invite you to come to South Africa and see yourself, that way you cannot look at a running plant on video, and start all discussions about wires that are hidden or that the video was doctored or something like that..

    Below is my statement of honest TRUTH:

    We do have and do manufacture self powered power plants from 2.2kw to 500kw. We actually just decided Yesterday to not do the 2.2kw units as it is not viable and cost effective. We will however use the 2.2kw units for sales purpose.

    Do we want to supply Globally, no, no , no. Not in this infant stage:: We will be shut down by the Global energy CORPORATIONS.

    The person that spent nearly 10 Years to make the theory work and eventually got it into full production.. I am true and honest here as this is an official STATEMENT. This guy's life was now threatened. ( Let me put it this way: He did receive threats already.)


    I Just want to say something else here: Please I do not want any member to feel offended by this.::::

    People in general are skeptic.
    People hate to see others succeed (Human Nature)
    People that live in their little cocoons think the world revolve around only them. (Short Sighted in Life)
    Then the BIG thing. People allow them self to be indoctrinated by the media.

    We can go on forever on this.


    I only entered this Forum because I have seen from outside how the person that started this post was OK this is my saying:: He was bashed as a scammer etc. I can tell you that yes maybe, well for sure there are people that do this type of thing as a scam. Fact is if anybody actually take the time and effort to attempt and then actually build a thing from plans/drawings/sketches then give that person damn credit. Then most probably that person was astonished that it actually work. It is like taking a length of copper wire, wind it as the plan suggest, then stick a blade onto the shaft, hold it in the wind and whhhhaaaat the thing produce a couple volts. I ask the nay Sayers, have you ever gone through the trouble to actually try and build something and test the results???

    Yes some of the videos out there from home made stuff looks scary. These guys have taken the time and effort to build something and then for sure it is working, but maybe to charge their cellphone. Now they just make a video from it. For most these people their backyard little plants can power a bulb, an appliance. Now they play the social media....... They actually achieved allot, but do not spend the time to take it further. WE DID.

    OK this is what I will do:: Mick seem to be part of the forum: Mick you want proof. You do not want to take the invitation to visit. Now I will make another offer for proof: Find out from your forum members if anyone know somebody in South Africa (Preferably in JHB, Gauteng ) Then let this person or persons contact me. I will meet with them and proof the Power unit work. These selected people then must openly post right here on this thread.

    Mick when you find a local person, then Send me a PM. I will then forward my Phone number. This person or number of persons can phone me and make an appointment to meet and witness a plant in operation.

    They would have the right to come and post the facts here on this forum. They would not have the right to identify the people they meet!! They would not have the right to make a video and distribute such over the net.

    They would have the right to be a witness.... Reason for this is actually simple. We need to have a few thousand operational units in the field, before we go global. ( I am HONEST and SERIOUS about this. We need to ensure the safety of the developer.) This guy did not invent this, he simply kept working with public domain designs unitil he succeeded to the point of production.

    With few thousand units in the field we can go Social and Global. With Ten million videos if people want to see it...


    If the above do not succeed as commitment to proof, then I can say no more.
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  15. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    Commitment to proof is great - good on you.

    Now I'm waiting for that proof......
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  16. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    The video is a first step. If you can't even make a video, then why would anyone come out to see it in person?

    Forget the glass table, just make a video of the thing working. How hard can that be? You've got a cell phone. You've got several working units out there in the field creating power. You can upload to Youtube.

    It will take you ten minutes. You could probably do it in less time than it took you to type your above response.
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  17. Spectrar Ghost

    Spectrar Ghost Senior Member

    So we got another wall of unsupported assertions.

    I'll ask again: Can you explain the "simple, out of the box logic" by which you overturn all of physics?

    Traveling to South Africa on our own dime is all well and good, but if this thing works you should be able to describe how in general terms. You've made no attempt to do so, despite several requests. Until you do explain it, it's equally likely you're a Travel Agent as an energy pioneer.
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  18. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    For me, the above does not succeed as commitment to proof.

    Ron, if you really have what you say you have--and it isn't a scam--the world will beat a path to your door,
    no one will need to trust you, there will be tons of evidence from happy, successful customers,
    operating their magical devices out in the open! :)
    No need for people to travel to South Africa...
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  19. Whitebeard

    Whitebeard Senior Member

    Here's an idea for you mate. Collate your idea, visit this lot...
    ... to patent it and protect your idea.

    Next build a working prototype and present it for peer review to this lot...
    ... who can scrutinize and give your claims solid academic verification.
    (if you have the patents and such in place they will not be able to rip you off)

    Then if all checks out you can then reveal the invention to the world, with fully authenticated academic research to back you up. Then sell the production rights, make yourself a shed load of money and build yourself a solid gold house* and probably pick up a Nobel prize on the way.
    (*and if your not in it for the sheckles you can use the billions you make to help relieve world hunger etc)

    I know thats what I would do if I had come up with something that could give the world free energy, so why doesn't anyone of the many people who claim these wondrous break through's do the same? Could it be they are either deluded or just scam artists?
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  20. Auldy

    Auldy Senior Member

    Then why are you so resistant to share your little world with the rest of us? You want the Big World to come to you, when you could easily do anything listed above, but don't.

    Assuming your device is real and works, what are you (and the designers) goal for this project?

    Assuming your device is real and works, and you "..are making sales", how many units have you manufactured and delivered?
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  21. Efftup

    Efftup Senior Member

    Yes, it;s an exaggeration. But. a 1955 Chevy 265 OHV V8 gave out 162bhp in basic form
    The 4 cylinder 1300cc engine in a Suzuki Hayabusa ALSO gives out 162bhp, so a match at least, rather than making it look like a midget.

    But so far, Rongram has thrown out nothing but wild specualtion or claims for which there is no evidence.

    If your generator has been running for years, you will have saved yourselves thousands of pounds in electricity bills.
    A decent computer, a couple of webcams, the right software and a website to stream to could EASILY all be bought for less than £5,000. That is a VERY High end estimate/.

    As Mick says, stick one on a piece of glass or plastic, put cameras all round it and stream it live 24 hours a day running.
    It's technology FAR more simple than actually producing the generator, but NOBODY has ever done it.
    They keep making claims, (and in the case of some companies mentioned on this thread seem to sell the plans and then make a LOAD of cash on "consultancy fees" when the customers can't get theirs to work). I just want to see something actually work.
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  22. Rongram

    Rongram New Member

    Hi Everybody

    So!! None of you want to come and see for yourself.

    You all keep bashing as I call it, Again none of you contact a person this side to become a eye ball witness..

    It also looks like none of you have actually read my STATEMENT post properly.

    You honestly go like little kids busy with a tantrum ( I want a sweet...I want a sweet)

    Now let us go back to proof as you all scream. Surely out of 3,5k members there must be a South African in this forum. Mick I am sure you can cross check.

    So you all want video proof. Ok mmmmmm Let us put some money on it.

    This is a open Public Forum ( Am I CORRECT) I cannot run away. Let us put together some undeniable method of proof.

    Since my first post in this forum. ( Remember I only acually joined, because I stumbeled onto the original post and saw how that guy got BASHED, BELITTELED and Called out to be SCAMMER.

    I came in and prooved that (Look at posts after mine) that this seem what members like to do here.

    So You want proof:

    I will put my money where my mouth is. How is that!!!

    Are all of you willing to put your money where your MOUTH are.

    Here is the deal:

    We get a entity like PayPal
    We all put in US$20 000-00. I proof the power unit, anyway you like. I will also at my cost send to this forum owners a 2,2kw power unit. I will also then make you your video anyway you want. If required I will have 4 recorders from all angles.

    IF I cannot produce the delivery of the 2,2kw and the video as explained above. Simple you all make a few bucks

    Now If I do deliver, I take all deposits.

    The Names Are:

    Me: Rongram
    Mick West
    David Coulter
    Spectrar Ghost

    OK all above people put each 20k in the pot.
    Agreement will be made with PayPal. Outcome is simple: Yes or No.
    If outcome is no: You all get equal share of my deposit including your personal deposit.
    If outcome is Yes: I take the pot.

    OK bashing time is over. Proof must get into the pudding.

    Your decision now: The Math is simple: Is This Guy for Real or Is he talking nonsense.

    This is only valid if everybody above are in the pot. (You all must be in the pot) We will draw a contract with PayPal. If You know PayPal then you know they will 100% stick to the contract.

    All my BLA,,BLA, Above is out the window.
    All Your BLA,,BLA Above is out the window

    The question and answer will be simple:: Yes or No

    Yes belong to me and No belong to you guys.

    Time to put the money where the mouth is!!!!!

    Now who do you think is going to take the pot?

    My side.., Damn it is going to be hard work especially supplying and delivering the 2.2kw. Also to make a video that cover all angles all the time through the test.... I think I have put myself in a hole here.

    Your side as the non believers: Well not much to do other than sit and wait for +/- 2 weeks for the 2,2kw to arrive at this forum owner and do nothing more than bashing some other banana like Rongram.

    Show me your GUTS
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  23. Landru

    Landru Moderator Staff Member

    Post a video or please stop talking.
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  24. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Show me a video first.

    Since this is going round in circles, I'm suspending you from this thread until you post a video. You can use the conversation/PM feature to let me know about it, or just start a new thread with the video.
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  25. Auldy

    Auldy Senior Member

    So you say you are not a scammer, and that your device is legitament, but you want everyone to bet you 20k that you are wrong rather than simply show something easily. o_O If you are for real, then you are a hustling charlatan. If you are a fake, you are a scammer.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I rarely have $20 laying around spare for a bet, let alone $20,000. Maybe if someone had the ability to give out free energy without any of your attached strings I might have some more pennies.
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  26. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    So what you're saying is, you have no working device, or proof...but you still wanna be taken seriously?

    Send me the little 2.2kw. that you say you aren't going to sell. I'll flip it on and bask in the overunity! :)

    I'll tell everyone it works! Then you won't need to hide behind wacky PalPal schemes or poorly phrased insults. :)
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  27. Ray Von Geezer

    Ray Von Geezer Senior Member

    So 12 people put up $20k, 11 of them have a potential return of ~10%, 1 of them (you) 1100%? And all held in PayPal rather than escrow.

    What could go wrong? This definitely doesn't look like a scam. I can't believe no-one has snapped your hand off.

    Ray Von
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  28. Spectrar Ghost

    Spectrar Ghost Senior Member

    Getting on a high horse about people being called scammers then immediately asking a dozen people for a five figure sum based on zero evidence? Are you sure you're not exiled Nigerian royalty? Cause if you were your motives couldn't be clearer.

    Show me evidence this thing works, along with an explanation of how, and I might be interested. Until then you'll get 'bashed' because you're not following forum rules. Meta bunk is an evidence based forum you know.

    A note: Tickets from Chicago to South Africa run around $1000US. It'd be an order of magnitude cheaper to actually come see you than to participate in your little bet.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2015
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  29. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    If this works you will get all the money you want - why the argument??

    I commend your "commitment to proof" - so get on with providing the proof - flapping gums just makes you look silly - all talk, no action.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2015
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  30. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    And to clarify, all I want is for a video of the device in operation, with no external power supply, producing power. It does not matter if it's on a glass table or not. If you want to continue in the discussion, and you seem willing to put up thousands of dollars of your own money on this, you can surely spend ten minutes making such a video to get things moving.

    But that's entirely up to you.
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  31. Efftup

    Efftup Senior Member

    I can't even afford a passport, let alone a ticket to South Africa.
    If it works, you can demonstrate it. All this messing around with a bet with large sums of money you could pretty much guarantee at least one of the 10 people couldn't afford is just more distraction from the fact you have made claims you haven't backed up.
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  32. Whitebeard

    Whitebeard Senior Member

    Sounds like the offers I keep getting from Nigerian government officials offering me a large cut of their multi-million dollar inheritance that they can only get if I donate a five figure sum to bribe a few officials with...

    I normally pass their details on to the UK serious fraud office.

    Serious question...

    How do you sleep at night? You claim to have this marvelous gismo that makes electricity from nothing, yet rather than getting this gismo authenticated by genuine scientists and giving or selling the thing to the world, where it would end the worlds energy crisis, end the need for nuclear power and the burning of fossil fuels (and thus end climate change and the threat of another Chernobyl / Fukushima type catastrophe), eliminate the need for unreliable re-newables such as solar and wind generation. Revolutionise transport and industrial processes and probably lead on to the ending of world hunger, warfare and social inequality - leading to a new order for humanity the likes of which Gene Roddenberry had wet dreams about and just possibly turn mankind into a full space going race... Rather you choose to avoid all questions about it and refuse to show ANY evidence and demand we send you what for me is more than A YEARS wages (money I need to feed, dress and shelter my wife and family) on the off chance that you MIGHT send me something that all the known laws of physics says WILL NOT WORK.

    In my books that makes you either the world biggest capitalist sociopath, or a grubby little con artist.

    So what are you? Someone refusing mankind its most revolutionary technical advance of all time, or someone trying to make a few bucks from the gullible who have more money than sense?
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  33. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    Soliciting money in exchange for evidence has got be against posting guidelines; if not we'll have to write a new one just for you.
    However the sheer gall of it certainly afforded some entertainment.

    Interesting that you equate asking for verifiable evidence with 'bashing', despite all of science being based on that simple little courtesy.
    If a person said they were an alien or had super-natural powers, would you not ask for some evidence, or would you just assume it was true because you didn't want to 'bash' them?
    Over-unity is, at this point in scientific knowledge, a super-natural claim, and therefore to not expect demands for evidence , and to portray it as 'bashing', is supremely naive and out of touch with reality.
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  34. Jazzy

    Jazzy Closed Account

    I wouldn't bet on no external power supply.
    Scammers can be pretty cute with little button power cells, concealed transformers and rectifiers and suspiciously-long run-up times.
    I would need to use an X-ray scanner. What am I talking about?
    No I wouldn't bet at all. "There's no such thing as a free lunch" was surely Newton's Zeroth Law. [...]
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  35. asolovoice

    asolovoice New Member

    I find it really sad that they have gotten lumped together over the years.
    I believe overunity could be achieved some day. Parts wearing out would need replacing.
    Perpetual motion is negated by friction and no surface that can stand up to it.
  36. Jazzy

    Jazzy Closed Account

    By extracting a googlplexeth of the universe's vacuum energy?
    On the day we transubstantiate, we might.
    But we won't need energy by then - we'll BE it.
    Your free lunch will be along any millennium now...
    Just as long as nobody else steals it...
    (That's enough - Ed.)
  37. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    There are friction-less bearings - eg magnetic suspension, hence the comparison is perfectly reasonable.

    Another definition of perpetual motion is a SYSTEM that can constantly renew itself - so a system that generates enough energy to create its own new parts can b considered perpetual motion.
  38. Vlad

    Vlad New Member

    Hello everyone.

    Among Rongram's vague info and 20K p/p challenge he actually gave a good proposal.

    "Simple, get on the plane, fly to South Africa and see with your own eyes."

    No-one took upon his offer. Most people mentioned that they just can't afford the flight ticket. I have an idea, proposal.

    Why don't we chose someone who want's to fly there, see it with his own eyes and make a video. And then we can crowd fund money for his/her travel expenses? I am sure we can all find 5-20$ each to confirm or debunk it once and for all?

    I can also volunteer some time on organizing the campaign.

    What do you guys think?

  39. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    or 'we' can not send our money to an anonymous person on the internet and, instead, wait for Rongram to make a video showing his device works.
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  40. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    Dear Mr. Impaler,

    I see some value in your idea, and I also realize that it's your very first post, here.

    In short, most here have engaged dozens if not hundreds of these issues...few would be so invested in this
    particular claim that they would personally find it worth "5-20$" for the mere possibility of a more thorough
    de-pantsing of Rongram.

    (of course, I could be wrong...perhaps dozens will leap forward, with fistfulls of cash, or deidre will buy you
    a one-way ticket all by herself) :)
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