David Grusch's DOPSR Cleared Statement and IG Complaint

I stand corrected! Thanks Duke, I forgot about that. So, Mellon can claim he sent 1 actual whistleblower to ARRO, assuming that's correct and Elizondo did talk to them. I'll correct my post.

It's technically true but also misleading. Kirkpatrick is clearly referring to whistleblowers who are allegedly exposing the government's alien program, not just anyone who may have filed a complaint with the government about anything at all. Kirkpatrick wouldn't talk to Elizondo because people were being mean to Elizondo at work.

So sure, technically Elizondo is a whistleblower. But he's not a whistleblower about alien spaceships.
It might be held up on the same DOPSR desk as the historical AARO report. Or did I miss something?
Yeah I’ve seen somewhere on the bonkers place that is twitter / X that it’s still with DOPSR. Although the AARO report has been supposedly been given to Congress this week and is due out to the public v soon so maybe means Grusch’s will be signed off soon. Should be interesting anyway.
Any idea about what has happened to the "op ed" Grusch was supposedly writing? Has he gone quiet?
Grusch has laid low in the mainstream since the story broke about his mental health and alcohol issues. He's appeared on some podcasts and talked at events, but they have been partisan in nature where he's among friends/supporters. Think his handlers would let him do a podcast with Mick?

Back in the 90s I read an article about how PR and image consultants work to rebuild the public perception of disgraced/discredited public figures. This was about the time US sports broadcaster Marv Albert and actor (of sorts) Paul Ruebens were trying rebuild their careers. The first step in the process was to get them out of the mainstream public eye. A lot of it sounded like so much psychobabble, but the line bottom seemed to be the average person has a short memory and/or simply doesn't care.
I got all excited and was about to start a thread. Here is the head of ARRO saying a lot of this recent UFO flap is a bunch of Skinwalker Ranch crap orchestrated by the usual suspects with help from the late Reid and other politicians. And claiming that none of them, including Grusch, will come before ARRO with their claims. I know, it's because he's a government shill and on the payroll of (insert name of nefarious defense contractor of choice here), but it was refreshing.

You're right though, we'll wait until the actual report comes out.
For posterity, AARO report thread: https://www.metabunk.org/threads/aaros-historical-uap-report-volume-1.13375/