[Solved] MH-17 was 9M-MRD, so Why are there photos of 9M-MRC? ['D' partially obscured]

Thanks Bruce, but I already have that June 15 #8 photo in the first post.

8th large photo down.


Thanks for pointing that out. It did see the photo but did not realize they were the same. I probably missed it because I was focussing on a photo that would both show the fuselage identification with the clear D and the one at the wheel cover at the same time. I think you cropped yours?
I was looking too, couldn't find his name, strange.
His name was a lot in the news in the Netherlands.

Edit: Nvm
I used to live in the Volendam region and I know the folklore. Schilder is a very common name in Volendam, a small and close-knit community. Cor, brief for Cornelis isn't very distinguishing either. I suppose that explains the tradition to give people nicknames. Since people know you by that name (and it's for life) it makes sense to have a Facebook page by the nickname too. On the passenger list the official name is used of course: Cornelis Schilder.

See also http://www.genealogieonline.nl/en/over-de-plaats/2745340 and scroll down to 'Popular surnames at Volendam'
Schilder (Painter) is the second most popular name there. The first being Veerman (Ferryman).