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I may be colourblind, but I'm with Ted on this:

Alien Bodies’ Presented In Mexican Congress Panned As ‘Stunt’
Published Monday 3:22PM

A UFO hearing in Mexico’s congress that featured the presentation of alleged remains of non-human beings is facing backlash, with critics labeling it a “stunt” similar to past findings that turned out to be fakes or the remains of actual mummified human children. What do you think?

“Can’t a national legislative body just enjoy a little make-believe once in a while?”
Denise Talmage, Shortcut Expert

“They could have at least painted them green.”
Ted Uhrig, Layoffs Advocate

“But when you accurately say, ‘Here’s a mummified human child,’ are the critics happy? No.”
Art Goldman, Systems Analyst
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The local arts cinema screened /Zardoz/ about a year ago, and the little group of residents in our block all decided to go. None of them had seen it before, apart from the g/f & I. They were a little bit confused as we met up up the pub next to the cinema beforehand with the g/f wearing this:

(As, to be honest, were about 90% of the people at the screening, it's probably the first time it's been aired in the country.)
Next week, they have a screening of /A Clockwork Orange/. Very tempted to do something special for that...

The gun is good. The penis is evil... Go forth and kill.
Looks a bit like the mask from the even more obscure film Last House on Dead End Street (1973)
5/10 Decent for a no budget film (and all the budget went into drugs IIRC)
Possibly better suited for the "U.S. Customs and Border Protection Releases UAP Documents and Videos" thread?


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Possibly better suited for the "U.S. Customs and Border Protection Releases UAP Documents and Videos" thread?

The aerodynamics of that confuse and infuriate me!
I popped this on the "Claim: "UAP Researcher" to release clear smoking gun photo of Orb captured by photographer.13182/"

One wonders how the "believers" would react if we did actually establish two-way communication with an extraterrestrial intelligence (which I think is rather unlikely anytime soon, but who knows).
Suppose the ETI denied being responsible for the Ecuador 'orb'... ... and volunteered that they were sure that no other ETI's had visited Earth in the recent past.

I'm not sure that the most vociferous UFO enthusiasts would actually be all that happy.

Maybe this conveys my feelings a bit better:

A  Clanger..jpg
Messing about with the Microsoft AI image creator. Prompted it about the UFO stealing the Malaysian Airline flight, I think it didn't QUITE get what I was after:
airplane kidnapping UFO.jpg

Now, now. There are enough woo-peddling males around (we've been busy debunking them, remember?) that we don't need to go all sexist like that. :(
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Whenever the topic of astrology comes up in conversation, I mention "I'm a Libra; we don't believe in astrology". Usually takes them a while to figure out...
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That's bunk, if you look at the shadows, it's clearly just an upside-down photo. Qantas pilots are highly trained, so this doesn't happen with them.

It's more like hobby pilots or rookies in the military (trained domestically) to forget about the equatorial inversion on the occasional international flight:
There's a new bigfoot (AKA sasquatch) thread here,,

the creature filmed might be connected with a company in that locality which rents "Sasquatch Expedition Campers",
There is a local bigfoot-themed business that owns or rents a light-colored bigfoot outfit and use it for promotional purposes:


I'm not sure I'd hire that trailer, in that area, if I genuinely believed a bipedal creature that size lived locally.
A bit too much like tempting fate:

"...Welcome home Dear, did little Alex enjoy your weekend camping?"

"Um, I'm not entirely sure... but before we get onto that, I think she'll be spending a lot more time in the fresh air away from her phone in future- and eating a lot less processed food, which as I recall you always thought was a good idea..."
Maybe we are right to await firm evidence, but I remember from my childhood that there were reports from respected authority figures, familiar with the great wildernesses of America, of large bipedal anthropomorphic beings sometimes sighted at close range.

Despite the risk of personal ridicule, these men and women warned that interactions between humans and these cryptid animals might increase, as these obviously intelligent creatures are drawn to the scent of food brought into their domain by the ever-increasing numbers of human interlopers.