Debunking Humor...


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Not the debunking "of" humor....but humor that can be found in debunking.

Here's one I posted today (I am sure there are others)....

Stupid said:
theperceivingeye said:
"Shut the [..] up you ignorant piece of shit. ......"

I'll attempt to debunk this quote/idea.
Putting aside the first portion because it is inoperative grammatically and physically, I'll turn my attention to the second half, although it is still lacking a few necessary sentence elements.
Grammatical errors aside, and assuming the typer meant "you (are an) ignorant piece of shit"....we must decide what, or how a piece of dung can posses the intelligence or sense of reality necessary to display "ignorance".

If the poster can please provide scientific documentation about the intelligence and apathy observed in a piece of dung, I will admit failure in this debunking attempt.
I would also accept personal experience of such phenomena, if it is in sufficient numbers, by credible observers, and does not appear to be influenced by opinion, speculation, or internet rumor.
Here's one over at ATS - debunkers chatting to each other about a blue sky in Florida, and "Is this normal?" -

No it's not normal.

It is completely a-typical to be in Florida, let alone photographing clouds there.

99.7% of the world's population is NOT in Florida, and even a fewer of that suspicious few are photographing clouds!!

Clearly you have an ulterior motive to be there and must be working for the NWO - are you a reptiloid perchance??
The Union of Concerned Scientits has a cartoon competition going - enjoy :)

[added per request]: be sure to check out UCS "Cartoon of the Month"!

science 2012 9 2 shaped.jpg

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Science vs faith....who wins ?
[video][/video] wins.

but does it ?

Esoteric Spiritual Christmas Gifts:
The Relaxing Sounds of Whale Bullying CD (£14.99)
Run a hot bath, relax, and unwind to the sound of whales’ social bullying calls. A whale’s song can travel up to halfway around the globe, allowing them to berate thousands of their fellow sea mammals with abuse at the same time. Includes 8 CDs packed full of your favourite soothing whale noises as they belittle and upset one another in the murky depths. Let yourself go to the enchanting, harrowed hum of this majestic species attacking each other’s insecurities and humiliating their rivals in front of the entire Cetacean community. Includes the tracks: You’re a xxxx whale. / Your mother was a xxxx whale. / Ah ha, your offspring are dead! and the classic: You fraternize with the legged ones.

Much More at:
End of Times, 2012...and the Denver Airport.
I watched that Colbert piece yesterday. It was kind of sad, as they were just making fun of William Tapley, who is clearly highly delusional. It's a pity they did not devote more time to the more culpable bunk marketers: Ventura and Alex Jones.
"If the poster can please provide scientific documentation about the intelligence and apathy observed in a piece of dung, I will admit failure in this debunking attempt."

Obviously it came from a smart ass ;-)
He talks an interesting point, that the fear is going up, but the death numbers are going down.
The numbers of terrorist death attacks are really quite low, compared to the deaths of say, pancreatic cancer, or domestic violence.
If you compared the three.....
2004: The report was no longer published to the public after its methodology was challenged by the Bush-Cheney administration, amid claims that it showed the highest amount of terror activity in its nineteen year history. A new report was created, called the Country Reports on Terrorism, which detailed terrorism by region but offered no statistics or chronology. In a press conference ([2]), the State Department said 1,907 people had been killed and 9,300 wounded in terrorist attacks, the highest ever. A chronology of terror events was released by the National
Deaths: An estimated 36,800 deaths are expected to occur in
2010. The death rate for pancreatic cancer has been stable in
men since 2003, but has been increasing slightly (0.1% per year)
since 1984 in women.
"A significant number of the 6,000 or so women who commit suicide in the United
States each year likely do so because of being abused by an intimate male partner."
Funnily the person who recommended the Dara O'Brian video on Facebook is a 9/11 truther and Moon landing hoax believer.
...there is truth in the thoughts of the young,
but those truths are not yet revealed by most if any.
Like a soaking barrel of un-ready wine,
they need maturation....
and add years to age pleasantly,
on the palate of sensible ears.
The CDC has a humorous heart...but it's at the the end of the "funny bone", the tasty/delicious part of the humerus bone...which seems to be connected directly to the heart....with garlic and parsley flavored tendons.


It's even in wikipedia ! it must be true.
In a zombie apocalypse, a widespread (usually global) rise of zombies hostile to human life engages in a general assault on civilization. Victims of zombies may become zombies themselves. This causes the outbreak to become an exponentially growing crisis: the spreading "zombie plague/virus" swamps normal military and law enforcement organizations, leading to the panicked collapse of civilian society until only isolated pockets of survivors remain, scavenging for food and supplies in a world reduced to a pre-industrial hostile wilderness.
If you understand the various graphs of radiative forcing components, you might find this amusing:

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Condell is always entertaining. He's OK with me. He seems to say what's on my lips most of the time.