Aurora James Holmes Batman shootings, Conspiracy Theories



The YT veiwers some didnt care about the truth , i posted enough links over there. I see a few made it here . There are so many different ones I think they can only be debunked 1 at a time . Thats what happens when the government stooges decide to take advantage of this to push a agenda , Never let a crisis go to waste administration .

Mick West

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Thanks for the info Treasurecoastskywatch. To whom are you referring in "they didn't care to find out"? All of the Sandy Hooks debunking ought to be in the same location.

"They" being YouTubers.

It would be nice if all the debunking were in the same place. But debunkers are just a bunch of folk, and generally work independently. It's a problem.


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For anyone who is interested the Conspiracy Skeptic podcast in it's third episode for 2015 ran an interview with one of the prosecutors in the Aurora Shooting case. It's well worth listening to, the comments on the potential effects of the conspiracy theories on Jury selection are worth listening to.