sandy hook

  1. J

    Debunked: Sandy Hook Dad Dave Wheeler CAUGHT in SWAT uniform on day of shooting

    The claim is that Dave Wheeler (father of deceased child at Sandy Hook) was caught on video in SWAT uniform and walking around with guns on the day of the shooting. The person in question was captured on multiple occasions walking beside two SWAT members and he was carrying weapons too. Claim...
  2. deirdre

    Debunked: Police took photos before attending to wounded

    For some reason i've seen versions of this sentiment being spread lately. includes a statement from an officer that another state police officer elected to photograph the wounded and dead children before checking their vitals for survivors. He was ostensibly more concerned about documenting...
  3. J

    Debunked: Full proof sandy hook was closed 5 yrs ago

    I don't know if this meets the guidelines but the Sandy Hook Hoaxers are at it again and I'm hoping you can help me put this one to rest. This time they are saying that Sandy Hook was closed 5-years ago. I couldn't be more sincere when I say that these SH hoaxers drive me nuts lol. It's...
  4. Redwood

    Claim: Gov. Malloy Stated that He Was Told by "National News" that Sandy Hook Would Happen

    I probably wouldn't bother with this except that some Facebook Sandy Hook pages are all atwitter about it. This would seem to be a self-refuting YouTube, as nowhere in the Governor's statement did he say he was told by "The National News". Certainly, discussing the possibility of a mass...
  5. MikeG

    Debunked: Crime Scene Photos "Prove" Sandy Hook was a Hoax

    Apologies for not submitting photos in the earlier version of this post. I was introduced to the Sandy Hook conspiracy subculture a few months ago and find it deeply disturbing. One of its lead proponents, Wolfgang Halbig (who appears quite a few times in Metabunk), recently resurfaced with...
  6. R

    Time stamps and Dates?

    Hello Metabunk community. Let me start by stating that this is my first post and prior to making this post, I did a brief search of the site in an effort to ensure that what I am posting here had not already been posted and/or examined and discussed. Unfortunately, I found that much of the...
  7. Qualiall

    William Brandon Shanley's Trillion Dollar lawsuit

    Serial frivolous court filer and film-maker William Shanley's text of his Trillion (yes--TRILLION) dollar law suit against--well a lot of people regarding Sandy Hook. I found a better PDF or DOC version online before, but I am not at home and internet is a bit restricted here. From what I saw...
  8. Redwood

    Claim: Sandy Hook School was sold in 2009

    Going the rounds: A YouTube Truther claims to have found, via the "dark web", that the "old Sandy Hook School" was sold in 2009. But he claims now that everything has been "scrubbed". I know that there is a "hidden web", or "dark web", but I've never used it, nor do I know much about it...
  9. R

    Help debunking Sandy Hook and Aroura crisis actors!

    Their was another post on the same subject but it did not tie into the Aroura aspect. I need help debunking the similarities between the two. The claim is that the lawyer for the Holmes family is the same person Laura Phelps. Can someone help me with debunking the similarities between the 2 people
  10. Mike Fl

    Can someone debunk this? Sandy Hook Shooting 100% Fraud Proof in 2 mins. - Photo Time Analysis

    Can someone debunk this claim that it is only 9:10 AM according to shadow analysis?
  11. Keith Johnson

    FACT CHECK: What About Father Bob?, Part 1

    A recent YouTube video by Rock Mason, entitled What About Father Bob?, Part 1, suggests that verbal and written statements made by the senior pastor of St. Rose of Lima Church contradict official timelines of autopsies and notifications made to the parents of those slain at the Sandy Hook...
  12. Mike Fl

    Debunked: Sandy Hook FEMA Drill PDF

    Debunked: Sandy Hook FEMA Drill PDF Claim: Sandy Hook FEMA Drill PDF: The above YouTube video consists of showing a PDF file that someone made in order to have people believe that FEMA announced an exercise plan at 8:00 am on December 13th 2012, expecting it to end at 11:59 pm on 12/13/12 and...
  13. Mike Fl

    Debunked: The Claim That the Envelope Was Found in the Lanza Home

    As part of the State’s investigation of the shooting, a sealed and stamped white envelope addressed “For the young students of Sandy Hook Elementary School,” was removed from the Lanza home and entered into evidence. Both finger print and DNA testing was performed on this sealed envelope. No...
  14. Mick West

    Debunked: FBI Says No one killed at Sandy Hook [Included in CT State total]

    Conspiracy theorists content that the FBI has reported zero deaths in Newtown, CT, even though 27 people were murdered in the Newtown mass shooting on Dec 14th 2012. They point to the FBI report "Crime in the United States 2012"...
  15. B

    Claim: Video shows SH victim Rachel Davino alive at boston marathon

    Lurker, finally registered. Great work here, all. Laughable, IMO. The two women look absolutely nothing alike, and yet there are claims of a nose job. The reason I registered was that this one hits a little too close to home to just let go. I went to The Forman School, which is a high...
  16. Redwood

    James Fetzer Claims Lenny Pozner Forged Death Certificate

    Certainly a serious charge, if true. Fetzer is NOT claiming that the certificate was officially issued with false information on it; he is specifically accusing Pozner of forging an official document. (Why the conspiracy couldn't get the state of Connecticut to issue a "real" certificate with...
  17. David West

    "Occam's Razor" - A Dark Comedy Short Film

    Hey guys! I've been reading and getting info from Metabunk here and there for several years. I think this website is a fantastic resource! I'm a filmmaker, and about a week ago I released my most recent short film, Occam's Razor. It's a darkly comedic paranoid thriller about the dangers of...
  18. deirdre

    Debunked: The band on Lanza's hat wasnt used by Flexfit until 2013

    Claim: An email from an employee of Yupoong Flexfit proves Adam Lanza's hat shown in the State Police report crime photos (2012) wasn't available for purchase until 2013.
  19. deirdre

    Searchable State Police Report and OFFICIAL reports/press releases

    Searchable database of the Sandy Hook State Police Report available. Photos and videos (dashcams, crimescene) not available in the searchable version. see below for link to report with media included. We can now search, copy and paste from PDFs etc. the ocr embedded files to download: note...