Claim: Video shows SH victim Rachel Davino alive at boston marathon


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Lurker, finally registered. Great work here, all.

Laughable, IMO. The two women look absolutely nothing alike, and yet there are claims of a nose job. The reason I registered was that this one hits a little too close to home to just let go. I went to The Forman School, which is a high school that rachel attended at one time. I have yearbook photos and handwriting from her. I find these kinds of video absolutely appalling, not only on the logic and reason scale, but also on the empathy scale. There's another one of these about nancy lanza.

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Welcome bobvex, and thank you for posting. However if you post a video with a claim of evidence, you need to post where in the video the claim is, and what it is, preferably with screenshots.

One should also consider if re-posting a video is the best approach here. Are a lot of people taken in by the video? Will those people listen to reason? Will a debunking help if they can't already tell that the women are different? It's a tough call, but I tend to just ignore videos that are such obvious bunk.


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Sorry about that, the claim is being made at about 4:34, with allegations that her sister (sarah) is actually rachel. THis is totally bunk, and i'll understand if you delete it. A former friend of mine posted the Nancy Lanza video, which was deleted (probably due to it's blatantly unfounded claims).



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Sorry about that, the claim is being made at about 4:34, with allegations that her sister (sarah) is actually rachel. THis is totally bunk, and i'll understand if you delete it. A former friend of mine posted the Nancy Lanza video, which was deleted (probably due to it's blatantly unfounded claims).
at the very least, if you are going to give a bunk repulsive video a much larger audience, perhaps try to debunk it.

Saying 'it's bunk' 'they don't look anything alike' isn't really a debunk.
Perhaps look at similar threads here for ideas.

Or debunk certain sections like at 5:39 where he shows some bogus people search you can show that our Rachael's name wasn't Rachael E. and she didn't live in Middletown (or the other towns listed). Stuff like that

[BUNK] upload_2014-9-22_14-3-15.png [/Bunk]


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"Proving" that victims of things like school shootings are really alive is a special obsession of "Living on Planet Z", right down to incidents involving a single victim and perp, as in the Arapahoe shooting. In a way, he thus debunks himself. Fake identities have to be created (fake families, fake curricula vitae, fake friends, fake records, etc), and for what end? Not one person in a thousand could tell you about Arapahoe; nor even most Coloradans.
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