Claim: Sandy Hook School was sold in 2009


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Going the rounds: A YouTube Truther claims to have found, via the "dark web", that the "old Sandy Hook School" was sold in 2009. But he claims now that everything has been "scrubbed".

I know that there is a "hidden web", or "dark web", but I've never used it, nor do I know much about it. AFAICT this is "database garbage"; a title search on the property should show if S.H.E. was really sold, and if so, there should be a property tax assessment on the property and property tax paid.
The deepweb goes a long way down, but 90% of it is illegal, 9% is fake, and 1% isn't worth the effort. I hesitate to spend too much time on Hiddenwiki, but aside the leaked and stolen document sites don't seem to have this. The only CT site on hiddenwiki thats currently working for me didn't have it either, and they're even crazier than on the clearweb.

Doesn't help with debunking really but something commingled from the cesspit of the deepweb is to me an automatic strike against. Like I said, illegal fake or dumb.
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