Claim: Gov. Malloy Stated that He Was Told by "National News" that Sandy Hook Would Happen


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I probably wouldn't bother with this except that some Facebook Sandy Hook pages are all atwitter about it.

This would seem to be a self-refuting YouTube, as nowhere in the Governor's statement did he say he was told by "The National News".

Certainly, discussing the possibility of a mass shooting would be part of the Governor's duties.

It may even be that Wolfgang Halbig is merely trying to say that Malloy's original statement was on the national news, [...]
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Sandy Hook pages are all atwitter about it
twitter is all a twitter too :)

But since YOU brought it up and YOU are the male and you are intelligent, I think YOU should do a better debunking.

Here is the Emergency Management and Preparedness page from Connecticut. Maybe you can throw something together showing Malloy (well any governors) role in Emergency Preparedness. Because, its boring and I don't want to do the work for you.|

you can also go on twitter and search "malloy 2012 sandy hook or newtown" and timestamp the speech with tweets (make sure your computer settings are right! so accurate time shows) which occurred very shortly after he told the parents at the firehouse their children were deceased. Which to me explains why he would never remember such a trivial detail of that day... I imagine all he remembers is the cries and looks on the parents faces.

Or you could go to youtube and show us the whole speech so people can get a better feel of the context. Which I did for you because its right there on the YOutube 'feed' next to the video you posted :)


Malloy says on December 14,2012, shortly after leaving the firehouse where he had to inform parents, siblings and the community that all 20 children were deceased:

"Today a tragedy of unspeakable terms played itself out in this community.
The Lieutenant Governor and I.....have been spoken to, in an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this playing itself out in our state. (He shakes head) You can never be prepared for this kind of incident.

What has happened, what has transpired at that school building will leave a mark on this community and every family impacted. I only ask that all of our fellow citizens here in the United States,and around the world who have already offered their assistance, remember all of the victims in their prayers." Dan Malloy

Apologies for my not being that adept at downloading video, but;

I noticed that in the original video posted by Redwood, the actual footage of Wolfgang Halbig speaking to Gov. Malloy begins at 0.06 into the video, and stops at 1.10.

After which it is replaced by 33 seconds of an announcement of some event, and (gasp) a plea for donations.

So it is my opinion that the video might as well have been titled " HEY ! I'm still around ! Send me money ! ".


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HEY ! I'm still around ! Send me money !
In his defense, he is gonna have to fork out a nice shiny penny to get him and his lawyer back to Connecticut to finish the FOIA appeal hearing.

Which, of course, isn't going to get him anywhere since he DOES already have all the documents. But he wont believe it, so ... I don't know what you do if you lose the appeal, go federal court? Plus so far all the people he has worked with have (allegedly) ripped him off, charging him outrageous fees and expenses.

And I believe him when he says his wife (to put it mildly) is not happy. So, yea.. hoaxers gonna have to dig deep and pay up! Put your money where your mouth is.
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