1. Trailblazer

    Debunked:'s claims of aerial spraying over London on April 12 2015

    The latest claim from Ian Simpson ( is that on April 12 this year London was hit by "the most obvious aerial spraying this year": Taking his claims one at a time: As the natural weather improves, pressure goes...
  2. Trailspotter

    Unusually shaped trail over East Anglia

    Split from the OP in I hope that the discussion will assist the identification of this sepatate interesting trail. Murphy's Law in Action. I usually have my camera with me when I cycle to...
  3. Stevan Gvozdenovic

    Claim: MH370 contrails have been identified

    MH370 contrails have been identified and measured by Kirill Prostyakov and Bobby Ulich • High-resolution long-wave infrared imagery was used to detect nighttime contrails and to trace the path of 9M-MRO during the final maneuvers from 18:22 – 18:40 UTC on 7 March 2014 – 3 Turns were made...
  4. PCWilliams

    These Pretty Vortices

    Found these pictures and thought they could be very useful here at Metabunk. :)
  5. Trailblazer

    Contrails that look asymmetric

    I've seen this effect on other A380 pics: the inboard starboard engine seems to produce a thicker (or sometimes double) trail. I assume it is to do with the angle we are viewing it rather than an actual difference in the trail thickness? I think it must just be the viewing angle as this pic...
  6. Mick West

    The Best Book for Explaining Contrails to Chemtrail Believers

    People who believe in the "chemtrail" frequently have several misconceptions about contrails (the trails of clouds sometimes left behind airplanes). The most common misconception is that contrails always quickly dissipate, and can't persist and spread. But there are several other misconceptions...
  7. Mick West

    Time Lapse Videos of the Sky (that you took yourself)

    This thread is for sharing your own time-lapse videos of the sky. Please don't post it unless it's a video you took yourself, or your have permission to share it. If possible, please give the time and place, and identify any aircraft. I'd like to build a collection that illustrates some of the...
  8. skephu

    Delayed appearance of a contrail?

    In this video, an airplane makes a contrail that quickly disappears. But then after a short while, it seems to reappear and start to spread. Is this possible? If not, what is happening in the video?
  9. J

    Is this weather modification or am I paranoid?

    I live in upstate NY and noticed some very strange weather patterns this week. Instead of asking some conspiracy theory quacks, I thought it would be better to ask the people of this form so I can hopefully be "debunked". I tend to not believe in this crap. Been seeing a lot of increased air...
  10. Mackdog

    Plane exhaust sampling

    I wanted to share this because I think it could be useful in debunking, and I didn't know what thread to put it under, but it is video of aircraft exhaust being sampled by a NASA Falcon 20-E5 aircraft. They are taking samples of particulate matter in the exhaust of a DC-8 and also the ice...
  11. Whitebeard

    Claim - 'Orbs Killing Chemtrails'

    I stumbled on this. This was filmed right above my house. Look at how low the chemtrail is and how fast it disappears. You can see little orbs flying around the trail and it disappears in no time. What i filmed was not a "contrail" but definitly a "chemtrail". Trust me. Now the so called...
  12. Whitebeard

    "Ryanair FR5222" CHEMTRAILS Barcelona 31-05-12

    Just seen this on another site... Now my initial reaction is, of all the airlines to accuse of chemtrailing, Ryanair is probably the least likely to involved in the conspiracy. For those who don''t know Ryanair is an Irish based budget airline. It also has a terrible reputation for treatment...
  13. Gundersen

    Debunked: Chemtrails and Hopi prophecy: Cobweb built around the earth

    I came across the following quote a few time in various places: Near the day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky. The quote is often accompanied with the following image: Source...
  14. cmnit

    Debunked: No persistent contrails in Russia

    An Italian journalist covering URSS and later Russia, Giulietto Chiesa, during a recent conference of him (sorry I could not trace date and place yet) stated that "... io vado spesso a Mosca ... sapete, in Russia le scie chimiche non ci sono" ("I visit Moscow frequently ... you known, in Russia...
  15. Marine0811

    Do contrails form around low level clouds? [Generally not]

    Why do lower chemtrails last longer than higher chemtrails? Why do commercial planes fly at least up to 35,000 ft before levelling off, but chemtrail planes level off at lower clouds around 6,500 ft.?
  16. Gundersen

    White paper on "Contrails/cirrus optics and radiation" Aviation-Climate Change Research Initiative (ACCRI) - Subject specific white paper (SSWP) on Contrails/cirrus optics and radiation by: Dr. Ping Yang, PI Dr...
  17. WeedWhacker

    Build your own ADS-B Ground Station! For free premium FlightAware or FlightRadar service

    Hey folks, I ran across this article on FlightAware, and thought it was interesting. Certainly helps in trying to show "chem"trail believers that what they see are merely normal airliners, making normal contrails.
  18. deirdre

    Cameras for close-up contrail photography

    plus there's the whole camera issue. not only how many people are looking for aerodynamics, but how many people can actually zoom in that far to see them! PS. Help: what kind of zoom do I need on a camera to do this?
  19. WeedWhacker

    Let's imagine the actual area of the sky, above....

    ...OK. This is math that might be beyond me, and I'm hoping that others will feel free to chime in, and help. Here is the proposal (to dispute the myth of a concerted "spraying" effort, by showing how absurd it is, using math and geometry). I personally (amongst others) might be remembered...
  20. Mick West

    Above or Below: How to tell if a contrail is above or below a cloud layer

    Something that often happens when looking at contrails (or when people are looking for what they consider "chemtrails") is that a trail will pass though a thin region of cloud, and it's not clear if the trail is in front of the cloud (at a lower altitude), or if it is behind it (at a higher...