1. deirdre

    Madison Moonstar's Fake clouds The reality is, this is an ash cloud from Mt. Augustine taken April 18,2009. Found the original in less than 2 minutes using "Google Images" photo search. edit: oops, duh. forgot this one.
  2. MikeG

    Aluminum in the United States, Prevalence in Soil and Water

    Greetings all, I am a new entry into the world of chemtrails. Metabunk has been extremely helpful in understanding the many facets of this particular conspiracy theory, from natural cloud formations, to aircraft engines, to the existence of various elements (e.g., aluminum) claimed to be part...
  3. Psychic

    Chemtrails, NWO, and UFOs: How many believers do these CTs have?

    The title pretty much says it all. Does anyone have information on the following: 1. How many people believe in some variant of the major CTs (Chemtrails, JFK, 9/11, NWO, Zionists, UFOs, etc)? 2. Are the proportions of different national populations that believe in these CTs the same, or are...
  4. Critical Thinker

    San Diego Chemtrail group to 'educate' & Protest Scientists/Doctors

    Socal Skywatch (aka. Syd Stevens, aka. Timothy Svetz) is arranging to have his chemtrail people (and their children) in San Diego, in conjunction with the Global March Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering San Diego on 4/25 2015, hand out flyers to the participants of the Pediatric Academic...
  5. derrick06

    Debunked: HAARP ELF waves causing a earthquake

    This theory is an older one I saw via a youtube clip I came across accidently. It's a classic History channel conspiracy program discussing HAARP and chemtrails. One of it's primary proposed theories is that "ELF" or Extremely Low Frequency waves can cause earthquakes and this is what Ionosphere...
  6. J

    Travel Firm's Cloud Seeding Stunt Attracts Chemtrailers

    Hi all, Just thought I'd pop in with a little personal anecdote - sorry if it's in the wrong place, please feel free to moderate or remove! I work as a copywriter for a small travel firm in the UK. Won't say which one, but it'll be easy enough to find with the info I give here - as this is...
  7. Steve Funk

    Claim: Chemtrails are Coal Ash

    This 12 minute video by someone calling himself "HAARP Report" claims that the source material for chemtrails is coal ash or fly ash. Some of his reasons: It has substantial percentage of aluminum oxide, a welsbach material. It is extremely common as a byproduct of coal burning; it is commonly...
  8. L Hayes

    Chemtrails: Chemistry 141 & 142, Fourth Edition CB (Applications & Concepts in Chemis USAFA Book on

    Chemtrails: Chemistry 141 & 142, Fourth Edition CB (Applications & Concepts in Chemistry) Spiral-bound – March, 1998 I've seen a few chemtrailers post this book as evidence on several occasions. Supposedly a USAFA handbook and can be found on Amazon. No one has written a review and there are a...
  9. Mick West

    Debunked: C-130 dropping 'raindrop shaped fibers', lab tests for metals [Spider Silk, Dirt]

    Earlier this month, Arizona's CBS 5 reported on the story of a local woman who had observed some planes fly overhead, and then noticed some fibers (as in the image above). First she saw them floating in the air, then later saw some clumped together on a fence. Reporter Greg Argos took some...
  10. skephu

    Intersecting cloud ripples

    This photo was posted a few days ago on the USA TODAY web site: Legend: "Cloud ripples: Intersecting ripples appear in a cloud layer over the Texas Panhandle last week. The photo was submitted to USA TODAY via Your Take at Elizabeth Williams-Cox, Your Take" In this...
  11. Whitebeard

    "Ryanair FR5222" CHEMTRAILS Barcelona 31-05-12

    Just seen this on another site... Now my initial reaction is, of all the airlines to accuse of chemtrailing, Ryanair is probably the least likely to involved in the conspiracy. For those who don''t know Ryanair is an Irish based budget airline. It also has a terrible reputation for treatment...
  12. H

    Bill Gates is helping fund geoengineering (chemtrails) ... so why are you denying it? Geoengineering has been discussed on an open panel for some time now. The scientists themselves openly discuss literally spraying aluminum into the air to stop global warming... How is anyone really...
  13. Gabriel Incertis

    Claim: MOREGELLON'S Is Patent US 6245531 And It Is Not A Disease

    I am not sure if this should be here or under "Contrails and Chemtrails". Anyway here it goes: Global MARCH Against Chemtrails and Geoengeneering claims that the Patent US 6245531 is what it is known as the Morgellons disease. FACT - MOREGELLON'S Is Patent US 6245531 And It Is Not A Disease...
  14. Gundersen

    Debunked: Chemtrails and Hopi prophecy: Cobweb built around the earth

    I came across the following quote a few time in various places: Near the day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky. The quote is often accompanied with the following image: Source...
  15. cmnit

    Debunked: No persistent contrails in Russia

    An Italian journalist covering URSS and later Russia, Giulietto Chiesa, during a recent conference of him (sorry I could not trace date and place yet) stated that "... io vado spesso a Mosca ... sapete, in Russia le scie chimiche non ci sono" ("I visit Moscow frequently ... you known, in Russia...
  16. justanairlinepilot

    "Chemtrail Switch" hoax images

    Original image: I'm on the 737. The captain and I were getting a good laugh at what it would be like to label one of the switches. So...I took a pic with my Iphone and had a friend modify the image. We thought it was hilarious, but some of my FB friends didn't have a clue.
  17. Mick West

    Hoax: Fuel Dump video on Facebook [Flight BA244 from Buenos Aires to London]

    On Tuesday September 30th, 2014, flight BA244 from Buenos Aires, Argentina to London, UK, was diverted to Sao Paulo shortly after departure, due to an unusual odor in the cabin. As the 777 was fully loaded with fuel for the long flight, it was unable to immediately land, as it was over-weight...
  18. cmnit

    Electrical conductivity of atmosphere before/after "spraying"

    Many chemtrailists affirm that at least one of the goal of chemtrails is to increase the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere by means of metallic additives such as aluminum and barium. In turn this conductivity should improve/focalize/reflect ELF or other em radiation coming from the...
  19. cmnit

    Former top NATO Italian General Fabio Mini

    It is some years now that Fabio Mini, a former top-notch Italian Army General who was in charge of NATO ops in Kossovo back in 2002, after retirement started talking oddily about weather warfare and chemtrails (albeit in very vague and dubitative terms). Needless to say, he is now a champion of...
  20. KC-10FE

    "Team Chemtrail" & Chemtrail Pilots Anonymous Satirical Facebook Group

    I wonder if he has seen this page then. These guys truly have some great imaginations!