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1 week to go...

Well, It looks like it'll be available for a thorough debunking next week!

After over a year of hard work and research, “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” is complete and ready to ship out to the public next week. We have had the chance to send out screener copies to a few individuals and have received an incredible response. All who have had the chance to see the film have stated that this will be the most informative and effective film to date in moving closer to getting these damaging programs stopped. As always, we are encouraging those who purchase a DVD to make copies and hand out for free. This helps to both fund future projects and create activism around the world. As a matter of fact, thousands have been making copies of the first film and handing them out. This has helped to create an awakening around the world. DVDS of “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” and other information about the film can be found at: www.witwats.com

Michael J. Murphy

I... actually can wait.
Well, It looks like it'll be available for a thorough debunking next week!

I... actually can wait.

I was going to say the same thing - i can't wait.

Let's not forget his words, "As always, we are encouraging those who purchase a DVD to make copies and hand out for free", because i anticipate he'll try and claim copyright infringement on any use of his film for debunking purposes. But since he has no problem with the film being copied and handed out for free ...

(maybe somebody ought to take a screen shot of his post)
I know it's unlikely with the banner and passing out all the flyers....but is it possible it was a parody? Could I at least hope it was?
Why is anyone surprised that a stupid trailer about a stupid subject is...well....stupid??

It's not like it COULD be anything else is it??
I think we can all go home now. There's nothing we can ever say or do that would make them look more foolish than they make themselves look in that video. I'd like to thank them for giving me some time off.
It's a rather misguided attempt at disassociated themselves with the threats of violence by pretending to shoot at planes with BB guns, and then having a kid say how silly it is.

I think they were trying for "shooting down planes, that's just silly", but instead it could come across as "make sure you use a big enough gun when you shoot at the planes!"
It's a rather misguided attempt at disassociated themselves with the threats of violence by pretending to shoot at planes with BB guns, and then having a kid say how silly it is.

I think they were trying for "shooting down planes, that's just silly", but instead it could come across as "make sure you use a big enough gun when you shoot at the planes!"

They seem to be coming to a consensus.....

Clevelandshoot down.jpg
MJM must be so happy when he sees people like that, so indoctrinated as to buy all his merch, and go out for free doing his 'job'. I'd say they'll be pretty pissed off when they figure out its all lies, but I doubt they'll ever let themselves admit it.

in other news, OHMYGODS.

I had to pass this on (look out for MJM doing a cameo, playing his future self):
Fellow chemtrail/geoengineering activists,


The long awaited song and video from reggae star Skull about chemtrail/geoengineering programs has finally been released. “Cry Die” is expected to awaken millions of people to these crimes against nature and humanity through the influence it will have in the pop culture market. Cry Die is also featured in the new documentary, “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” www.witwats.com. Please support the movement and the efforts of Skull by sending this important video to your e-mail list and social networking sites. Thank you to everyone who has been exposing these crimes and please remember, “keep looking up!!!!!”

itunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/cry-die-single/id551079222


Michael J. Murphy
He must be deeper down that rabbit hole than we thought...

I think for many in the community it has become more like a religion than anything else. This is like a hymn. MJM is a saint and a martyr.
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Yeah, that bit.
Is MJM supposed to be homeless in that chair, or what? Either its a random future where people care so little about chemtrails that all the t-shirts got thrown away for hobos to wear, or it is specifically MJM's future, homeless with only his unsold merch for clothing.

I agree that for those in deepest, the chemtrails hoax has become their religion. It's been said before (and by much smarter people) that as we see religion slowly dying off, that evolutionarily beneficial belief in the false positive and the unseen still exists. What takes its place can sometimes be far worse.
A new plea

"While we have received several requests and offers to add sub-titles from volunteers around the world, we would like to maintain the quality of the film by having it done professionally. Because of this, we are seeking donations to help fund the following language translations that will be subtitled and included in our next DVD manufacturing run."

"International Angels will receive DVD autographed by Michael J. Murphy and Barry Kolsky and signed collectors film Poster. Also, the most rewarding of participating is the satisfaction of helping to bring this important message to the world."

I think for many in the community it has become more like a religion than anything else. This is like a hymn. MJM is a saint and a martyr.

I wonder what Cargolux thinks about this guy selling a video portraying their airline as a "sprayer".


Michael J. Murphy says he plans to title his next movie "Who In The Hell Is Doing This Spraying?".

He had better have a good lawyer.
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Nice catch. I recall Murphy explicitly depicting Skywest aircraft in his original "What in the World are they Spraying" documentary as well. I'm sure there are others.
I have a copy of Murphy's Q&A after the premiere of his activist movie. He was explicitly asked about the identity of the planes, yet he would not answer the question.
This is very important, and I could see him feeling very uncomfortable when the question was posed. He had no option but to filibuster and speak about other parts of the question, he won't touch the issue.

The reason is that he knows that what people are seeing are ordinary jetliners, and once enough of his followers realize this, it will be a short matter of time before all but the most irrational leave the hoax.

Here is a question he was asked, yet did not address:

member of the audience said:
If the EPA sets standards for the amount of aluminum or barium or other toxic substances that we're not supposed to have in our environment and these aircraft are overhead dumping exactly these elements into the environment, isn't there any way of tracking these aircraft and determining where they're coming from, where they are landing, who's authorizing the flights, and organizing a class action suit against the criminals who are putting the aircraft into the air?

He went on to speak about a lawsuit which seems to be going nowhere.

What he didn't tell the audience was that, without a defendant, there is no one to sue, and he has done absolutely nothing to determine the identity of the aircraft he claims are spraying poison across the land and murdering people to the extent of a "Crime Against Humanity".

He is aware, however, of exactly how he should have answered the question, and I hope that fact made him very uncomfortable.
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So, it looks like someone within Murphy's sphere of influence has the capability to photo-identify these planes. Though he claims that military planes are doing this, the only plane he could actually capture on film is a Cargolux jet.
Hmmmmm, makes you wonder......?????
Any one who doesn't think this stuff is real is nothing short of a lunatic. They all believe that there is a kind and loving being in the sky who is invisible and loves and cares about them, but when they view that horror from above " they don't believe it ". Why try to help those who are to stupid to accept it. Appreciate you're work micheal.
The vid for that Skull track from MJM's movie is the best thing I've ever seen.

As is this comment on the youtube channel -

"Thank you from Australia, let's reunite through plants,"
Apparently, MJM thinks the 'facts' in his 'documentaries' warrant their inclusion in public libraries:
Fellow supporters and activists,

“Why in the World are They Spraying?” has proven to be a great tool for activism in reaching out to those who are unaware of the damaging effects of chemtrail/geoengineering programs. Because people around the world have been posting links to the film, it is expected that this film will wake up several million more people in the next year.

While many have taken steps in sending links to their e-mail and social networking friends, the question that is often raised is “How can I reach more people?”
Libraries are an excellent source of information for people in communities across the world.. For that reason, we are starting our donate to a library campaign. For a discounted price of $18.95, we will send a commercial DVD of “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” to the library of your choice.

To order your donation, click the "Buy Now" Paypal button on our Library Donation page, then provide the library name, address and phone number in the "Shipping Address" section of the Paypal Form, and we will take care of the rest in making sure that “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” is available to the public at the library you specified.

Click on the following link for more information. WITWATS Library Donation

Sincerely, Michael J. Murphy

It probably hasn't occurred to the few followers who might consider doing this that donating a copy is the only way it could end up in a library.
Just a ploy to sell more dvd's. Same as it was to sell a bunch, then issue another edition with subtitles he got some drones to work up. Stand by for a "Collector's Edition", a "Gold Edition", and a "Platinum Edition", or buy the whole set and he signs it for $100.00.
Michael has gotten accustomed to a steady income from chemtrails and aims to keep it.

Whatever happened to all those chemtrail ordinances and lawsuits he spoke of a year or so ago?

No solutions, just keep the bait on the hook.
Keith and some of his colleagues recently hired engineers to estimate how much one approach to sulfate injection might work, and how much it might cost. It could be done at first with existing airplanes—certain business jets can fly high enough to inject the particles into the upper atmosphere. Eventually we would need new planes that can fly higher. All in all, once the procedure is scaled up it would cost about a billion dollars a year and require about 100 aircraft. That’s cheap enough for most countries to pull off on their own.http://www.technologyreview.com/new...ntial-to-reducing-the-risk-of-climate-change/
I sure hope there are no rouge geoengineers that might try this method . :)
So dedicated to the cause, so committed to exposing the evil crimes being done, he wants YOU to pay for the DVD for the library.


It would cost him pence. It costs you $20.
A little propaganda from MJM to start the week:

Fellow chemtrail/geoengieering activists,

The following is the latest interview about chemtrail/geoengineering programs filmed at Gaiam TV studios in Boulder CO. with Regina Meredith formerly of NBC Sports. This is an important interview because of its professional quality and the new info that is discussed including the fact that our latest film, “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” has won several awards around the world. We also touched on the plans for a third film that will expose specifically “WHO” is behind these damaging programs. Please take a moment to view and feel free to send out to your e-mail list and social networking sites. Thanks for all of your support and please remember, “keep Looking Up!!!!!”


Michael J. Murphy

looking at that site GaiamTV it actually seems to be a reasonable antithesis of Metabunk, with similar topics, but a somewhat converse attitude towards empirical evidence. He should feel right at home.

p.s. had a short absence from the forum due to the birth of my daughter, Aurora, in June and subsequent months of blissful chaos :eek:)
The bloody cheek of that man:

Fellow supporters and activists,

Is your local weatherman aware of chemtrail/geoengineering programs and their effect on our weather? We have spoken to several weatherman around the world. Many of these “community leaders” are aware that our weather is dramatically changing but very few have made the connection between the droughts, floods and other unpredictable weather to chemtrail/geoengineering programs.

Educating people of influence, especially people who address the weather as a career is essential in getting critical mass and moving closer to getting these damaging programs stopped. That is why we are offering a discount to anyone who will donate a DVD of our award winning film, “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” to their local or favorite weatherman.

When ordering, follow this link and click on the Donate a copy to your local weatherman link and fill in the Name of the Station, Weatherman’s name, phone number and address of the station and we will take care of the rest. If you like, we will look up the Station Address for you.

We, together, will get these damaging programs stopped. Thanks again for your support and please, “Keep Looking Up!!!!!“

Michael Murphy

'people who address the weather as a career' know full well why contrails form, persist and spread. Getting free copies sent to qualified weathermen is an insult, tantamount to saying
'Ha, look what we made the stupid scientifically illiterate public believe about your field of expertise. They're so stupid that they think that you need to be taught the truth by them. Also there's nothing you can do about it. No matter what you tell them, I've programmed them not to listen. Need proof? They asked me to send you this.'

Christ. And I thought he was a disrespectful, [...] before (yes a personal attack, I know, but I feel my qualifications, love of meteorology and respect for the scientific method personally attacked every time he educates on my behalf).

Thanks MJM. You can always be relied upon to tirelessly mine beneath my lowest expectations.
Here is a good example of a chemtrailer that has been harassing the local weather people already, and seems to be proud of it. In 2 hours times he first 'liked' her page on Facebook, then he 'friended' the meteorologist, after she refused to reclassify clouds as 'chemtrails' he then attacks as "a joke' and tells her; 'Then as a dis-informer, you are an accessory to crimes against humanity!

Also on one of his blogs he passes along the instructions in the Video that MJM created on how to talk about chemtrails (ooops.... I mean geoengineering).

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