Debunking Humor...

But you elderly bovine has a certain something!!

I like that song " My elderly father is a Refuse Operative. He dons the PPE approriate to a refuse operative. He wears trousers that usually elicit startled surprised comments and he resides in single story accomodation owned by the local authority. "
Lonnie Donegan didn't quite sing it the same way in 1960 though.
He looks rather stupid while wearing his oversized boots that contain metal studs for extra grip. In fact, finds it so hard to put them on properly that he likens them to the anchorage and water absorbtion system of the Bellis perennis plant.
Stumbled across this while trying (unsuccessfully) to find references to balloons towed by submarines for one of the more serious threads.

Mildly humorous, and only debunk-related because of that thread, but it was a nice coincidence-- it was published 59 years ago yesterday, one day off from a coincidence that would have seemed like THIS MUST MEAN SOMETHING!!!
Indoctrinating our children in Harry Potter:

Harry Potter......main characters Harry and Hemione

Steppenwolf....main characters Harry and Hermine.

...among other notable coincidences in two stories about magic. Yet I've never seen Rowling quote Steppenwolf as influential, though she does for Tolkien, Roald Dhal, and even Star Wars.
Jeremy Corbell > Jelly Creme Bro
Christopher K Mellon > Phones Mock Thriller
Conspiracy Theories =
Ionospheric rays, etc.
One sore psychiatric
Hypocrisies? No trace!
Hypocrite's scenario
One's a psychic rioter
Physics, i.e. no creator

(not all are new findings, my g/f tells me that she knows she's found a few of those in the past.)