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Darksky is a great site for very local short term weather forecast. They've added what looks like a working Flat Earth version.
Metabunk 2019-04-01 10-29-57.jpg
Of course it's just a reprojection of this:
Metabunk 2019-04-01 10-31-42.jpg


Those Captcha programs many forums seem to use these days to eliminate bots are very annoying, although sometimes they can be useful debunking tools



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Not just my work, of course. Lots of people did the "little geometry" there.

yes i must give thanks as for years at school my poor math and physic teachers tried to explain to me the use, need or any benefits of Sine Cos and Tan and in one short vidio you and others showed how these mathematical functions are applied to answer question of range & distance


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"Mariana Trench, Once Again Named the Worst Place to Raise a Child"


But Investment magazine, named the same location as "best place" to hide valuable stolen artworks, UFO bases, , as well as lost ship treasures, or body parts.
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I love The Onion.


I love The Onion.
Me too

In this era of “fake news”, it’s refreshing to finally see some honest reporting.


Clearly, if it were a swallow, it would be laden with a coconut. That begs the question, from the upper part of the shirt, as to what is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?


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"studies" does not necessarily equal "fact". esp. those types of studies. once you read the details, their methodology is often flawed or the results are about for example just college aged people. you would need to look at study size, methodology, look for comorbid factors that might be effecting that particular study group. etc.

just saying. i get the joke and it's cute, i just dont want people to reading to get the impression that if they can produce 2 "studies" that means their claim is a fact :)