Advocating violence against "Chemtrail" planes, pilots, scientists, and debunkers

@ssfor27 can you give a link to those, for posterity? Right click on the time or date, and "copy link". Then you can just edit your post.

Sorry Mick. Here's the original links. And can I go back and edit an older post in the future? I know I've done so in the past but that was always immediately after I posted it. I could not find any way to edit that one I posted last night. I must be missing something. Thanks!

and another that was just posted recently that again implies some type of violence:

I must say as a NOAA employee, this KLM person frightens me much more so than anything Dutchsinse ever said or condoned, ESPECIALLY seeing as how the weather radar at this office is co-located with the office (some 88Ds are remotely located) and that I spend a lot of time near it. They seem more obsessed with the weather radar than they do chemtrails. The staff and I here often make light of these people's beliefs, but not one of my co-workers thinks that anything I have shown them from this KLM is at all funny in any way.





These are just not mentally stable people we are dealing with.


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Not a threat but I don't know where to put this. klm stirs em up some more over Nexrad.

What is a nano quell supposed to be?

Maybe that didn't seem like a threat but this sure as heck does. This is really getting serious now:

Notice how he credits Dutch with posting the "results". If anything ever happens to anyone at an NWS office, I will hold Dutchsinse responsible for being the major perpetrator of this nonsense.

Holy shit... I actually felt a twinge of fear reading the stuff you guys just posted.. and I dont scare easily. Wow.. I fly ALL the time and itll be JUST my luck one of this whackjobs takes down the plane Im in.
Holy shit... I actually felt a twinge of fear reading the stuff you guys just posted.. and I dont scare easily. Wow.. I fly ALL the time and itll be JUST my luck one of this whackjobs takes down the plane Im in.

A ground based and stationary weather radar or office of the National Weather Service, both of which there is little more security than a fence and locked gate surrounding the radar, would make a much more practical target. And this KLM seems to believe that NOAA is coordinating the chemtrail attacks and using the radar to inject energy into the trails to create weather. Again, if anything ever happens to an NWS office, Dutchsinse is the one I would hold most responsible for spreading that nonsense. Dutch is like a demigod to some of his followers and it is sad to know how badly astray they have been led by his lies and deceit. It's my fear that it is just a matter of time......
Dont get me wrong, Im all for creative and outside the box thinking.. but thats some straight star wars/star trek technology they're trying to infuse in to reality here... Im not sure which frightens me more.. the threats of violence or the fact people actually think this stuff is real and THATS fueling the threats.
Seriously, I think the more we debunk, the more they retreat into stubborn willfull ignorance. I hope that statement is not against the rules, I don't know how else to put it. It's like they retreat farther down the rabbit hole.

Or is it that they just want to cling to their audience?
I think a lot of these guys are out to fulfill their ego. They think they're "famous," and get off on it.
I noticed the video about sock puppets that Max posted is by Anna Layloria, who is herself a sock puppet.
Chilling, to say the least. Especially being a U.S. government employee. Even more so being part of an agency that is believed by many of them to be causing harm.

Look who turned up:


3 hours ago

It is sickening to listen to Bill Gates' right hand man Keith. He is plainly telling us that Geoeingineering is real and that it is killing people. For fucks sake how can this be allowed? Who gave these bastards the right to interfere with our atmosphere and planet? These 2 nerds should be hung.
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The combination of apocalyptic tone and a very specific and tangible enemy is dangerous. Most of the other threats in this thread are quite vague, venting and need weapons few people can lay their hands on. This one, though, I don't know the reach of this guy, but if people take him seriously it might lead to actual violence.

Has anyone contacted the NOAA or the authorities about this?
Already working on it, with authorities more credible than Facebook, who did not seem to find that page threatening in any way. What a joke. I work for NOAA and spend a lot of time around the weather radar they hate so much. This KLM scares the crap out of me, and so does the fact that every one of his lunatic posts gets liked and shared 5-10 times, meaning others share the same views.

Here's the actual post:
Seems to be a lot of direct attacks at Mick, Metabunk, and Contrail Science of late (or is this not new?). Perhaps a thread should be started? Or is there already one? I tried to search for one.

Edit: and by direct attacks, I'm talking more about the devoted posts, as opposed to the off the cuff remarks.
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I know it's a total waste of time, but I changed the spelling on my last name of facebook and then explained to him how RADAR works and how contrails form and why the warm moist Gulf air makes tornados when it combines with cold dry heavy air falling out of the Rockies. I asked him to explain "pulses" to me twice but he went to bed I guess.

I've been stupid enough to try and help [chemtrail theorists] on youtube so I know this is completely pointless and wont work, but... I guess I was alarmed enough at the fact that he could possibly harm NOAA people that I had to try.

Matt L - pilot in Seattle
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On that globalskywatch page right now:

Alexandra Madigan
I SUGGEST WRITING TO THESE CRIMINALS ( specially the manager-researcher- & producer) FIND THEM HERE - I HAVE WRITTEN TO THEM & asked them why they are killing my children & i have told them they are & will be help accountable & complicit in the crimes against humanity & the planet & I SUGGEST YOU ALSO CALL THEM OUT - YOU CAN MESSAGE THEM HERE .
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Mustanglovr Suethe weather channel isnt killing anybody, the link i posted are actual pilots/company that is for hire to kill. funny how my computer crashed right after posting the link
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This is why the movement is dangerous.