1. Mick West

    Explained: "Iron Giant Robot" Walking on Clouds [Cooling Towers Plumes}

    A widely shared image appears to show a giant figure walking about the clouds. However the most likely explanation is that it is two plumes of condensation from a power station rising above a low cloud layer It was originally posted on
  2. skephu

    Parallel lines of clouds (Virginia Beach)

    This video was posted on December 6 by Madisonstar Moon, and now it's over 21k views, 735 shares: Video on Facebook Some screenshots from the video: It shows parallel lines of clouds which the voiceover identifies as "chemtrails", and people are raging how unnatural they are. They do not...
  3. Mick West

    Explained: Strange Clouds over Costa Rica [Cumulonimbus Pileus & Iridescence]

    A video being shared on social media shows an odd looking colorful cloud that looks a bit like a translucent disc hovering over a storm cloud. It actually is a translucent disc hovering over a storm cloud. It's a type of cloud know as Pileus, or a cap cloud, which is formed above a cumulonumbus...
  4. Trailblazer

    Cloud Forms, 1949, British Air Ministry

    A new purchase from Amazon: a Met Office cloud guide from 1949. No contrails but plenty of the clouds which chemtrail believers claim are new and artificial. These were just done using a phone camera. I could scan them properly when I have the time. (Edit: I realised I missed pages 2-3. Now...
  5. Trailspotter

    The skies from above and below

    This thread is for the collections of images of clouds, contrails, etc., which are taken synchronously by both satellite and ground-based cameras. For example, the following images of skies to the East of Cornwall are from June 25, 2015 at 14:20 BST (13:20 UTC): In the upper left corner is the...
  6. D

    [NeedInfo]Persistent Contrails Picture Show

    Here is my journey through France. Dijon / Lyon / Metz. This was on 18th of May 2015. Here is the exact route...
  7. Trailspotter

    Giant "distrail" across England

    I was checking the satellite images of England on NASA Worldview for yesterday, May 16, 2015 and noticed a rather unusual feature - a diagonal band devoid of clouds. It is particularly striking in the Aqua image at about 12:30 UTC: but it was also present in the Terra image at 10:45 UTC, nearly...
  8. JesseCuster

    Satellite photos of clouds

    I keep seeing on these forums the regulars posting satellite photos of the relevant time and place whenever clouds, contrails, etc. are being discussed. I assume there's clearly a publicly available resource for this kind of thing? Can someone provide a link?
  9. Mick West

    Time Lapse Videos of the Sky (that you took yourself)

    This thread is for sharing your own time-lapse videos of the sky. Please don't post it unless it's a video you took yourself, or your have permission to share it. If possible, please give the time and place, and identify any aircraft. I'd like to build a collection that illustrates some of the...
  10. skephu

    Intersecting cloud ripples

    This photo was posted a few days ago on the USA TODAY web site: Legend: "Cloud ripples: Intersecting ripples appear in a cloud layer over the Texas Panhandle last week. The photo was submitted to USA TODAY via Your Take at Elizabeth Williams-Cox, Your Take" In this...
  11. Mick West

    Above or Below: How to tell if a contrail is above or below a cloud layer

    Something that often happens when looking at contrails (or when people are looking for what they consider "chemtrails") is that a trail will pass though a thin region of cloud, and it's not clear if the trail is in front of the cloud (at a lower altitude), or if it is behind it (at a higher...