1. I

    Moon moving "faster" than clouds

    I'm sorry for the weird title, it's just I couldn't picture anything better. Well, the thing is a friend passed me this video (I know this video is probably not worth debunking, in that case, I'm sorry for posting it)...
  2. Mendel

    Debunked: Radar Waves Affect Clouds

    Claim Source: [1:40] If radio waves and radar haven't got any effect, pretty coincidental these two different areas in Western Australia pushing the clouds out or stopping them from coming in, whichever way it goes. The radar images in the video come from the...
  3. Mick West

    Explained: "Iron Giant Robot" Walking on Clouds [Cooling Towers Plumes}

    A widely shared image appears to show a giant figure walking about the clouds. However the most likely explanation is that it is two plumes of condensation from a power station rising above a low cloud layer It was originally posted on
  4. skephu

    Parallel lines of clouds (Virginia Beach)

    This video was posted on December 6 by Madisonstar Moon, and now it's over 21k views, 735 shares: Video on Facebook Some screenshots from the video: It shows parallel lines of clouds which the voiceover identifies as "chemtrails", and people are raging how unnatural they are. They do not...
  5. Mick West

    Explained: Strange Clouds over Costa Rica [Cumulonimbus Pileus & Iridescence]

    A video being shared on social media shows an odd looking colorful cloud that looks a bit like a translucent disc hovering over a storm cloud. It actually is a translucent disc hovering over a storm cloud. It's a type of cloud know as Pileus, or a cap cloud, which is formed above a cumulonumbus...
  6. Trailblazer

    Cloud Forms, 1949, British Air Ministry

    A new purchase from Amazon: a Met Office cloud guide from 1949. No contrails but plenty of the clouds which chemtrail believers claim are new and artificial. These were just done using a phone camera. I could scan them properly when I have the time. (Edit: I realised I missed pages 2-3. Now...
  7. Trailspotter

    The skies from above and below

    This thread is for the collections of images of clouds, contrails, etc., which are taken synchronously by both satellite and ground-based cameras. For example, the following images of skies to the East of Cornwall are from June 25, 2015 at 14:20 BST (13:20 UTC): In the upper left corner is the...
  8. D

    [NeedInfo]Persistent Contrails Picture Show

    Here is my journey through France. Dijon / Lyon / Metz. This was on 18th of May 2015. Here is the exact route...
  9. Trailspotter

    Giant "distrail" across England

    I was checking the satellite images of England on NASA Worldview for yesterday, May 16, 2015 and noticed a rather unusual feature - a diagonal band devoid of clouds. It is particularly striking in the Aqua image at about 12:30 UTC: but it was also present in the Terra image at 10:45 UTC, nearly...
  10. JesseCuster

    Satellite photos of clouds

    I keep seeing on these forums the regulars posting satellite photos of the relevant time and place whenever clouds, contrails, etc. are being discussed. I assume there's clearly a publicly available resource for this kind of thing? Can someone provide a link?
  11. Mick West

    Time Lapse Videos of the Sky (that you took yourself)

    This thread is for sharing your own time-lapse videos of the sky. Please don't post it unless it's a video you took yourself, or your have permission to share it. If possible, please give the time and place, and identify any aircraft. I'd like to build a collection that illustrates some of the...
  12. skephu

    Intersecting cloud ripples

    This photo was posted a few days ago on the USA TODAY web site: Legend: "Cloud ripples: Intersecting ripples appear in a cloud layer over the Texas Panhandle last week. The photo was submitted to USA TODAY via Your Take at Elizabeth Williams-Cox, Your Take" In this...
  13. Mick West

    Above or Below: How to tell if a contrail is above or below a cloud layer

    Something that often happens when looking at contrails (or when people are looking for what they consider "chemtrails") is that a trail will pass though a thin region of cloud, and it's not clear if the trail is in front of the cloud (at a lower altitude), or if it is behind it (at a higher...