Parallel lines of clouds (Virginia Beach)


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This video was posted on December 6 by Madisonstar Moon, and now it's over 21k views, 735 shares:
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Some screenshots from the video:

It shows parallel lines of clouds which the voiceover identifies as "chemtrails", and people are raging how unnatural they are. They do not look like contrails, though, they seem to be lower and darker. NASA Worldview shows this satellite image for December 6, although I'm not sure of the time of the day:


Probably natural cloud formations, but I lack the necessary expertise to definitively identify them. Some of the lines seem to have a helical shape to them.


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Looks like low stratus clouds that were trapped under a fairly shallow inversion. The layer lifted as the sun warmed the surface. Winds aloft were blowing at an angle relative to the surface creating waves at the top of the inversion layer. The clouds are lined up with those waves, like standing waves in a flowing river.

Relevant portion of some forecaster's discussions from Wakefield NWS office that day:

From 0638 AM Eastern Standard Time Aviation Portion of the Discussion.

That is modified visual flight rules for ceilings of 1500 feet over northeastern North Carolina.
Instrument flight rules for visibility of 1-2 mile statute miles at Patrick Henry Field (aka Newport News Williamsburg International Airport).

That confirms low stratus that morning.

1pm update:

This shows low stratus lifting out/burning off


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Wow! It's beautiful!


Thanks Maddy started my day off with an inspiring wonder of nature :D

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