1. Giddierone

    Replicating human perception of faces seen at a distance using a camera.

    A motif in some alien close encounter stories is that the figure/s seen have no face or facial features. This was reported in daylight sightings such as Ariel School, Zim, '94 and Port Elizabeth, SA '78 where witnesses drew the shape of figures but with blank faces. Assuming good conditions...
  2. fizzBuzz

    Biologist claims to have studied alien bodies (EBOs - Exo-Biospheric-Organisms)

    Warning - this is a pretty lengthy read, but quite interesting. In short: This person claims to have studied dead alien bodies at Fort Detrick, Maryland. His/her post dives into the details of their biology, from genetics to anatomy. He/she takes some Q/A at the end. The most interesting...
  3. Giddierone

    Reverend Gill 26/27 June 1959 UFO / CE3 - a Brocken Spectre-type illusion?

    Was the Reverend Gill UFO / CE3 encounter some kind of Brocken Spectre-type illusion? Source: # Ref: Read the account in Hynek's The UFO Experience (1972). Available here...
  4. bird_up

    "Gimbal UFO video rendered in 3D" by Abominati0n

    Hi everyone! Many of you have probably come across this YT channel, particularly this video. The author seems dedicated to proving that the "Gimbal UFO" is an extraterrestrial vehicle and Bob Lazar is telling the truth about how these craft operate. He defends the accuracy of his 3D animation...
  5. RevenTexX

    2006 Zdany Mazovia, Poland UFO Sighting. [Probably Two Mixing Bowls]

    Hey there, I found this forum after hearing Joe Rogan reference it in one of his podcasts, no better way to introduce myself other than to dive deep into a UFO sighting breakdown. THE SIGHTING: At first glance it looks like two mixing bowls glued together and thrown in the air, but I...
  6. Mick West

    TFTRH #24: Nick Pope – Area 51, UFOs and UFOlogy

    Source: Nick Pope is a journalist and media commentator who writes and talks a lot about the UFO phenomenon. He is perhaps best known for a role he undertook for the British Government from 1991 to 1994 which involved investigating reports of UFO...
  7. Mick West

    Hoax? Three Fingered Nazca Mummy

    A documentary from claims that what looks like a mummified corpse is evidence of a new species, possibly of extraterrestrial origin. Now several red flags pop up. Most immediately that has a history of creating videos promoting the idea of ancient aliens, none of which panned...
  8. Mick West

    Explained: Head Of The Army Admits to "Little Green Men" [Covert Russian Agents]

    Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley was the keynote speaker at Norwich University during its Reserve Officer Training Corps Centennial Symposium, Northfield, Vermont, on April 21, 2016. During his speech he talked about "little green men and hybrid armies" [at 34m40s] This refers to forms of...
  9. endoplasmic_reticulum

    Claim: Aliens are controlling the SUN (Small, bright "UFO" dots near the Sun)

    First time poster, recently I found this on Daily Mail. It shows a few bright dots in SDO imagery, heading towards the sun, that the YouTuber claims are UFOs. What are these things? A YouTuber and 'UFOlogist’ has spotted what he claims to be numerous UFOs traveling around the sun this week in...
  10. Psychic

    Debunked: Apollo 10 "Space Music"

    Update: This was explained many years ago, and was simply interference between the Lunar Module's and command module's VHF radios creating a strange whistling sound. To briefly summarize the article: it seems that astronauts aboard Apollo 10 heard strange theremin-style noises which they were...
  11. Mick West

    Debunked: Pyramid on Mars [Small Rock]

    The Mars Curiosity Rover has taken tens of thousands of photographs, and in those photographs are millions of rocks. It's inevitable that if you stare at millions of rocks for long enough, then you'll find a rock that resembles something. In this case it's a pyramid shaped rock. "Life on Mars"...
  12. Bill McDonald

    Claim: Bright Spots on Ceres must be Artificial

    The bright spots on Ceres seem to be windows into the minds of Conspiracy Theorists, but I don't think we will find any intelligence there. Can anyone help debunk this? Facts according to one CT I know: 1. The spots are bright, regardles of the orentation of the planitoid, or the camera...
  13. CeruleanBlu

    Project scientist Eric Korpela talks about SETI, aliens, and government conspiracies.

    Ran across an interesting video that I wanted to share here, as it provides information that could be useful when the subject comes up of how certain groups would react to the possible discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence. Some questions I've seen asked before in the UFO discussion...
  14. Hevach

    Debunked: Curiosity repair man [Rover arm in retracted position]

    Various bastions of great reporting are saying that pictures show a person repairing the Curiosity rover. Metro doesn't give a source, but some searching traces it back this page...
  15. deirdre

    UFO on coin

    claim: this 1656 (?) "coin" shows a UFO This is actually a Jeton. Jetonsweretokenorcoin-like medals produced across Europe from the 13th through the 17th centuries. They were produced as counters for use in calculation on a lined board similar to anabacus. They also found use as a money...
  16. Graham2001

    'NASA worker' claims to have seen humans walking on Mars in 1979

    Oh dear, Coast-to-Coast strikes again... A woman who claims to be a former NASA employee claims to have seen evidence of the most monumental cover-up in space history in 1979 – as she saw two human figures in space suits walk calmly towards the Viking lander (the grandfather of today’s Mars...
  17. JesseCuster

    Debunked: Humanoid skull found on Mars. [Rock]

    Saw this doing the rounds recently on some paranormal websites and thought I'd post it. There's claims that a humanoid skull has been found in a photo taken by NASA's Spirit rover on Mars.
  18. RFMarine

    Rosetta: Alien structures

    again we have the magic of photoshop and pattern recognition claiming to see structures on the comet being orbited by the spacecraft rosetta. Once the lander philae lands expect more
  19. Gunguy45

    Dr. Stephen Greer?

    His name was mentioned in a recent letter to the editor of our local paper. The letter was from a local NWO/CT person which makes me immediately question Greer as a reputable source. Doing a search just brings up Wiki and a lot of pages of his own website. Basically Greer thinks there are...