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claim: this 1656 (?) "coin" shows a UFO


This is actually a Jeton.

There are several theories as to what the picture on this jeton signifies:
  • a stylized flower
  • a shield sent from Heaven to protect the country
  • Ezekiel's wheel (basically God's throne on 'wheels')
  • an UFO (unidentified flying object)

the jeton reads "Opportunus Adest" which google translates as "There oppurtunity", which some ufo believers translate as "It is here at an oppurtune time". Still others translate this as "He is here at an oppurtune time".

The other side of a jeton with the same "ufo" picture reads something like " cam [h] ira computorum niustrie" (?)
Niustr means "unjust". and computorum means "accounts".


Another jeton from 1648 with a similar "ufo flower" reads " Obruitur pluribus, Resistit Paucis" , which Google translates as " Resists briefly, overwhelmed several".


this book explains it as
it seems the source is (?)
note: argent means silver.

Here are some other 'coins' of france with similar picture styles. (personally i think it's a "crown flower shield sent from Heaven" : )

In the first coin pic the man holds a shield.

and flower motifs:

914445.jpg 914449.jpg French-Coin-UFO_thumb[3].jpg


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another source which shows/pictures both coins below and their connection to the Fronde civil war.

Des libertés de la Bourgogne d'après les jetons des états
By Claude Rossignol
Chapter 10 Louis XIV - The Fronde (begins page 126)

page 131
Then theres a bunch of other 'military/political' stuff about the war I'm not interested in. But basically sums up with them printing ("struck") this coin following the conflict.



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Absolutely stunning, beautiful investigative work, "deirdre".

I should have said "Absolutely Fabulous" ... but not sure how many will "get" it....


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I would even be tempted to say of the second coin "This wheels's on fire" but even less people would get that.