Claim: Aliens are controlling the SUN (Small, bright "UFO" dots near the Sun)

First time poster, recently I found this on Daily Mail. It shows a few bright dots in SDO imagery, heading towards the sun, that the YouTuber claims are UFOs. What are these things?

A YouTuber and 'UFOlogist’ has spotted what he claims to be numerous UFOs traveling around the sun this week in images sent back from the Solar Heliospheric Observatory.

And this might not be their first trip around the sun, as Russian scientists have claimed to have seen the same event ‘six to seven’ years ago
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They're most likely cosmic rays hitting the imaging equipment. All the images in the linked video show either single pixel artifacts or, occasionally, streaks.

The high compression factors used for the temporary beacon images can cause cosmic ray events to be significantly distorted, as shown in the sample images below. Even the full resolution data have some compression applied to them, resulting in a small amount of distortion of the brightest cosmic rays
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They spotted something in a picture. That something is 9 x 14 pixels big, approximately.

From this evidence they came to the following conclusions:

...spotted what he claims to be numerous UFOs traveling around the sun
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They may actually be controlling the sun, to keep a steady temperature here on Earth, or they could be harvesting a very rare and powerful heavy element.
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...believes UFOs are actually controlling how much is released to Earth.
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They are out there… around our sun, doing god knows what
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An enormous alien structure was, they claim seen moving in the direction of Jupiter’s moon Europa which, according to some, resembles an ‘interstellar mothership’ or ‘an intergalactic cruiser’
Content from External Source very excited about this ‘amazing find’ because they say there is no doubt that the glowing orbit is a structure and could actually be multiple structures put together.
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