Project scientist Eric Korpela talks about SETI, aliens, and government conspiracies.


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Ran across an interesting video that I wanted to share here, as it provides information that could be useful when the subject comes up of how certain groups would react to the possible discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Some questions I've seen asked before in the UFO discussion forums have been, "What would SETI do in the event of receiving a signal?" and "Would the government keep it a secret?" The answers to these questions come at around the four minute mark of this interview with Berkeley scientist Eric Korpela.

He goes on to explain that to avoid the possibility of governments interfering with this discovery the order in which to inform the world would be:

1. International Astronomical Union, more specifically, Commission 51.
2. International Telecommunications Union.
3. The United Nations
4. Public press conference.
5. Then you can tell your government.

Some other interesting comments made were the reports made by those who claim to have seen aliens, and how the descriptions of those aliens have changed over time. They've become more uniform in nature, and seeming to now conform more to movie portrayals of aliens rather than the widely varied and differing reports made before alien movies became popular.
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