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Escaping the Rabbit Hole is an extension of Metabunk in that a lot of the content was forged in the discussions I've had on these pages. I debunk false conspiracy theories because I think they cause harm both to individuals and to society. I know Metabunk has helped many people but it has limited reach. I wrote the book to try to reach a more general audience. As publication date (September 18) fast approaches I'm trying to maximize the size of that audience by promoting the book as much as possible.

If you would like to help (and I would be very grateful for any help I can get, but totally understand it's not for everyone), there's a number of things you can do in the weeks leading up to launch, and in the week after:

1) Pre-order

If you were planning on buying the book after it came out then please pre-order it. The more preorders it gets, the more promotion it will get from retailers on launch week. The price has recently been reduced on Amazon to just $14.71 for the hardcover version, and $13.19 for Kindle. Barnes and Nobel currently has it at $18.69 for hardcover, and the cheapest $12.49 for Nook ebook. There are also audiobook versions coming out, narrated by . Other online outlets: Kobo, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Abebooks, Book Depository, Indigo, Alibris, Better World Books, and IndieBound

2) Share on Social

I've posted some promotional material on Facebook (on the Metabunk page), and on Twitter (as @MickWest). You could follow one or both of these accounts, and like and/or share the content. Sharing is one of the most powerful tools in promoting, especially if you add your personal opinion on the share/retweet.

3) Request ETRH at your library

Lots of libraries have very easy online forms for requesting they carry a book. They like getting suggestions for new books, and it probably does not take many to persuade them. Some do not even require an account, for example:
Many libraries also use the Overdrive app for ebooks. To recommend they carry the book just do a search on your local library's Overdrive page, then when it comes up click on "Recommend" (you will need a current library card for this)
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4) Express interest on book sites

If you are a member of a site like Goodreads, Riffle, or Edelweiss, then mark it as to-read, recommended, etc. . If you don't want to buy it (yet), then on Amazon and other sites you can follow me, and add the book to a wish-list. Every little helps inch it up in the automated algorithms these sites use to to show the book to more people.
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5) Make a Pinterest board

If you happen to be on Pinterest, then just make a quick board called Escaping The Rabbit Hole, and pin a few images like the book cover from Metabunk or my Twitter on it. Like this: https://www.pinterest.com/mickwest/escaping-the-rabbit-hole/ this helps with image search results.

6) Comment on skeptical and related book blogs and pages.

If you follow any blogs or social media pages that you think might be interested then drop them a comment about Escaping the Rabbit Hole. After publication you can use excerpts from the book if they are relevant to the conversation. You can also do this in the comment section of relevant news stories.

7) Leverage your connections.

If you feel it's appropriate, recommend to writers, bloggers, and podcasters that you know that they take a look at Escaping The Rabbit Hole, maybe write a review, maybe have me on their podcast. I'd be happy to send out pre-publication review copies over the next couple of weeks to anyone with a bit of an audience.

8) Rate and/or write reviews as early as possible!!

The first week of a book's life is the most important one. The publisher focuses publicity around that week, and the initial sales generally indicate how well the book is going to do, and hence dictates future publicity.
So please rate the book with the appropriate number of stars, and if you have a few minutes write a review (even if it's a very short one) as soon as possible after the publication date (September 18). The most important place to write reviews are Amazon or Barnes and Noble (especially if you bought the book from there and hence will show up as a verified purchaser) and Goodreads, but every single review out there will help. Reviews on small but focussed sites can have a significant effect.
One more reason to write a review is that some people might give the book a one star review without even reading it. So the more genuine reviews it has the less harm the drive-by reviews will do.

The book launches Tuesday September 18, and it would be great to have as many reviews as possible in for the weekend. Mark your calendars!

Whatever help you can give, thank you! Everyone who posts on Metabunk has, in some way, contributed to Escaping the Rabbit Hole. Let's keep it going!
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Having read a proof copy of ETRH (thanks Mick!) I can confirm that it is a very interesting and useful read. Highly recommended.


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My preorder hard copy via Amazon AU sorted . there & my Christmas shopping done ..



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First post to this site after lurking a while now, but I just finished reading this over the weekend and was really quite impressed. In my situation I have a few friends into some of the CTs in the book (9/11, Chemtrails) and it's like you wrote this book specifically for me. I only wish I had read this before I started down the path of discussing this stuff with them, as it may be too late. Your advice on approaching with compassion and understanding really hit home. Thanks Mick, and I hope the book does well!

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First post to this site after lurking a while now, but I just finished reading this over the weekend and was really quite impressed. In my situation I have a few friends into some of the CTs in the book (9/11, Chemtrails) and it's like you wrote this book specifically for me. I only wish I had read this before I started down the path of discussing this stuff with them, as it may be too late. Your advice on approaching with compassion and understanding really hit home. Thanks Mick, and I hope the book does well!

Thanks! That great feedback! While I hope for good sales, I'd also be very happy if it just help a few real people. These things can be life altering.


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Got mine Sunday, halfway thru, Just posted my review on Amazon, 5 star! (and I buy a lot of books) Better than expected! :) Looking forward to the second half!


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Just wrote the first review on German Amazon. Five stars of course:
This book is an absolute must read for anyone with an interest in the subject and most certainly for anyone with family or friends who believe in conspiracy theories. The book is very well written, easy to read, but at the same time complex issues are not oversimplified. The book contains great background info with regards to why people believe in conspiracies and gives real live examples of people who have escaped the rabbit hole. Some of the more popular theories are looked at in detail, making the this book a great help and resource for anyone affected by conspiracy theories.
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