Concerned about friend


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If I am concerned about my friend who believes in a conspiracy theory when is it appropriate to try to talk to them about this?

How do I do this in a way that doesn't look like I'm just looking for ways to tell him all his views and opinions are wrong? I tried to show him where he got some points wrong once and he thought that because I was reading about his views I had a sinister, desperate plot to prove I'm right and he's wrong. I tried to listen and show him the points I agreed on but somehow the conversation quickly turned sour. Is it possible to help a friend out of the rabbit hole? I think his views are negatively impacting his mental health and I am quite concerned. When I told him about my concern and that I am worried about how he seems so miserable quite often, he said "Good! I like being this way!" It is kind of heartbreaking seeing all this from my perspective. I do care about him, but it looks like our friendship is deteriorating and this is also sad to me. Should I just give up?

Any stories of similar situations you've observed or been a part of would be helpful. Is there anything I can or should do in this situation? For people who experienced escaping the rabbit hole were there any things people said to you that helped you escape? Any ounce of hope would be nice as well.
Your post may have escaped attention because it was stuck in the moderation queue for a time.

How did your friend come to believe in the conspiracy theory? What were the media that led them there? And was there a change in their personal circumstances that prompted them to turn there? Did they believe in conspiracy-adjacent ideas before turning to that conspiracy theory? (See )