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Hi, appreciate the work Metabunk does in solving a lot of UFO reports. That being said, I've had my own UFO sighting and would like to find some common ground solving this mystery.


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Hello! I've arrived here from a reddit post on r/UFOs. Writer and skeptic with a lifelong interest in the strange and unusual.


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Hello! I actually have a history with this site, as I've visited it numerous times over the past decade, and have escaped from at least two rabbit holes myself! However, I made this account just to ask two questions (one of which I've posted, the other I'll post after this) and I don't expect myself to post alot on here outside of today. I appreciate the work everyone on this site does, and it's so sad what conspiracism, pseudo-science, and so-fourth have done to the world!


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Been following Metabunk since Mick‘s take on ticky tackys going fast and flipping their gimbals. Can’t stand the believers who demand “proof” of every detail that could possibly conflict with their narrative. If a possible explanation for something COULD happen it doesn’t need to be proven true to merit consideration.

Using my Rabbit Hole / Podcast exemption I came here today looking for a thread on the Randall Carlson / Malcolm Bendall fiasco that Joe Rogan recorded but refuses to air. I don’t see any mention of Bendall or his Plasmoid Generator that is supposedly going to save the world. I’ve followed Randall Carlson for years and find his geology / ice age flood / Younger Dryas / Mega Fauna extinction stuff to be evidence based & interesting. Sacred Geometry, Atlantis, & astrological stuff not so much. His current associations & outputs are making him sound like a grifter, and causing me to question the stuff he does sound competent on. Maybe he’s just getting old & exploited? I thought there might be folks here with thoughts, at least on this Malcolm Bendall / Plasmoid Generator guy. He has a cult like following, but mostly gets lumped in with the biggest scammers of all time.
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Hello Metabunk community! I'm excited to join this forum and contribute to the discussions. A bit about myself: I am a lawyer with a passion for critical thinking and debunking misinformation. Looking forward to engaging with you all!


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Hi everyone! I'm a software / AI entrepreneur from the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been immersed in the UAP topic for almost a year now, since learning about the New York Times article. I'm looking forward to contributing to this site (which seems like the best place for well-reasoned discussion on the topic).