Sphere, Acorn, Metallic Blimp - Three iPhone Photos From an F-18 via Mystery Wire

Very tenuous, but I wonder if there's a possible source of a bunch of mylar balloons on March 4, 2019, in Virgina Beach? I notice there's an expo called "The Outdoor Show" that seems like it might be on that date.
I had a look last night, time based searches on Google and Twitter. The main thing that happened was Pharrell Williams announced a music festival in Virginia Beach, but it was just a press release and pre-made video.

It was a Monday afternoon around 3pm, not a holiday - I guess a child's birthday party is a possibility but not one that would leave much of a digital footprint. Facebook would probably be the place to look.


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yea march 4th is still pretty nippy (ie. cold) for big outdoor events. maybe a car dealership or something...


Recent podcast with Knapp: Source: https://youtu.be/xd4RZ21oFUM?t=719

He states that: "the images off of Oceana...look pedestrian and mundane... the people who shared them with me said...we don't know what they are looks like they are some kind of drones".
He then says that those people in the 2 years following analysed weather at that altitude etc. and "sensor data" they had and hadn't figured it out.
He states the sources said "they were just sitting there".


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Recent podcast with Knapp:
wow. ive never listened to a whole ufo podcast like that. why would knapp be hanging out with these guys?! dang. the government doesnt need disinfo agents with these yahoos babbling silly nonsense like that. one guy even put out that theory about ufos disguising themselves as balloons!

fyi, from a novice perspective that Corbell is SO unbelievable.

(of course you guys are trying to measure the size of a balloon blowing in the wind, so i guess it's all relative :) )


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cleaning my desktop.. not sure anyone showed the side view of these balloons and how that matches up too. Didnt see a side of the shield shape one (UAP) but figure its the same as this longer one.


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