Sandy Hook - Just How Many Conincidences & Unexplained Behaivor Are OK?

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The Title I wanted but did not have enough room for: Sandy Hook –How many Coincidences, Strange Behavior And Odd/Unexplainable Points Raised Does It Take To Make A Debunker Say “Something Is Not Right Here”?

Let me start by saying that I am not saying SH (Sandy Hook) was a hoax. What I am saying is that for a school shooting there are a lot of good points/questions raised about the incident. Even if they are all %100 debunkable you still have to ask what is it about SH that raises so many questions that previous school shootings did not?

For example there is the question about Robbie Parkers interview a few days after the shooting.

I admit this may have been explained and I just have not seen the explanation yet. While no one can truly say they “know” what a parent is feeling when they have lost a child to a tragic event those of us who are parents can derive somewhat of an idea of how a parent might feel. There is a video of Robbie Parker, father of Emilie Parker, doing an interview 2 days after the event, in which he can be easily seen changing his emtional state, drastically changing it by going from jovial like to what looks like the prepatory actions an actor takes before going into character and finally into an emotional state of sadness and sorrow, all within about 5-10 seconds.

Now all name calling aside I’d like to know how debunkers can explain away this odd behavior. And yes grieving people do strange things even swinging drastically from one stage of a mind to another in an attempt to deal with the tragedy however what’s not “normal” in that kind of emotional swing is to go thru motions/actions similar to what an actor does when going into character.

Hopefully Mick will have a chance to address this before the discussion slips into chaos from other posters just looking to name call and throw virtual dirt at the other side.


Mick West

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Can you show me a video of an actor "getting into character" that looks anything like that?

This has be discussed several times already. People react in astonishingly different ways to the unexpected shock of grief. He looks like he was momentarily distracted from his grief, and then the enormity of what he was about to discuss hit him, and he had to take a few deep breaths to avoid breaking down.

And regarding the number of "coincidences". That's just human pattern finding. If you look for coincidences in any event, then you will find them. You're not finding them in Columbine simply because you are not looking. Other people did, you can look them up. I'm sure you could find hundreds more coincidences if you look hard enough.


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In times of grief, one will often remember a special moment with the deceased person, and with that a smile can creep out

Pete Tar

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How do you know it wasn't the first state he was in that was the so-called 'fake' one, - ie, putting on a brave face, trying to keep things light - and the second state was him facing having to talk about the death of his daughter and trying to not let it overwhelm him so he could actually speak about it?
The fact that this seems inconceivable to false flag theory pushers really says more about the psychopathic lack of empathy that conspiracy thought generates than anything else.
I'm not saying they normally would display this degree of callousness, only that to hypothesize in the way they do they must void their normal basic common empathy. I'm sure this has some negative consequences.


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Back in the 70s performances where you were part of the show were the rage. I went to Tony and Tina's wedding. The actors stayed in character from the time you met them till you went home. If they were actors at Sandy Hook, why would they have to "get in character"? They'd STAY in character from the time they arrived at the "show."

There. Debunked! :)


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I think the reason there is so much hubbub surrounding the supposed hoax is that to some conspiracy folk 20 dead children seems like perfect grounds for a "gun grab". However: why wouldn't this have been much worse to guarantee gun control sympathy from the public? That's what I don't get. There are so many things we'd expect to see from a false flag attack that we didn't see from this, instead just inconsistencies which if you go digging into the immediate reporting around other mass shootings/tragedies you'll find just as easily.

Worth looking into as well:


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The Title I wanted but did not have enough room for: Sandy Hook –How many Coincidences, Strange Behavior And Odd/Unexplainable Points Raised Does It Take To Make A Debunker Say “Something Is Not Right Here”?

My twist would be this: After how many years and how many gazillion declarations of "False Flag", "Hoax", "martial law", "FEMA camps" or "government coverup" does it take before a conspiracist wonders if people like Alex Jones are just crying wolf to make a buck?
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