Ross Coulthart

I have come to learn in my many years of watching these claims being made that what they mean by "evidence" is usually just "something that convinced me", not actual proof, because the proof will always be "classified", and that's why you should believe them, because the proof is just out of sight, but its there I tells ya, you just have to believe...
My best guess is that he is referring to whatever will be in the Grusch op-ed, could be that presentation he gave in private that detailed some method of tracking objects in space, or possibly that section of a missile Kirkpatrick mentioned in his interview last week.
Whatever it ends up being, you can be pretty sure it wont be physical, it will probably be a mention of a piece of something they will claim is part of a UFO.
Yeah, Kirkpatrick nailed it when he said it's a religion that can't be argued with. As far as the so called artifacts, sometimes I hear them call it "not of the world", which I really don't know what thy mean by that or metamaterials which have not been presented to date.