Polaris Height Perspective Explained (No math required)

Cassi O

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The bottle caps photo below was shared with me, by someone who believes the earth is flat and that polars appears closer to the horizon with distance due to perspective. I was able to illustrate that perspective did not explain observations made in the real world, by overlaying a protractor on his image.

Both flat earth and globe models have Polaris directly above the North Pole. For both the Gleason "flat earth" map, and the globe, 45° latitude, where Polaris is 45° above the horizon, is half way between the North Pole and equator.

If the first bottle is placed so its cap is 45° above the table, representing Polaris at 45° latitude, then a second bottle placed twice as far as the first, represents Polaris at the equator. Clearly the cap on the second bottle isn't anywhere close to 0°, as observed in the real world from the equator.

[GALLERY=media, 146]BottlecapsProtractor by Cassi O posted Dec 20, 2019 at 9:26 PM[/GALLERY]


Looks like the old version gallery image no longer appeared, so I've uploaded it again.