Hypothesis: Fravor's Tic Tac was Kurth's FA18

that is almost the same level of speculation and reaching as the believers do when they propose a black ops tic tac propelled with an EM drive

the white water was cross shaped allegedly, not the object iirc

however, as already posted by myself a long time ago, a submarine can indeed create a cross shaped white water appearance


btw this is a los angeles class submarine just like the uss louisville which was reported to be in the area conducting live ammunition testing

more examples (same class):

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It's strange Fravor said the radar was clear, while Kurth saw him and Dietrich on his radar.
According to the so-called Executive Summary (admittedly a dubious source) a pilot (identified as Kurth)

gained radar contact of what he believed to be two F/A-18Fs that were approaching the AAV from the west at low altitude (500-5000 feet). There was no other traffic on the radar.

On the face of it, these two radar contacts cannot have been Fravor and Dietrich. Fravor probably didn't go lower than 10,000 feet, and Dietrich is very definite that she stayed at 'high cover', around 20-25,000 feet. So either Kurth's radar somehow wildly mispresented the altitude of the planes, or there were two other planes at low altitude.
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