1. D

    Hypothesis: Fravor's Tic Tac was Kurth's FA18

    Hey everyone Statement: This is only a theory. I don't want to discredit anyone and I don't rule out any other explanations. I myself think this theory would be just as crazy, if true, as Zorg from Uranus. If anyone could point at some things that I have misinterpreted or technical...
  2. deirdre

    Commander David Fravor Faking UFO Encounters in California Desert

    that is interesting because my first (middle and last) thought when the operator asked them if they had live ammo on their planes during the Nimitz episode, was that they didn't want them to freak and accidentally shoot a comrade or drone they were using to "test" their reactions. And then...
  3. Mick West

    UFO Billboard in Montana Uses Photo of Identified Flying Object The Jesse A. Marcel Library (JAML) and Crop Circles Research Foundation near Montana City has placed this billboard along Highway 12 near Helena to call attention to...