Hypothesis: Fravor's Tic Tac was Kurth's FA18


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"na they have an FA18 growler for EW and thats a 2 seater"
What's that comment in response to?
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"Or maybe it was Kurth all along and he had an EW unit on his Jet, it was altered as per the reports.
Would explain a lot. Radar jams etc"

The nimitz strike group does have a FA18 for EW, its a dedicated aircraft called the Growler and it's a two seater

Kurth was flying a one seater

It's strange Fravor said the radar was clear, while Kurth saw him and Dietrich on his radar.


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na they have an FA18 growler for EW and thats a 2 seater

At this moment its (w/o anti grav scenario):

- Kurths Jet & Weather Phenomenon & Misidentification


- Some submarine launching EW balloons / blimps & Misjudging size and distance

IDEA: Maybe we can have a talk with some of the princeton radar guys or someone who used to do radar in submarines who could give some insights regarding EW training at san clemente island. If launching EW 100 miles away could be part of a training?

@Mick West Do you believe Kevin Day would be up for another
Why not both? Parts of the Kurth's Jet hypothesis seem consistent with the balloon/parallax hypothesis. Some aspects of the Kurth's Jet hypothesis explain some aspects of the eyewitness reports, as you've argued, but omits or has to stretch to explain others (for example the reported shape and surface features of the Tic Tac, Dietrich's report that it "tumbled impossibly," or Fravor's report that it bounced around like a ping pong ball near the surface and then ascended).

On the other hand, the balloon hypothesis can be used to explain at least some of these things (user Parabunk has argued this), but not things like the unexpected appearance of a fast-moving object, or the later appearance of a contact at the CAP point. The discrepancies in the eyewitness reports could be chalked up to different memories of a particularly intense and confusing 8-10 second period where three F/A-18s, an unusual balloon, and a submarine all converge on one spot at the same time. Suppose (and this is pure speculation) Fravor has his eyes only on the balloon during the event, but Dietrich sees both the balloon (ascending, tumbling impossibly, and then disappearing), and then immediately after saw Kurth's F/A-18 flying into the distance at high speed (consistent with the account in the '04 CVW-11 Event Summary claiming the "capsule" achieved 600-700 knots and disappeared into the haze), and incorrectly (but understandably) thought that they were the same object. (Kurth's flyby could have even contributed to the balloon's erratic behavior, or it popping).
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could be a mix of both indeed. this one ufo forrest incident was also a mixture of multiple events and misidentifications leading to one of the most famous ufo stories.

(randlesham forrest or similar sounding iirc)