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This thread will be about whether what Commander David Fravor saw was this...

Most of what I've got was researched over a year ago. It is incomplete and doesn't fully explain the account of the events of the pilots. This will be a long post but it will require it to explain the full story.

David Fravor's account:
In early November 2004 the task group was moving down the west coast of the US. Between San Diego and Ensenada.

Fravor then gives an account from the Radar operator of the USS Princeton. Over a few days, about a dozen objects appeared at 80,000 feet then descend rapidly to 20,000 feet. They hung around for a few hours then went back up to 80,000 feet.
On November 14th, he then is deployed to check out one of these objects.

He reports seeing waves breaking in a cross shaped pattern, then he sees a Tic-Tac shaped object close to the surface of the water, moving side to side and forwards and backwards quickly.
He then descends to have a closer look. Once he does this the Tic-Tac mirrors him to ascend. Across from one another circling. Once close enough he tries cut across the circle to get a closer look. But then the Tic-Tac disappears or zooms off.
Commander Fravor then heads back and another pilot takes off and captures the video of the object.
So they...
1. They physically exist: because it gets picked up on Radar
2. It's Shaped like a Tic-Tac
3. It can move in all directions at will.
4. Has some Intelligence, because it mirrors the US aircraft.
5. it's Similar in size to an aircraft, 40 feet long
6. It has no visible exhaust.
7. It can Disappear or move at very high speeds.
8. Move quickly from 80,000 feet to 20,000 then back up again.

The Airships:
To explain these events let's go back a year and a few months.

On June 12th 2003, Hokan Colting, a Swedish born Airship entrepreneur. Sets the world Altitude record for airships reaching 20,435 feet. Here he is 8 days later at Ideacity.

Source: https://worldairgames.org/record/8368

The video is a good watch but probably watch a 2x speed. Highlights are at 5:43 and at 13:00 where he talks about being reported as a UFO by pilots and also by people on the ground.


SPAS-70 the airship he set the record with had 56 feet diameter, 2 engines either side controlling the airship. He tested it in Canada.

In 2004 he started to do flight demonstrations for the US government. Using a modified version of SPAS-70 the AS-62. The specs of the modified version was mission durations of 48 hours, maximum airspeed of 40mph. It had three engines two on the sides and one on the back.
On July 1 2004: Flight testing of AS-62 was carried out for the US Navy at St Marys county regional US military base in Maryland.

Here is an AP video taken on the same day:

Quotes from the video:
Mike Larson, President of Techsphere Systems International, the company who would manufacture the airship.
"Well I think a couple of different government agencies, for different reasons. If its the Navy you are looking to protect the fleet, If it's Homeland security it's protecting our borders, drug interdiction. You name it as far as its protecting you and I."
Later on in the video you have Michael Caddy a senior performance specialist for the US Navy Aeromechanics division saying.
"Well it's being looked at as a UAV, unmanned vehicle and we're also interested in it as a platform over Baghdad. To be used again for sensors there is an immediate need for that now. There is a lot of different services looking at that especially the intelligence communities to see what it could do."

A military press release after the event said it flew to 10,000 feet with a payload exceeding 500 pounds. Accomplishing the goals set out for this test. https://greg.org/archive/2009/08/26/the-sa-60-spherical-airship.html
Also in the press release it says Another version would have a diameter of 200 feet and would be capable of wide-area surveillance and/or telecommunications relay missions flying at altitudes up to 68,000 feet. This version could be constructed and test flown within 12 months. Outfitted with solar panels and regenerative fuel cell technology, the 200-foot airship could stay aloft for months.

4 months later in November the USS Nimitz encountered the radar anomalies and the Tic-Tac.

On January 14th 2005, UAV news reports that Naval Air Systems Command (Navair) is placing an initial purchase order for the AS-62 (now renamed to the SA-60). Quote "Navair recently contracted with CYDF and has been flight-testing the SA-60 spherical airship to evaluate its potential to satisfy future military and defense requirements."

"According to published reports, Navair's purpose in conducting the demonstrations was to evaluate the performance characteristics of the SA-60 spherical airship, and provide quantitative analysis to the Navy and other Services for consideration on a variety of future missions.
"The main thing Navair is interested in is economical, persistent surveillance...an airship provides that better than any other vehicle." " [https://www.spacewar.com/news/uav-05e.html]

Then news on these airships goes silent for a few years, Until 2007 in August when Hokan Colting updates his website.


"Our latest Airship is now ready to take flight".it continues. "Although this elongated-shaped airship has stabilizing fins, there are no moving surfaces such as rudders and elevators. Steering and altitude controls are affected by directed thrust from the engines, a system developed and patented by 21st Century Airships Inc. The main advantage of this new system is that it allows the airship to be highly manoeuverable at any speed from 0 to full. This airship has no elevator wheel or rudder pedals. Instead it is simply controlled with a joy-stick."

bullet prototype 2.png
"Alexander City, Alabama [September 29, 2008]....Pseudo Satellite, LLC, a subsidiary of E-Green Technologies, and the 21st Century Airships Team, Inc. will be demonstrating a 125-foot prototype BULLET airship at the Lake Martin Regional Industrial Park in Kellyton, Alabama on October 6. The demonstration for the U.S. Navy’s Naval Sea and Air Systems Commands (NAVSEA / NAVAIR) will showcase new generation airship technology with innovative placement of the flight deck in the airship’s nose cone. Traditionally the gondola/flight deck is on the exterior, under the airship, making the airship less efficient. One NAVSEA / NAVAIR requirement is to demonstrate vertical take-off and landing capability. The BULLET prototype will demonstrate this capability along with the airship’s improved overall maneuverability which will surpass any lighter-than-air technology." [https://web.archive.org/web/20100527085125/http://www.e-greentechnologies.com/pressrelease2.php]

On the 6th of October 2008 the after fore mentioned video:

Now that looks like branded fresh mint. It's called the Bullet 125. 125 feet long.

In November 2009: The company gets bought out by E-green technologies. They tried to make a bigger version the Bullet 580, it would have been the worlds biggest airship but it never flew. E-green technologies went bust in 2012 and Hokan Colting moved on. He set up a new firm Flying Yacht inc. Work was done but nothing took flight.

The Explanation:
So here is the explanation of the UFOs. Just north of the encounter area is San Clemente Island, and on it the Naval Auxillary Landing Field. From the US Navy website "One of the primary military function of San Clemente Island has been to support research and development of many of the Navy's weapon systems."


The AS-64 was being tested in the time period. A few months after the encounter the Navy would place an order for the airship. I think it was being tested from the island, one of purposes of the airship was for border security and precisely for drug smuggling. So they were testing it in the live situation. David Fravor himself says he was expecting drug smugglers, when he was sent to investigate the radar readings.

About the radar readings, the UFOs were going from 80,000 to 20,000 feet. The 20,000 feet reading could have been the AS-64 during a Navy test, but I still can't explain the 80,000 reading.

I think while they were testing the AS-64 I think they were also testing a prototype of Bullet 125 they were made by the same company. I think that is what David Fravor saw that day. Bullet 125 is about three times size of what Commander Fravor saw. So lets call it Bullet 40.

Take into account that the airship could land on water. When is comes to the speed and manoeuvrability, Hokan could have used different engines or rotors to get forwards and backwards and side to side movement. This could also explain the speed of the ascent. The only thing I don't know is how it disappeared.

In Review:
So let's go back and review the list.
1. They physically exist: Gets picked up on Radar. They would get picked up on radar.
2. Tic-Tac shape. Definitely
3. Can move in all directions at will. With modifications yes
4. Has some Intelligence, mirrors the US aircraft. Yes piloted or remote controlled
5. Similar size to an aircraft, 40 feet long. Just a scaled down version
6. No visible exhaust. Yes
7. Disappear / move at very high speeds. No
8. Move quickly from 80,000 feet to 20,000 then back up again. AS-64 can get to 20,000 feet

So I can't explain everything but it does tick a lot of the boxes. There is a 2.5 years time gap between the sighting and when Bullet 125 was reported ready to take flight. It is bigger than what Fravor describes. It does require a few logic leaps. I don't have any evidence it was tested over the west coast.
I can't explain the disappearance at the end of the encounter. But it does break science if what he said was true. My best guess if they did see it is that it's a cloaking device and not record breaking speed.
As for why the US government doesn't know one of their own ships and for why they are wasting their credibility on the mystery. I would say they are just incompetent and maybe some people in NAV-Air forgot about one of their projects 15 years ago.

I'm giving my explanation over to you guys now, because it's been sat on YouTube for over a year ago, even with me posting it in a few places it's only got a few hundred views and I'm sick of the current narrative being extra-terrestrial, when there is human made possibilities which haven't been considered.

I would love for more evidence for and against. I think this is the most valid theory.

Special thanks goes to Peter Lobner he writes technical articles for the Lyncean Group of San Diego. And posts them on the internet for free. His research was fundamental for my own research. He went through all the sources available. I found his stuff while doing my own research, without his reports I would have never linked the two. If you guys want to learn about how these airships worked, his articles are the best source. One more thing in one of Peters reports he says work on the Bullet 125 started in 2004 but I couldn't find the source on this, so I left it out. All his reports are below. If you want to know how these airships work and other experimental airships the Lyncean website is the best option.

Lycean website: https://lynceans.org/tag/zeppelin/ Peter Lobner: 1st report: https://lynceans.org/wp-content/uploa... 2nd report: https://lynceans.org/wp-content/uploa... 3rd report: https://lynceans.org/wp-content/uploa...

Well done to Hokan Colting his innovations were so good the US bought them. Then they stopped development, but then they probably spent more money than that trying to explain them 15 years later. I don't know what he's doing today, probably in retirement.

Final thanks goes to my bro, I'll call him Humble Thief. He gave me the initial thread which unravelled all of this.

To finish up I just want to say that everyone makes mistakes, I probably made mistakes in this post. All I ask for you guys is to have an open mind. There have been too many hot takes on both sides.

This will probably be my 15 minutes of fame so thanks for reading and god bless.

Extra sources:
Additional interview with Hokan, also has more bullet 125 footage. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdrpa1f-XdM
I have the linkedin page for the pilot where he says: "Participated in military operations involving Airship surveillance"

P.S. Obviously this explanation can also be used to explain the FLIR video. But the mod wanted me to remove it.
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