1. derrick06

    Claim: Brazil "Night of the UFOs" and "Moment of Contact" film claims

    So an article came along my timeline from the oh so hyped Barstool Sports containing a clip with released audio featured in a recent documentary film "Moment of Contact" from a Brazilian fighter pilot confused over the sighting of apparently "a dozen UFOs" going approximately "11,500mph" over...
  2. Topbunk 2.0

    Greenstreet "Black Triangle" 2003

    Described in the Basement Office Ep. 04 Source: https://youtu.be/656VqWTnKmw?t=65 Location: Provo, Utah, U.S. I don’t think he’s given the exact date or time or the estimated size of the object. He shows a photo of his position. It’s here: 40.26411752888172, -111.6611976002238 And an...
  3. Topbunk 2.0

    Reverend Gill 26/27 June 1959 UFO / CE3 - a Brocken Spectre-type illusion?

    Was the Reverend Gill UFO / CE3 encounter some kind of Brocken Spectre-type illusion? Source: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/15884/15884-h/15884-h.htm # Ref: Read the account in Hynek's The UFO Experience (1972). Available here...
  4. Robert Webb

    NIM-A's new logo

    Apparently the National Intelligence Manager for Aviation has a new logo, and it has a flying saucer in it! This is sending the UFO crowd into a frenzy. https://www.airdomainintelligence.mil/ What do we think about this? Did someone do it as a joke and then no one noticed as it got approved...
  5. D

    Weird waves in the sky, does anyone know what these are?

    Videos came from Donetsk.
  6. D

    Ariel School UFO - glinting reflections through vegetation how to visualise?

    Question: I think there are two plausible explanations for the "silver light" that a few of the Ariel children saw. One is sunlight reflected off a building. The other is a white Volkswagon T3 Microbus which was parked somewhere along one of the tracks to the north of the school. What is the...
  7. S

    Montevideo Tic Tac

    This video is a mystery to me. Particularly the rate of speed it appears to leave. Or there could potentially be a second object? Would love to hear your thoughts. Original video: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1536847311476752387/pu/vid/720x1080/xDOxPUX0FGh3XbTP.mp4?tag=12 Frame by...
  8. flarkey

    Daytona UFOs - 28 May

    https://unknownboundaries.com/daytona-ufo-sighting-may-28-plus-research-paper-says-ets-hitching-rides-on-exoplanets/ Link Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhfumABFo-g https://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net/2022/06/ufos-over-daytona-beach-florida-28-may-2022.html Looks kinda like...
  9. N

    New UAP footage: Miami Air and Sea show

    Hello, Not sure if someone has been tracking this already, but early today a new video has been posted on Twitter of an unidentified object appearing in the frame and seemingly shooting across the frame quite fast. The video is a slow-mo footage of a low altitude slow passage of a military...
  10. S

    Why there's no excuses for bad UFO video/photos anymore - photos of airplanes taken with smartphones.

    A common argument in support of the continuously bad UFO footage despite there being 3 billion HD smartphones being carried in nearly everyone's pockets 24/7 is that ''smartphones can't zoom in on things in the sky without them coming out as blobs''. So I did some searching. This is a very...
  11. P

    1975 Mexican Case: The Carlos Antonio de los Santos UFO

    So... first off, sorry if i get any technical stuff wrong, i pretty much created my account today. Anyway, the reason i am posting this 1975 case here is because i actually couldn't find any info on it that wasn't from non-ufology sites or videos. I came across it in a very dramatized version...
  12. D

    Examples of lens reflections confused with UFOs in media photos.

    I thought it might be worth making a thread on easily demonstrable lens reflections in news media photos. So many of these get posted on social media as things like "UFOs over Ukraine!" or with questions such as "what are those lights in the sky?". Source...
  13. S

    (Recycled) UFO Video: 2012 TicTacs over the Pacific

    [This video is NOT new, and was first posed in better quality in 2012 on a channel that commonly posted fake videos] I wanted to start a dialogue on this newest video to come to light. Who: Anonymous, who says he "received the video", presumably from someone anonymous to him What: TicTacs...
  14. U

    Cylinder-shaped object in Essen, Germany. [Starlink]

    There is a german website specialised on UFOs, paranormal stuff and so on. And there is an article on this website mentioning a cylinder-shaped object and showing this object on film...
  15. D

    Canary Islands 1976

    What is the origin of this photo? The photograph is widely passed off as an actual image of the event reported to have occurred on 22 June 1976 in the Canary Islands. It was apparently taken from Maspalomas on Gran Canaria. (this one is from a google image search for "canary islands ufo". Yet...
  16. V

    Moving lights in the Phoenix night sky

    On 1/29/2022 I was getting cash at an ATM at the corner of 7th st and Glendale in Phoenix AZ at about 9:00pm. When I finished I was about to make a right turn onto Glendale when I saw these four glowing orbs/lights in the sky. I was looking towards the north and I would estimate they were at...
  17. Michael Hull

    Skinwalker Ranch Trailing UFO (S2 E8)

    I would like to start by saying that these days most of History Channel's programing is a bunch of unfortunate bologna. When it comes to journalistic integrity, the History brand seems to have discarded much of whatever reputation it once had... Recently, however, I've found myself scratching...
  18. flarkey

    Historical Satellite Pass Data

    Many UFO sightings at night can be explained by Satellites, particularly the bright ones such as the ISS. Some websites such as Heavens-Above.com use a very text based interface which can be difficult to use making it hard to find satellite passes that match the observation. The website...
  19. jhunsley

    Chris Letho's 2006 Stationary UFO Observed from Nottingham

    I follow Chris Letho and joined in a live discussion on a UAP channel he was invited on to last night. He presented a video from a guy from Nottingham who videoed the object in 2006. It was a really good film, he logged the time and date and also managed to get some good film of it with a decent...
  20. C

    Need Debunking: Concert photograph from 8/27/21 (Billy Strings) fans claiming UFO. No eyewitness that I know of.

    source: Facebook Over 600 shares as I write this. 14hrs after posted. Many fans think it's UFO. I suggest lens flare. One fan claims: "I'm a photographer. There's no way unless the light is directly at the the lens sorry not sorry". Is there a good way to prove this is lens flare?