1. S

    Why there's no excuses for bad UFO video/photos anymore - photos of airplanes taken with smartphones.

    A common argument in support of the continuously bad UFO footage despite there being 3 billion HD smartphones being carried in nearly everyone's pockets 24/7 is that ''smartphones can't zoom in on things in the sky without them coming out as blobs''. So I did some searching. This is a very...
  2. P

    1975 Mexican Case: The Carlos Antonio de los Santos UFO

    So... first off, sorry if i get any technical stuff wrong, i pretty much created my account today. Anyway, the reason i am posting this 1975 case here is because i actually couldn't find any info on it that wasn't from non-ufology sites or videos. I came across it in a very dramatized version...
  3. TopBunk

    Examples of lens reflections confused with UFOs in media photos.

    I thought it might be worth making a thread on easily demonstrable lens reflections in news media photos. So many of these get posted on social media as things like "UFOs over Ukraine!" or with questions such as "what are those lights in the sky?". Source...
  4. S

    (Recycled) UFO Video: 2012 TicTacs over the Pacific

    [This video is NOT new, and was first posed in better quality in 2012 on a channel that commonly posted fake videos] I wanted to start a dialogue on this newest video to come to light. Who: Anonymous, who says he "received the video", presumably from someone anonymous to him What: TicTacs...
  5. U

    Cylinder-shaped object in Essen, Germany. [Starlink]

    There is a german website specialised on UFOs, paranormal stuff and so on. And there is an article on this website mentioning a cylinder-shaped object and showing this object on film...
  6. TopBunk

    Canary Islands 1976

    What is the origin of this photo? The photograph is widely passed off as an actual image of the event reported to have occurred on 22 June 1976 in the Canary Islands. It was apparently taken from Maspalomas on Gran Canaria. (this one is from a google image search for "canary islands ufo". Yet...
  7. V

    Moving lights in the Phoenix night sky

    On 1/29/2022 I was getting cash at an ATM at the corner of 7th st and Glendale in Phoenix AZ at about 9:00pm. When I finished I was about to make a right turn onto Glendale when I saw these four glowing orbs/lights in the sky. I was looking towards the north and I would estimate they were at...
  8. Michael Hull

    Skinwalker Ranch Trailing UFO (S2 E8)

    I would like to start by saying that these days most of History Channel's programing is a bunch of unfortunate bologna. When it comes to journalistic integrity, the History brand seems to have discarded much of whatever reputation it once had... Recently, however, I've found myself scratching...
  9. flarkey

    Historical Satellite Pass Data

    Many UFO sightings at night can be explained by Satellites, particularly the bright ones such as the ISS. Some websites such as Heavens-Above.com use a very text based interface which can be difficult to use making it hard to find satellite passes that match the observation. The website...
  10. jhunsley

    Chris Letho's 2006 Stationary UFO Observed from Nottingham

    I follow Chris Letho and joined in a live discussion on a UAP channel he was invited on to last night. He presented a video from a guy from Nottingham who videoed the object in 2006. It was a really good film, he logged the time and date and also managed to get some good film of it with a decent...
  11. C

    Need Debunking: Concert photograph from 8/27/21 (Billy Strings) fans claiming UFO. No eyewitness that I know of.

    source: Facebook Over 600 shares as I write this. 14hrs after posted. Many fans think it's UFO. I suggest lens flare. One fan claims: "I'm a photographer. There's no way unless the light is directly at the the lens sorry not sorry". Is there a good way to prove this is lens flare?
  12. R

    Explained: Video of Vandenberg UFO shooting down ICBM [reenactment]

    UPDATE: Solved - the video is an "Animated Simulation" created for the documentary "Out of the Blue" (found by @NilbogBackwards) Original first post follows: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  13. Charlie Wiser

    Travis Walton case: Crew boss confesses hoax

    Source: https://youtu.be/QlTirK9mgiY Mike Rogers was the crew boss driving the truck that night. In this brief informal interview he says Travis discussed with him creating a UFO hoax, and that "it was all deliberate, it was all a staged thing." Along with the Betty & Barney Hill case, this...
  14. TopBunk

    Eyewitness variance in mass UFO/UAP sightings: a database.

    Eyewitness variance in mass UFO/UAP sightings With all the talk recently of the reliability of eyewitnesses and the potential fallibility of highly trained observers (such as this interesting anecdote from astronaut Mark Kelly describing how six of his fellow crew simultaneously saw the same...
  15. M

    Any explanation for this UFO video?

    Hey everyone. I've seen many UFO videos, not many are convincing and most can be debunked. But this video is pretty weird, doesn't look like CGI either. Wanted to share with you. What's your take on this?
  16. V

    Gimbal Video Interactive Software/Program

    Hi all, I've been following these Navy videos for a while and have become very interested in the "Gimbal" video. Through my analysis I have been able to reach a point where not only do I believe that this is a natural and normal phenomena, But I think I can prove it. The problem right now is...
  17. D

    Hypothesis: Fravor's Tic Tac was Kurth's FA18

    Hey everyone Statement: This is only a theory. I don't want to discredit anyone and I don't rule out any other explanations. I myself think this theory would be just as crazy, if true, as Zorg from Uranus. If anyone could point at some things that I have misinterpreted or technical...
  18. M

    Cigar shaped UFO over Angels Landing, Utah [Probably Starlink]

    Hi, My friend took this video March 14th ~7:20AM on top of Angels Landing in Utah. I'm guessing it's just a plane/contrails reflecting off morning sun, but who knows!? Seems very similar to this post...
  19. bird_up

    Debunked: "Interdimensional being" caught on CCTV in Neza, Mexico

    Source: https://youtu.be/yA_M9LG17KQ?t=777 The video was taken on December 26, 2018 in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico. Dr. Jaime Luna Becerra is the owner of the security cameras and claims to have seen the "entity" with his own eyes. We can actually see him at the end of the video, with his daughter...
  20. bird_up

    "Gimbal UFO video rendered in 3D" by Abominati0n

    Hi everyone! Many of you have probably come across this YT channel, particularly this video. The author seems dedicated to proving that the "Gimbal UFO" is an extraterrestrial vehicle and Bob Lazar is telling the truth about how these craft operate. He defends the accuracy of his 3D animation...