Flight tracking Qantas Airlines Flight QF63


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I wonder. Do any of the chemtrail believers fly with any regularity? What are they to do when they are on a flight that is producing a thick contrail and that flying through other contrails? Are they even aware of this occurring when it happens?

I flew from Chicago to Orlando yesterday evening in a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 at 39,000 feet. I was sitting on the left side of a southbound flight with the sun setting so the silouette of the plane was visible on the cirrus clouds around us. Also visible was a very thick long shadow of the contrail that was being created. There were abundant contrails through almost 10,000 vertical feet above the low pressure system that was in the area. We flew over below and through quite a few trails. How is a chemmie going to react when they discover that the plane that they are riding on is both leaving a massive trail and flying through trails with those trails obviously getting into the cabin?