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I imagine that someone might make the suggestion that strontium is the new fluorine.

See also:


1000ug of strontium, and several other metals.

Athough I guess the RDA is somewhat more up the in the air than usual, with the previously linked capsules having 680,000ug.

All this should be a reminder that all things are toxic. It's the dose that's important.
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Facebookers, understand that even Dr. Lenny Thyme disagrees with much of what Michael J. Murphy has been saying.
Here is what he told me:

You also need to understand that despite what you have been told, neither barium nor strontium have been mentioned in any of the geoengineering patents, check them out for yourself and if I am wrong, correct me. Barium and stronium both got into the chemtrails myth, from AC. Griffith and Clifford Carnicom, neither of whom have ever shown even one iota of proof for their claims:

Lastly, be aware that the zeolite being touted as a detox by most figures promoting chemtrails contains aluminum oxide and also contains high amoounts of strontium. Lok it up and tell me if you find I am wrong:
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Nice spot Mick. Not sure what the original poster was trying to prove by showing old results of clean rain water?
Example of chemtrail believers making money off the fear they spread.

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More from Chemtrails Project,
[h=6]Todd Thompson
[/h][h=6]yes, he mentions chemtrails a few times![/h]8/19/2011 -- THEORY OF FUKUSHIMA -- Finnish Scientist (HAARP quake, methane, and radiation)
www.youtube.comhere is the post from my blog, download and share the video ! http://www.dutchsinse.com/blog/?p=1365 special thanks to youtube user: http://www.youtube.com/u...

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  • Unfortunately, since the Todd and his cohorts have barred most debunkers from their page, it can't be done.
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More from Chemtrails Project

[h=6]Cygnus Akhenaton
[/h][h=6]So a friend just posted this on my wall...What a joke! This guy sounds like a misinformed arrogant tool. Thought some one might have some good info or video with facts i could use to straighten my friend out
http://contrailscience.com/[/h]Contrail Science
contrailscience.comThe chemtrail conspiracy theory seems to frequently misidentify ordinary contrails as “chemtrails” – some kind of secret spraying program. This theory comes in many flavors, and these’s a large number of things people bring up as “evidence” to support this theory. I’ve tried to gather all the debunk...

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    • Chemtrails Project some of those guys have good intentions, some are robots. All are trying to destroy instead of build.14 hours ago

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And of course a picture of the Gulfstream G-2 turboprop outfitted for air sampling. Amazing how chemmies can not understand FORWARD facing nozzles.
That was one was big indicator to me about Will Thomas story being totally manufactured, when he mentions chemtrails being visible on ATC radar. Just releasing metal particles out of a plane, is not going to cause there to be some return on ATC radar. Or most radars for that matter. Its for the same reason that dust storms do not show up either on most radars, or that clouds do not
In my adventures on Youtube I have found that many of the Chemtrail/weather control "theorists" have no idea how any of the remote sensing technology they are viewing and "interpreting" in their videos works. Many of them think that regional radar images are collected from satellite like a picture from space so I'm not suprised to see one call a satellite image "radar".
Yeah like with the "radar rings" that was all the rage among them before. They just insisted that the ring around a radar had to be the weather, and so since weather of course will not be a perfect circular ring, that something manufactured this weather.

Asking them if to verify if that was the actual weather, fell on deaf ears.
Along with the shift on facebook towards "invisible chemtrails", we are now getting "contrails are bad"


If I have resources, I would try to raise awareness that any trails is dangerous. I would call chemtrails as contrails if I have to. Trying to explain the difference of chemtrails and contrails is just a waste of time when the action should be done to both kind of trails. Studies show that contrails that last for hours pose some risk to the environment. Prolonged sunless sky is harmfull to any living being.
Which is of course a tacit admition that contrails can and do last for hours.

I know it's mostly pointless as it's so ephemeral, but if anyone feels like pissing in the wind with me on YouTube comment sections, my handle is 'warmm0nkey'.
That's excellent. I've been thinking of doing something similar, a "wall" of chemtrail talking points / "evidence", that could then be linked to debunks (or better, have rollover links, so when you moved the mouse over, it gave a quick explanation, with links...).
I think, Desmond, we all know who deleted the thread on Chemtrails Kill facebook page. I was watching it develop, then just at the same time as some posts were bumped to the top the thread disappeared. Not sure what the offending post was but it must have pissed Roxy of as she was the one who bumped the posts to cover the removal up. Need to see if that Marcel noticed as he was posting at the time.
I think Roxy is trying to make money from conspiracies, especially chemtrails, but none of them want to have any liability from any misdeeds. But its like someone who encourages a suicidal jumper on a rooftop, but after it happens, well its "Dont look at me"

Fear mongering, like they spread, is going to at some point result in violence either towards an aircraft or a flight crew. Most chemtrailers are just fantasy Walter Mitty types, living out some delusion of importance, by being a chemtrailer. For them, its just something that devours them time via internet sites. Its the ones who will actually start making threats and talking about guns, that are the ones to be worried about.
Yeah like with the "radar rings" that was all the rage among them before. They just insisted that the ring around a radar had to be the weather, and so since weather of course will not be a perfect circular ring, that something manufactured this weather.

Asking them if to verify if that was the actual weather, fell on deaf ears.

The ring people live and they see manipulation of weather and seismic activity on weather radar. They can see hurricane's being steered, tornadoes being created, and earthquakes being induced...


Just been having a look over on Chemtrails Project facebook page and on their site http://www.chemtrailsproject.com/. Clicking on some of the points on the eastern side on the map on the website, there are quite a few now with no Aluminium, Barium or Strontium present.
But I also noticed on the FB page that there has been no indication of these negative results.
And it seems that Roxy will be leaving Facebook

"[h=6]Roxy Lopez
[/h][h=6]join us here.....we may be leaving Facebook

https://plus.google.com/u/0/113638034489709893983/posts[/h]Roxy Lopez - Google+
plus.google.comRoxy Lopez - The Truth Denied

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    • Roxy Lopez you all already know where to find me, I have a website and bog sites. I am not afraid of FB or shills, just so busy and no time for this place is all :) but I do love all of you!17 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1

    [*] Such a sad day.

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Seems a little odd that she's going to Google, but her top post there is currently how Google is trying to cover up a story she is reporting on:

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Roxy's move might be an interesting look at just how popular the chemtrail movement actually is. She claims: "Last night a couple of hundred of you moved over, and we still have many to add!", yet Currently only 89 people are following her (or have her in their circle, to use the Google parlance). She has 245 people in her circle, but it seems like the vast majority of them are simple the "interesting people in the tech industry" that Google lets you add by default to get things started. People like Larry Page and Richard Branson. So really she's had less than a hundred people follow her on Google+ in the months that she's had the account - and probably most of those are just adding her because she pops up on the "people you may know" page.

When I've look at her radio show, it seems from the number of people logged in, that the audience is in the low tens of people, but that may be unrepresentative.

Her web site trends towards older females with some college education

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    • Roxy Lopez you all already know where to find me, I have a website and bog sites. I am not afraid of FB or shills,

Bog. Heh.

And shills? Shills love people like her because she is a distraction. People freaking out over contrails are less likely to notice real problems. They'll believe anything some idiot on the internet tells them.
Its like Roxy Lopez decided to play in the mud, and then gets mad because she got dirty.

She chose to get involved in promoting conspiracies to those kind of people, and then whines about how they acted on her FB page. Well Roxy, what did you expect? Did you think that by trying to be the "Queen of Chemtrails", that all these conspiracy minded types would all of a sudden behave and be beholden to her for guidance?

When you decide to involve yourself with irrational people, you should not expect rational behavior.
On another subject, I remember someone posted either here or on Contrail Science, about the testing of contrails. Does anyone have a link to the tests and how often they are carried out ???
Seems they are moving the goalposts again. From Roxys Chemtrails Kill FB page
"Russ Tanner So true. The most discreet tactic that I've seen them use is when they began spraying ALL SHORT trails. This changed in a single day in April, 2009. Here are the details: http://urlbam.com/ha/M006zChemtrail Information - The Great Contrail Con
globalskywatch.comThose spreading disinformation about chemtrails would like nothing more than for... you to believe that short, non-persistent plumes coming out of jets are harmless contrails. If they convince you of this, then you will ignore these plumes and allow them to spray you without objection, and this ...See more

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Steve Mallen Yesterday 23rd the plane where out in full force here in Laughlin NV and Fort Mohave AZ. As far as you can see N-S-E-W planes everywhere trails on top of trails. I have never seen this scale of spraying. I stopped counting at 50 I lost track then.about an hour ago · LikeUnlike

Mary Elizabeth Rain today out of a sky that has no real looking clouds, no one notices but me and a few others here, SW Pennsylvaniaabout an hour ago · LikeUnlike · 1

Casper Friend Thank you for your succinct and accurate words, Russ Tanner. I've been showing people and trying to tell people about this change from the "typical" type of CTs we see.37 minutes ago · LikeUnlike

Roxy LopezRuss Tanner, you are on the show tonight (with us) right?7 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
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wow. just... wow.

So now, and condensation due to combustion a flight altitudes is actually not H2O at all, but is in fact an intentioned mixture of nefarious poisonous chemicals.

forget suspension of disbelief, this calls for suspension of the laws of physics.
Russ Tanner is seriosuly confused about contrails:


Contrails are extremely rare, so much so that most people will never see one in their lifetime.The picture below shows an actual contrail in the vacuum zone of a jet's wing during heavy flaps and likely under very humid conditions. You will notice that the trail is so short (only perhaps 6 to 8 feet long) and so faint that it is not visible from the ground. You will also notice that it only persists for a fraction of a second. Finally, it is not coming from an engine.This photo originally came from Wikipedia in 2010 but has since been removed and replaced with photos of chemtrails, both persistent (long) and non-persistent (short). Wikipedia is trying to convince the public that chemtrails are "harmless" vapor trails. Wikipedia is well-known for their participation in disseminating mainstream media disinformation.Please don't be fooled.

Of course that's an aerodynamic contrail, and the contrails he's calling "Chemtrails" are just exhaust contrails.

Surely even Roxy can't go along with that? Shame I don't have the time to listen to the show tonight, where Russ will explain his theory.
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Wow, he really doesn't know when to stop digging.

Just look at him go!

Desmond Oldershaw
You do know that burning 1 litre of jet fuel produces 1.3 litres of water. So why wouldn't that water produce a cloud in freezing temperatures?

Desmond Oldershaw
I have come across a great deal of scientific journal articles that study the formation and effects of persistent contrails from commercial aircraft.

Russ Tanner
It's called scientism. It's fake science. They lie. They do it all the time. I'm in an industry where I see it constantly.

Burning kerosene in this atmosphere does not produce water. It results in carbon. Their motto is this: "The stories ...you tell are only limited by the credulity of your audience", in other words, make up any stories you want as long as your audience is not sophisticated enough to understand it.

This is why we don't see trails coming out of jets since jet engines were invented. ONLY NOW since hundreds of billions have been allocated for aircraft services do we see trails. Contrails are a lie.

Because they control the entire mainstream media system globally, they are counting on being able to swindle people by dazzling them with (1) psudo-science, and (2) the sheer volume of information.

People have been swayed in decades past because they believed what they heard on mainstream media. Now it's different. We know they lie and we know they are very tightly coordinated in their stories.

Contrails are a con, and new - suddenly appearing "science" we are now seeing appear everywhere is their attempt to baffle the public.

Roxy Lopez
Russ Tanner, yes this is BS that the disinfo is spreading around! TY for saying so!
On his website, he refers people proudly to a page where he has decided that it takes 15-30 minutes for particulates to fall from cruise altitude, down to ground level, to be 'tasted':

The Descent Time of Chemtrail Particulates

I have carefully measured the amount of time it takes for both long and short (non-persistent) chemtrail plumes to be detectable on the ground. I have conducted this experiment many times over the years in the following way.

First, I would wait until the air was mild, having very little or no chemtrail taste or odor to it. Then, I would wait for a jet with a chemtrail to appear. I would then measure the amount of time it took for the chemtrail taste/odor to become detectable on the ground.

I consistently found that it takes between 15 and 30 minutes from the time the plume is sprayed until the time that I can taste and smell them on the ground.

Today, many people refer to short plumes as "contrails", but they are not. They have the same tastes and odors that long, persistent chemtrails do. See my article entitled The Great Contrail Con.
Why Can I Taste and Smell Chemtrails?

For me, the taste and smell of chemtrails are overwhelming because my senses of taste and smell are extremely sensitive. When I was younger I believed that everyone was like this but eventually discovered that they weren't.

I don't know why these senses are heightened in me, but I've come to accept it and use it for good. Unfortunately, it's not always easy, for example, I love dogs but I could never own one because they have very strong odors. Another problem is with those who wear perfume or cologne in public. It may seem nice to them but to me it's usually much too strong.

The common medical explanation for people losing their senses of smell and taste is zinc deficiency. As a person's ability to retain zinc diminishes with age, so does their sense of smell and taste.

Mercury toxicity is associated with lost senses of smell and taste because mercury rapidly depletes zinc in the body. Seniors with dentures often suffer because dentures commonly contain red colorings containing high levels of mercury. This also explains why many seniors experience dementia and hearing loss after denture placement.
Differences in Taste & Smell Sensitivity

I have found that people have widely varied sensitivities of smell and taste, for example, when chemtrails are overwhelming my senses to the point of pain, Laura (my friend/business partner) is just able to begin tasting them while another friend (Chad) could not smell or taste them at all.

My hope is that people won't be deceived simply because they don't taste or smell chemtrails. People must realize that these senses are greatly varied from one person to another.

Finally, I hope that people benefit from the fact that I have these sensitivities and have chosen to use them to help expose the largest crime against humanity in human history: Chemtrails.

This man is baffled by simple science, but prefers to attempt defense of his delusions rather than admit his lack of understanding.
Russ Tanner
It's called scientism. It's fake science. They lie. They do it all the time. I'm in an industry where I see it constantly.

Burning kerosene in this atmosphere does not produce water. It results in carbon.

As Bugs would say...What a maroon. Who is this chracter trying to fool? I thought it was pretty much common knowledge that burning any hydrocarbon always produces, at a minimum, H2O and CO2 regardless of the specific fuel whether it's methane, gasoline, kerosene...including a certain amount of CO dependent on fuel/oxygen ratio plus other molecules depending on impurities. We learned that well established, proven scientific fact in like 8th grade chemistry class back in the mid to late seventies. Is our educational system failing us that severely? I suppose water vapor that hangs in the air from car exhaust on a cold damp morning is just "scientism"?