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Bound to cause some offence.,35319/

According to the Truther, most of the public remains “trapped inside a bubble” in which they ignorantly perceive him as a rational, well-adjusted member of society. However, he claimed he is making notable progress in convincing more and more of them of the “cold, hard reality” every time he loudly interrupts a friend’s conversation in order to voice his suspicions concerning the whereabouts of the hijacked airliners’ missing black boxes.
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This appears to be the latest meme. Having seen shared so many times, it just makes me ROFLMAO without fail now.
Anyone good at meme-making? A second slide could be added, imprinted with the reply
"Yeah, if only one of the passengers had a phone on them, the NSA would have tracked them by now!"

TrackPhoneLostPlane.jpg is a video about the relative ease to turn a story on it's end, to create a brand new story.....not related to the first.
If you have seen the whole film....that explains the whole story.
.....putting meaning to unintended/unrelated images.

XRWxJiMM3Jg....never mind, I can't figure how to display links without an instant click.

XRWxJiMM3Jg....enter this into youtube.
Or just click on the title, in the above youtube graphic.
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Being left-handed....I found this informative Wikipedia entry rather funny...

It's one of those reads that ends-up becoming..."things you don't need to know, but now you do."

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As of 2012, three out of the last seven presidents have been left-handed. Counting as far back as Truman, the number is five (or six) out of twelve. In the 1992 election, all three major candidates – George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ross Perot – were left-handed.[3] The 1996 election also involved three left-handed candidates: Clinton, Perot, and Bob Dole, who learned to use his left hand after his right hand was paralyzed by a World War II injury. Both major-party candidates in the 2008 presidential election – Barack Obama and John McCain – were left-handed.[9] The percentage of the population who are left-handed is about 10%.[4] While some write this trend off as a coincidence, others have tried to come up with scientific explanations. According to Daniel Geschwind, a professor of human genetics at UCLA, in 2008: "Six out of the past 12 presidents is statistically significant and probably means something".[
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(perhaps I'll start a new thread on the other forum. It's kinda interesting.)
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