Debunking Humor...

LOL. This really wagged my tail for me.

Sorry. That was about JR's whale piece. I don't understand the edit system here.
I have a facebook page necessarily humor, but interesting soundscapes. The method is to play two or more videos/sounds at the same time, randomly connected. Here is a these videos at the same time, and listen.
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It's an interesting thing that both music and images/sound will ALWAYS be lined up by the mind/onlooker to construct a whole. Timing can improve this incredibly by creating IMPACT. Proceed... there's infinity facing you... :)

At the moment the timing and meter are beautifully lined-up - yet with a low-bandwidth feed both sides have stopped and restarted already, due to bandwidth....
Yeah, the problem with playing 2-4 videos at the same a steady bandwidth connection.
Perhaps I'm spoiled, I have a great cable connection, and a darn fast computer (PC) that I built myself. (i7 2600k CPU @ 3.4GHz, 16gig memory, solid-state "C" drive)....but probably outdated by now......ha.
I don't use it for gaming.....but for photo editing.
A Video that perfectly fits to any simultan played conspiracy-Video on the net...

It's an interesting thing that both music and images/sound will ALWAYS be lined up by the mind/onlooker to construct a whole.

There is a little bit science with it. Your mind will syncronise audio/visual Informations up to 0,3 seconds. If something happens in front of you in a distance up to 100 meter, the sound will reach you 0,3 seconds later then the light. this natural asyncronity will be fixed in your mind. Think of a 100-meter run in a stadion, when you are standing at the finish-line and watching the fired gun on the starting line.
This just popped up in one of my feeds, thought you folks might get a kick out of it. It's a conspiracy theory generator and it actually works surprisingly well(even has citations!). I think the domain tops it off nicely:

Enjoy :p (note: use 'search' to generate custom conspiracies)

"Unfastened Coins". April fools Loose Change spoof.

I'm just a kid with a laptop who discovered the truth, but I encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions based on my premise that the government is lying to you and that your disagreement with said premise constitutes your admission of being a sheep.

An iceberg was blamed for sinking the Titanic. Yeah right. Do they expect us to believe that ice--which is frozen water--is stronger than metal--the stuff they make swords out of? If icebergs are really that tough, then why don't people make boats out of icebergs instead?
I found this on reddit today, brought a tear to my eye. Thought you guys might get a kick out of it :D

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my face when... i have no face.. it took her not 5min to form an baseless conspiracy about word filtering on fb. she is the one that liked my initial post about infowars. guess she was rather confused... bah.

I hate government they are evil crooks.... yes....sure


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"If the poster can please provide scientific documentation about the intelligence and apathy observed in a piece of dung, I will admit failure in this debunking attempt."

Obviously it came from a smart ass ;-)
smart dung huh? ill bet its not smarted than clorox bleach. pick it up like a dog poo, and flush it.anything i can kill that easy cant be that smart.
woah, hold up, PLEASE tell me our govt isnt finacing his research!!
HAHA!!! thats cool.. i got this lighter, its a hand with the middle finger up. when you light it, it says ' fu-k you, fu-k you' its too cool
Random Deepak Chopra quote generator.
It has been said by some that the thoughts and tweets of Deepak Chopra are indistinguishable from a set of profound sounding words put together in a random order, particularly the tweets tagged with "#cosmisconciousness". This site aims to test that claim! Each "quote" is generated from a list of words that can be found in Deepak Chopra's Twitter stream randomly stuck together in a sentence.
"Imagination comprehends quantum success"

"Good health is the path to mortal reality"

"Love exists as boundless energy"

"Rats are insects"

"The soul is the ground of the flow of destiny"

"Experiential truth differentiates into humble timelessness"

[h=2]"Awareness embraces intricate marvel"[/h][h=2]"Perceptual reality transforms intrinsic sexual energy"[/h][h=2][/h]
Could it be that a smal farmboy without any fligth-experience destroyed the Deathstar with a single shot?

C´mon, this was an inside-job!!!

I went on to another of his articles, 6 brainwashing techniques They are using on you Right Now, which has a lot of similar and useful points.
Why It Works:
Studies show the brain is wired to get a quick high from reading things that agree with our point of view. The same studies proved that, strangely, we also get a rush from intentionally dismissing information that disagrees, no matter how well supported it is. Yes, our brain rewards us for being closed-minded dicks.
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The Zionist leaders within the international political, banking, and entertainment spheres who together dictate the world’s economy, media, and political structures told reporters that they regretted wielding their enormous influence in order to hinder the unemployed 42-year-old roofer at every turn throughout Wednesday, agreeing that their combined efforts to systematically impede the non-Jewish man’s financial stability, happiness, and general well-being were “a bit much.”

“While it is generally in our best interest to frustrate hardworking Anglo-Saxon Protestants like Jeff at every turn with our extreme wealth and power, I think we definitely went a little overboard on the guy yesterday,” financier Julian Rothschild told reporters from deep within the Semitic cabal’s secret underground headquarters five miles beneath Jerusalem. “Sometimes you just get so caught up in the fervor of working with every Jewish man, woman, and child to prevent the world’s gentiles from ever achieving success that you take things a little too far, and that’s exactly what happened with Jeff yesterday.”

“We were originally just going to raise the cost of his health care premiums and maybe mess with his credit score a little, but things quickly spiraled out of control,” said noted Elder of Zion Abraham Meyersicht, 102, saying that yesterday’s abuses were all the more excessive in light of the fact that Hollywood’s Jewish overseers had canceled Crawford’s favorite television show earlier this year. “And that thing where we had the police pull him over and give him a huge ticket after we sent a guy to knock out one of his taillights was just adding insult to injury.”

“Jeff is basically a good guy who is just trying to make it in a world being viciously controlled by money-hungry Jews such as myself,” Meyersicht continued. “He didn’t deserve that.”
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