Debunked: Latoya Ammons Demon House Photo

Mick West

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This rather poor quality photo seems to show a ghostly figure in a window (part of a much larger story of demonic possession)

Obviously it could just be faked, and indeed there's an Android app for that. Ghost Camera,

(Photo by Larry DP on Facebook, via Doubtful News)

I'm not sure if it's using this app though, as the image in Larry's photo is actually different. And if you compare the suspect image (in the middle, below) to the fake images, you'll notice it looks a lot less human than at first glance. More like ET. This could just be some distortion from the compression. Or it might even be a totally different method of faking.

Here's the actual image from the Ghost Camera app:

(Via )

In more detailed comparison:

This is the closest I could get it in photoshop by scaling and blending the image:

Pretty close, but hard to say for sure it's the same image.

But the image is attributed to the police. Would the police fake a photo? It's possibly, however I think a more likely explanation is just your normal pareidolia.

I'm think it's also very possible that the "ghost" is just a reflection of the tree - or rather of the brick wall opposite the house though the gaps in the tree

While this rather mundane explanation does not, of course, debunk the broader claims of those involved, it does raise some questions about just how easily fooled they are.

Faked image, or accidental image? The point is that there are very sensible explanations available for this image, and just because we don't know 100% which it is, we don't need to jump to "ghosts!"
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It always annoys me and boggles my mind when people wish to jump to the most extraordinary conclusions when more mundane and run of the mill ones will suffice. I think it's just people really eager to prove the supernatural. Since they have blinders on, they don't want to take a step back to maybe figure out a less sensationalist explanation.
the only slightly odd thing if it is just the tree, is that the roof line doesn't continue.
if you take the head off the ghost, the bottom looks like a normal reflection. Of course the head doesn't really resemble a head if you take the body off.
I'm guessing the head is something inside the porch. (not a ghost something, a solid something)


How do you explain the eye witness testimony from the police, medical workers, and local priest.